1. Brenda, may try cutting a very small piece of cover on lower back of
    Ivy’s chair & get a sample size needed to cover seat from furniture
    Store or fabric store.

  2. I also love the new picture! You just seem like you are “glowing” from the inside out!! I hope you have a wonderful day.

  3. Brenda, remember Gloria Steinem? That’s who you remind me of when I look at your photo at the top of your posts. Not so much your head being shaved but your eyes and your beautiful smile. I kept looking at it for several posts and tho’t you reminded me of someone and then it suddenly came to me. Two beautiful women!

    I am feeling especially weary of this whole situation today. Of course the weather isn’t helping as it’s gotten cold with both sleet and snow today and overcast. In fact, I just looked out the window and it is snowing like crazy–lots of huge flakes just swirling down. Yuk. I guess we assumed Spring was here but that was just a trick.

    All this talk of wiping down the groceries has me even more depressed. I haven’t done that and didn’t even think of it until a good friend said she’d been doing it. I can see doing it on your counters and food prep surfaces but does the virus really stay viable all that long? I guess I’m just tired most of the time anyway and it seems like one more thing to do that I don’t have energy for.

    It’s great that you are getting those wonderful meals fixed for you. Eating well can certainly lift one’s spirits as well as keep your body healthy. ( Now the snow has stopped. How bizarre!)

    Take care, stay well, Brenda.

  4. My son buys my groceries for me. He puts them in the screened porch where i unload them from the bags and wipe down or spray,let them sit for s while then put away. My fruit I soak in warn soapy water for about 10 mins then rinse off, dry and put away. The bags never even get in my house. Have a trash can on the porch and they go straight into it. Works great for me. Kitty

    1. Just imagine: a few short months ago we just brought the groceries in and plopped them down wherever and put them away. No sprays to think about. At least I didn’t think about spraying down every surface then.

  5. Brenda, I dont recall seeing the little turquoise lamp before. Is it new?

    1. I bought it about a month or so ago from Wayfair. Liked the color and I can always find places to use little lamps.

  6. I sure wish I had someone to cook for me. I have my groceries left outside my door and then I bring them in and put them on the hall floor. I do wipe everything off as I take them out of the bag and then I put the bags in recycling. I miss doing my own grocery shopping. xo Laura

    1. Tonight she brought me chicken enchiladas with rice. He even makes his own sauces for the enchiladas. No cans for him!

  7. I had to grocery shop today. Hated it. I feel like we’re living in a bizarre sci-fi movie. I forgot to bring my cloth bags in (I do self checkout…then I was going to put the bags in the washing machine) so after I emptied the plastic bags, I put them inside one big bag which I will then take back to the grocery store for recycling. I then used Clorox wipes to wipe down my groceries and countertop.

    I also had to take Clementine to the vet today too, which was weird since I couldn’t go in.

    Our local nurseries are doing the same thing yours is, though they’ve not said anything about wearing masks and gloves.

    I hope and pray this virus will pass soon and we can all go back to our “normal” lives.

    1. I don’t know if life will ever be what we considered “normal” again after this.

  8. Good post, Brenda. The meatloaf sounds so good haven’t had one in a long time.
    Everyone has helpful tips to stay safer. I have set up an area at the back door which opens into the laundry room. The top of the washer and dryer are clear and wiped down with alcohol. Anything coming in is placed there to be unpacked and it, too, is wiped down ,even things that are in boxes like crackers, etc. The bags are put into the trash, I then remove my gloves, hat and mask and outer clothing, put them in the washer and head for the shower. Before leaving the house I put a clean set of clothing on my bed so everything is at the ready. Have only left twice in three weeks but these steps have been very helpful. Some additional tips shared with me were to be certain to wipe down keys, credit cards, the mailbox, and money. Rinse off coins with liquid soap and water. Don’t forget the bottom of your purse. I think we are all acquiring some very good habits to continue using in the future.

  9. Brenda, I read on an official sight that the virus does not stick to fabric as it does smooth counter tops or tables. I spread old towels on the counters then afterwards, fold them in as I would if something dry had spilled on them and put them in the washer on hot cycle and then dry. Then I clean the counter tops. We stocked well, so we have not needed to shop much.
    I want to tell you what a pretty smile you have. I don’t remember seeing a photo with open smile before you
    posted the one with your hair shaved and holding the camera up.

    1. I don’t know why I even smiled that day I took the photo. I like the shaved head and it’s so easy to deal with.

  10. I stocked up on a LOT of Lysol spray well before the shelves were stripped bare. If I run out, I’ll use 120 proof booze, whatever I can find for cheapest in the liquor department at the supermarket, to spray things down. I use canvas bags to tote my groceries home in and after I empty them out I spray them after use outside and inside and they get hung up to dry for use the next time. Everything that isn’t refrigerated is sprayed too (other than produce) and sits out until dry. For refrigerated goods, I use disinfecting wipes and let them sit for a few minutes before putting into the fridge or freezer. So far, so good. I read a report earlier today on an article from the British Medical Journal that is estimating as many as 78% of COVID-19 infected people are totally asymptomatic, so they never even know they have/had the virus – not unless the new antibody testing is done. However, since I’m in a high risk group in 3 categories, I figure I would manifest the virus in symptoms if I caught it. It’s just nerve wracking to go to the supermarket, such a simple thing and I have to fear it now, it makes me angry! I work off steam by working outside, but today the temperature dropped from 60 yesterday to maybe a high of 48 today and winds out of the NW up to 35 mph. I was sweeping up the patio (a daily chore this time of year) and it was snowing on me! The sun was shining all around and the wind was howling, and there was this patch of dark clouds right over me that was snowing on me, LOL! Hard tiny pellet like snow, no lovely flakes. Then the clouds passed and the sun zapped the wet spots on the concrete patio poof, like it had never happened. Crazy weather here today, typical spring.

