Gracie’s Version Of The Zoomies

Well, I guess you could call it the zoomies. Or Gracie’s version of the zoomies.

She flipped and she flopped and frantically ran up the back of the couch and back down again.

One minute Gracie was still as could be on the couch, relaxed

One minute she was perfectly calm, and then that changed right before my eyes.

Then, in Gracie's Version Of The Zoomies, she ran up and down the back of the couch really fast

Gracie & A Case Of The Kitten Zoomies:

Something got her going and she just couldn’t seem to stop herself, or so it seemed to me anyway. What a burst of energy!

Up Gracie would run to the top of the couch

It was very intense and didn’t last that long, but long enough to make me laugh out loud. And Ivy watched her too.

Then she'd flip around, in Gracie's Version Of The Zoomies, and run back down the couch again.

She’d get to the top of the couch and then turn around and race back down again in a sort of frenzy.

Gracie looked a bit possessed while she played with herself while doing the zoomies

See that look in her eye? She looked like a kitten possessed. Like the devil was chasing her.

It was quite amusing to watch Gracie play. See that wild look in her eyes.

Up & Down The Couch She Ran:

And then she’d start all over again. It was like someone or something had spooked her. Or she had a sudden jolt of energy. I guess that’s called kitten energy.

You had described the “zoomies” to me in relation to your own kitties. So I kind of knew what to look for.

I Googled the cat zoomies, and here is what I found written about it in one online article.

Oh my, the things cats will do that surprise you.

I was just sitting here working on my computer and suddenly it was like the electricity sparked or something. I stopped what I was doing and watched this little bit of amusement play itself out.

Ivy just watched from afar as Gracie ran energetically up and down the couch, playing

Sometimes Ivy just lays and watches Gracie, as though she is confounded by what Gracie is doing.

Cat Toys:

Those two like the same swirly toys. So there’s often a race to see who can get to it first. Gracie is pretty darned fast.

I bought all those cat toys and Gracie ignores them. I should have saved my money. Because she loves those swirly toys just as much as her big sister, Ivy.

One of the cheapest cat toys you could probably buy, and those are the toys they gravitate to.



  1. Ah so that’s what it’s called! My old cat (16 yrs – who just passed a few weeks ago) would get those. She was normally so sedate and then in the last couple of years, she started doing that. All of a sudden running up and down our hallway with a wild look in her eyes. She also started doing it after using the litter box, as if she was so happy that she had actually gone potty! I think she did tend to get a little constipated, so I figured that when she finally went, she was very happy! The running up and down the hall with no reason, had me puzzled, and we figured that the other cat we had that died a few years ago, was ghosting her at this house and playing with her! Marilyn

  2. I had two cats and never heard the term zoomies, but in hindsight, that explains a lot of crazy behavior! Definitely entertaining!

  3. Hi Brenda,
    I hadn’t heard of cat zoomies either until I took in Simon. It had been several years since my last cats. I bought a cat behavior book and it talked about zoomies in the book. Simon seems to get them early morning and late at night. It’s like someone pinched his behind and wound him up. Ivy and Gracie are such pretty girls. So happy that they’re getting along. Gracie is just what Ivy needed to keep her on her toes. 😊

  4. Brenda, if this is too much of a plug for Pets Together, just delete it… I’d love it if you’d sign up for a visit. While you’re not homebound, as you can drive and get out, you do spend a lot of time at home (like me!) If you don’t enjoy the visit, all you’ve lost is 30 minutes. You can sign up for a visit at You’ll sign up just like a facility would, then in the comments, put that you’re an individual and you’d like Pam & Molly to host. That way, I get to be on your visit. Email me at [email protected] if you have questions.
    === my comment ===
    I didn’t know that cats did zoomies! I’ve definitely had dogs that zoom. My Molly isn’t much of a zoomer. That said, when I say, “Molly, let’s go zoom zoom,” she runs back to her “bedroom/studio,” jumps up on the couch, and gets ready for her virtual Pets Together visit over zoom with an assisted living or nursing home. We visit with places all over the US. We are always looking for more facilities to visit and volunteers with any kind of pet to join us. Visits are free for the facilities; we are also doing free visits for individuals now, especially those who are mostly at home and might enjoy 30 minutes of conversation with animals from all over!

  5. I laughed so hard at the pictures of Gracie’s zoomies that my dog had to come in and see what was wrong with me! Those pictures are great; you can see the “demon” in her eyes and the intense expression on her face. I’m glad you and Ivy are enjoying the free entertainment! Becky

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