Cats Playing Chase

In the morning I typically watch cats playing chase. These two cats, one big and one small, sure have a good time running up and down the hall.

Then they’re ready for their breakfast.

Gracie is eating more now. She must feel better after the antibiotic shot.

Cats Playing Chase In The Morning:

They run up and down the hall and have the most fun. Ivy will wait behind a wall and wait for Gracie to come streaking down the hall, then Ivy runs after her.

Gracie runs somewhere Ivy is too big to get, and they start all over again. Ivy waits for her to run out again and this game keeps going for awhile.

Before Gracie came to live with us Ivy would eat her breakfast meal and then take a good long nap. But now Gracie is making her exercise. And it’s good for her.

Yesterday afternoon I had some food to share with my 85-year-old neighbor, and she came down to get it and played with the cats. I think she had about as much fun as they did.

We got the flopping fish out and that gets their attention, but both cats seem a bit leery of it.

Cat’s Naptime:

After they wore themselves out Ivy got up on the cupboard and is staring out the window at birds.

I don’t see Gracie, so I assume she’s gone wherever she goes to sleep and is taking her morning nap. She seems to have a hiding place for sleep.

During the night Gracie will come to me and nudge my hand till I cradle her little head. She likes that.

And do you know what Gracie’s favorite toy is? That same swirly toy Ivy loves so much.

Eggplant Casserole:

This is what I had for supper. Eggplant casserole and a salad. Sure was good. For once I remembered to take a photo of something I cooked.

I’m going to try some new-to-me dishes later today or tomorrow.

I worked out on the patio for an hour or so yesterday cutting back dead plants. It’s been so hot all summer I didn’t get much garden maintenance done.

I got zinnias and sedum and herbs cut back. But I still have close to half of the patio plants left to deal with. I figured I’d rest my hands up a few days and then tackle that.

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  1. The kitties are getting along – that’s wonderful! I pinned the eggplant recipe. It’s a nice alternative to the usual fattening eggplant parmigiana. I’ve seen that floppy fish toy for dogs, and I’ve got to get one.

  2. Brenda, every morning I get to watch my cats cavort all over the house chasing each other. They run up and down the stairs, skid across the floors, ears back, that crazy look in their eyes, and that jump in mid air while running! It really is a show!
    All cats have different personalities, but in some ways they are all alike. I like that look of your eggplant casserole. I’d like to see more pics of your meals.

  3. Brenda do you bring your herb plants inside for the winter? Do you cut and freeze them with oil in ice cube trays? It is nice to see Ivy and Gracie bring you so much joy. Have a great day!

  4. Isn’t it great that the girls are melting together so quickly. I can imagine them chasing and Gracie getting the upper hand on Ivy by going under something Ivy can’t. Your eggplant dish looks so good. I am really happy for you that you decided to get Gracie Mae.

  5. I can just picture Ivy and Gracie chasing each other. I’m sure it does your heart good to see them having so much fun! The eggplant casserole sure does look scrumptious!

  6. It must be a constant entertaining show watching your kitties getting to know each other and playing together now. It’s been cooler in SE Wisconsin and the dew point has dropped into the low 50s sometimes, which makes it very nice to work outdoors even when it’s 80 or above outside. The cooler weather makes it way easier to work my way through the garden and yard clean-up for the season. We haven’t gotten above 75 for about a week now and the leaves in my neighborhood are now changing color quickly. When there is even a slight breeze it’s like walking through a shower of leaves coming off the trees. My area received about 2 1/2 inches of rain over the weekend but we are still at a water deficit for the season. More rain is forecast for tomorrow and Friday so that means I’ve got to get the front yard cut today (did the backyard yesterday). It’s harder to cut the grass when it’s still wet but it will have to be done before 6:30 p.m. because it gets dark by then! All of a sudden, it seems like summer didn’t last so long after all.

    1. Love hearing about the antics of your feline girls! Pets bring so much joy into our lives. Have you ever tried scrunching up aluminum foil and making a ball about the size of a golf ball.? Mine love chasing theirs. They mostly turn their noses up at toys I buy! The eggplant casserole looks wonderful! Can you share how you made it.

  7. Beautiful Gracie has brought nothing but joy to your cozy little corner of the world! I can sense that she’s eased some of the pain of Charlie’s loss. You know he’d want that for you!

    1. I think so too. I will always miss Charlie and Abi and I tear up thinking about them. But it’s nice to watch the cats play.

  8. It’s 10:44 a.m., and I haven’t had the best morning, but when I saw your post on the antics of Ivy and Grace my day got a little brighter. I love reading about them.

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