With one holiday after another, it’s hard to remember what day of the week it is. We’re settling in here for a cold gray misty day.

By January every year I’m beginning to get restless. I stand at the French doors looking out over the patio.

Stare at my two container trees that, in another few months, will be budding with the promise of green leaves.

But I’m a bit tired this year. I haven’t been feeling well all week. I’ve got a sore throat and an asthmatic cough.

Today I have a headache as well. I think some of it is due to feeling weary over the craziness going on.

Guess it can’t be enough that we’re losing thousands of American citizens every day.

The powers that be have taken on stances that seem to be as cracked as soon to be scrambled eggs.

Sheer Lunacy:

I’ve never seen such lunacy in my life. And I hope never to again.

Haven’t we had enough damned chaos to last us a lifetime? Why aren’t the people with power instead focusing on saving lives?

It’s like a bunch of little children have taken over, intent on sweeping all the art supplies off the table with both hands.

What good does it do anyone to break all the crayons and tear up all the paper? In nothing but a ridiculous fit of pique?

I don’t want even one soul to mention that I’m being political. Not one. Because I’ve been raked over the coals time and again over the sheer mention of politics or anger toward our government leaders.

And this is more about conserving common sense and keeping people alive.

Weary Of Grievance:

If you think what’s going on right now is okay, then please just keep it to yourself.

Seems to me that “grievance” was the resounding word of 2020.

I don’t feel well enough to read withering comments today. And I promise you that on this day I would delete them anyway. Because no one else should have to read it as well.

That’s something I’ve been reluctant to do in the past. But maybe I’ve been looking at it the wrong way.

Maybe I should have been focusing on a calm atmosphere here instead of the perceived “rights” of those who disagree and want the last say.

Sanity. Now that’s a word I would like to see fully manifested in 2021. Because 2020 has been a house on fire.

Scratch that. A whole town. With some standing by and throwing kindling into the flames.

The people have voted. Now move on.

Feeling Forgotten:

I would like to see those who represent us actually working to make our lives better. And that has not been happening for some time.

We’ve been virtually forgotten in the fray of mostly testosterone and the pounding of chests.

While so many of us die because the hospitals are full and the medical personnel are exhausted, this nonsense goes on ad nauseam.

For heaven’s sake, if you’ve been hired to help our people, then do your job!

Those That Are Suffering:

Help the homeless wandering the streets. The children who are isolated and hungry. The parents who look out their window and see only gloom on the horizon.

Because we’ve been forgotten while all this bullshit is going on. Leaders aren’t leading. They’re fighting amongst themselves and not attending to business.

Because this did not have to happen.

New Virus Strain Hits The US:

And now we have a new virus strain that might not be more deadly, but it is about 70% more transmissible. We are going backwards, not forwards.

Heaven help us.

Please help to stop this madness.

Wear a mask because it says you care for your fellow man. You may not be of the opinion that it’s the answer, but it’s the only one we have right now.

I did not sit down to write this. I’m not quite sure why all this spewed out of me today.

Except that the frustration is growing as every day passes with more families losing the people they love.

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  1. Thank you Brenda
    I am so happy that you spoke out.
    Everyone is so stressed out. Love all of the comments.
    Stay well and keep up good work.
    Love to the for babies.

  2. Just found this post and Thank you!! Well said. I am a political animal and my friends know it. If you post on my FB I will do the same. I have to say the “Stop the Steal” was my last straw with one person and let them know that subverting an election is not cool. Gone now and I am so grateful she got rid of me. “Stop the crazy” I say!! 26 days and at least the top will be replaced with people that know what they are doing.

    Thanks for this little space.

    1. Now just 16 days! And after that tape to Georgia yesterday, I don’t know how anyone can think that is okay. I can’t see your email. Email me at [email protected] for the FB exchange. I don’t put my posts on FB. I really don’t do much with my blog on social media.

    1. It just gets worse every day. Every time I think there is a bottom, something like the tapes regarding Georgia yesterday tell me there is no bottom.

  3. Brenda, I will say the same thing that I always say, THIS IS YOUR BLOG, YOUR SPACE in the world, YOU SAY WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT AND IF SOMEONE DOESN’T LIKE IT THEY DON’T HAVE TO READ IT. THIS IS AMERICA, why are we not allowed to have an opinion? Or to be frustrated? I’ve said this on my own blog, Washington D.C is filled with people who are not working for the people of this country, nor are they thinking about the people of this country. Both sides are acting like children and that is a fact. It is unbelievable to me that families and friends have broken up over politics! I pray every single day that God helps us and all those that are suffering.

  4. Thank you, Brenda, for your post. I am heartsick over the direction our country has been taking. I fear that the next two to three weeks are going to be especially rough, but I have hope that we will be moving in a positive direction soon. It’s time for chaos to go, and compassion and planning to put us on a better path.

    1. That Georgia stunt calling and trying to get officials to change the vote was either desperation or disdain for our country. Probably both.

  5. AMEN!!! I’m looking forward to leadership, common sense, complete sentences and correct grammar to name a few things. I also look forward to hearing from you every day.

  6. What’s happening now is insane – it is JUST INSANE. I think there is far too much testosterone in the air right now with all those silly boys who think they are men trying to out macho-man each other. Time for women of common sense to put their collective foot down and rein the boys in – and teach them some manners! Brenda, I don’t know if you got a flu shot. Your symptoms sound worrisome. I hate to be a downer, but I believe in being safe rather than sorry. You may be developing a bad cold, or a seasonal flu, but maybe you need to get tested for COVID-19 because so many of the symptoms are the same. You need to know so you can act accordingly.