    1. I think back just a few short months ago and I’d never even heard of this virus. Now it’s completely taken over our lives.

  11. Does the chef have a food license to sell food out of his kitchen?

  12. Good morning Brenda,

    I am so happy to read that you are having “home cooked” meals, they all sound delicious. It warms my hear to know that things are going well with your daughter, I know how long you hoped for that. By the way, how is your granddaughters blog and photography coming along?

    I agree with you about the table for groceries, etc. I did the same thing. We also now come in the front door, take off our shows, place them in a tray, and then put on our slippers. We take our coats off and place them on a chair. We’ve already been in place for over 3 weeks and my state is on lockdown until June 10th, our peak will be the second week of May.

    Everyday life hasn’t changed much as we both work from home anyway but it is a challenging not having the library, gym, yoga or friends and family.

    Take care!

    1. My granddaughter got back in school just after she started her blog and has let it lapse. I’m not saying anything. She’s just a kid.

  13. The weather is awful here today – cold, raining, and crazy winds. I hate the days I can’t spend time in the garden, ugghhhh – I feel like I need to do as much out there as I can while I have this bonus time at home, so that when I’m back in the office every day again the gardens will be all ready for spring! Our weather looks awful for the next 10 days or so, sigh….I guess it was too much to hope that spring would stick around this early up here on the mountain top.

    I wonder if Ivy would let you put a little rug with a rubber backing (like a bathroom rug) on the chair? You could get one in a similar color and maybe the rubber backing would keep it from sliding off the chair. If you have one around the house like that, try it out and see what she does. If she’s ok with it, you can order the right size/color online. Just a thought!

    Stay well my friend – xo

    1. Oh I know you’re itching to get your hands into the soil. Do you have new plans for your outdoors this year?

  14. Hi Brenda!
    Meatloaf is probably my favorite comfort food! There are so many variations but I loved my Nanny’s meatloaf recipe that she had found many years ago in the Abilene newspaper. I think I will have to make some now!
    I didn’t know your daughter was named Kendra-that’s my name also. I always joke that I’m the oldest one. Nobody had that name when I was growing up. Everyone asked if my Mom made it up or if my Dad’s name was Ken or Kenneth. My Mom actually found it in a baby name book from the 60’s. There was a girl in my 1st grade class named Kenda but that was the only one even close! It seems to be getting more popular because I hear it once in a while now. Anyway, I think it’s a pretty name!
    I enjoy your posts! Have a peaceful weekend!

    1. Actually I was sick when pregnant with her. I had to stay in bed the last three months and had nowhere to go, and so a great-aunt took me in. For doing that for me, I let her choose the baby’s name, and she chose Kendra. She found it in her local paper talking about grandparents having their granddaughter visit, and her name was Kendra. I ended up with pre-eclampsia before it was over. My second child, Kasi, was my then husband’s choice of names. He wanted it for either a boy or a girl and I spelled it “Kasi” which I now regret. Hate now that I ended her name with an “i’.

      1. Your Aunt had great taste in names! How cool of you to let her choose the name!
        I like Kasi! Does she like it? I know what you mean because nobody probably spells it right. My brother’s name is Kendall & sometimes the wrong one of us would come to the phone because they sounded so similar. I guess that was a trend back then because all of our cousins also had matching names that began with the same first letter.

    2. One of my granddaughter’s has the name Nevaeh. (Ne/ va / eh). It is Heaven spelled backwards.

  15. Rainy and cold in NYS today,the fireplace is going.
    How wonderful what your daughters boyfriend’s brother is doing…sounds yummy! I’ve been throwing support to our local,family owned pizza restaurant with take out, they’re a great family and do a lot for this little town.
    Going to make use of your hint and place grocery bags on my sink counter,I did run into trying to remember where I put them down.
    Our kitties do let us know that they have claimed a spot,don’t they?
    My 2 have special blankets that I don’t mess with,lol
    Enjoy your day.

    1. This crisis has made me realize I need to shop local mom and pop stores and restaurants more.

  16. Hi Brenda,
    Those meals sound so delish and how wonderful they are fresh too. That is so great. Win win. You guys get good cooked meals and he gets to make a little money while he is shelter in place.
    We had such beautiful weather for two days in the high 70’s and now it is only 50. So crazy here in Illinois and the weekend is looking really cold. Ugh. Wish the weather would get nice and stay nice. Hopefully by May we will be able to start planting here. Have a great rest of the week.

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