  7. Wonderful column. I am practically in despair. Dreading the 6th when those idiots in Congress protest a fair election. What will history say about us? I saw a blog post asking what have the last 4 years taken from you and I thought to myself my faith in the intelligence of half my fellow Americans! Hope you feel better!

    1. Me too. It is beyond ridiculous. History will not look back on this kindly. What the past four years have taken from me is peace of mind.

  8. Well said Brenda. Thank you for speaking out. These past 4 years remind me of 1930’s Germany. I can’t believe how
    close we came to an autocracy.

    I don’t hate anyone. I actually feel sorry for this president as a human being. I feel more sorry for all those who are suffering right now and pray that our country will heal, physically and emotionally. I pray that as Americans we will love our neighbor and reach out to those in need. I pray we will repair our relationships with our allies. Everyday I think of how I can show others love and what I can do to help. Only light can chase away darkness.

    Have a blessed new year everyone and stay safe.

    1. Well the Senate and others are just as complicit as he is. Cowards. Just a select few that actually still believe in the Constitution as it was written. The rest are trying to sail the tailwinds of someone who could be in a lot of trouble in just over two weeks. Cy Vance and Leticia James of NY will be all over him I think. And his kids as well.

      1. I don’t have the words to convey what I think about what’s happening. They aren’t strong enough. You do a nice job of capturing some of them. Donald and COVID in the same year. Unbelievably insane.

  9. Brenda, I absolutely agree with you. You put your thoughts into words so well. Want is more concerning than Trump himself is the number of Kool-aid drinkers standing behind him. Civilized society needs some structure/rules. Do those of you who consider wearing a mask as stepping on your right to choice also think that obeying traffic regulations should be a choice? Melanie, I would absolutely find another vet. That practice is not ethically fit to care for pets.

  10. Thank you for saying things that needed to be said. People that I have known and cared about for decades have been so changed by political views. It has made me sad.
    We have started with the freezing rain, drizzle, gray skies that last all day. I find winter days like this seem to go on forever. It felt like it never really got to be daylight today. I need to start taking my Vitamin D capsules

    In spite of all that is happening to our country right now, I still hope for a happier New Year for all of us.

    1. Me too. My doctors told me to take Vitamin D twice per day due to my ankle and the early stages of osteoporosis. And I never miss a dose.

  11. Well said Brenda! I am so disgusted with what has happened to this country that I can no longer even talk about it. I think that we have all been traumatized by the last four years. Thank you for speaking out.

  12. It looks like most of your loyal readers are in agreement with you voicing your frustration with what’s very important to this country’s moving forward. It’s about time someone said it all correctly as it’s playing out before us and it’s pathetic. I say give Joe Biden the chance to do what he stands for and it is decency. We need it badly and I have no tolerance any longer for those friends I use to have that drank the koolaid thinking the other egotistical knucklehead knew one thing about business when all his failed and he never paid his staff but ran away from his bills. My life will be better not having them around if they think like that cause it shows their true ignorance. Our life was good financially before he took office and it is still okay but not due to him and it will be even better when I don’t see him spreading his dumb threats. Thanks for truly voicing your opinion on your blog. Feel better soon.

  13. Brenda, Thank you for your post today. I agree with everything you said. It really saddens me that we are such a selfish society. The medical personnel are literally begging us to wear masks to help and that one small act has become so political. I personally have never cared for Trump, long before he ever even thought of running for office. His track record in business and personal dealings were always shady. With that being said, he was voted in and continued, in my opinion, to treat our country like he has treated his businesses. What I can’t understand, is how so many people voted for more of the same. I think it says a lot about where we as a society stand on racism, homosexuality, disabilities and the list goes on. I have expressed to family members that I feel myself becoming an angry person. Angry at ALL elected leaders of both parties who are supposed to be supporting and protecting all of us, when in actuality, they are looking out for themselves. I firmly believe that we need term limits. I also think that the enviable health insurance that they receive, should end when their term does. I could go on and on. I pray for our country and the world.

  14. It seems like if you’re moderate, informed and logical, you are the one in the wrong. This atmosphere of ‘grievance’ and ‘victimhood’ is dangerous to our Democracy. I wish the schools taught more about Fascism and autocracy and its history in 1930s Europe. It could happen here – perhaps it already is. The lies on both sides in the Georgia election next Tuesday are on local TV 24/7. Truth is a rarity (can you believe that statement??). The hot-heads and politically ambitious appear to want to tear America down. I too despair. Thank you Brenda for adding your voice.

  15. Thank you Brenda, you just said what so many of us are thinking! I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly! Hope you are feeling better soon!

    1. I felt better as soon as I wrote this. I think I was holding in a lot of negativity and fear. Now I just want to shout it to the rooftops.

  16. Dear Brenda, I have been reading your blog for a long time and never felt the urge to say something until today. As I was reading I had to stop and go back to the top to make sure it was your blog I was reading. 😄. I have to say THANK YOU! I have for awhile been asking myself why most of the bloggers/ influencers have kept their mouth shut, almost tolerating the abuses of this administration when we the readers needed guidance and clarification. Finally someone echoes my thoughts!!! Thank you for taking a stand! Can’t wait until this nightmare ends but I know we will be suffering the after effects for a long, long time. Please take good care of yourself!

    1. Well maybe I’ll take a stand more often. I just hate the ugly comments, but then, don’t let the screen door hit their butts on the way out.

      1. I was so glad to read your thoughts. Thank you.
        And the screen door hitting your butt comment😂I grew up hearing that one, and may have said to my kids on occasion. Made me think of my Granny in TN who I spent summers with as a child.
        So many of your expressions I chuckle over because they bring back memories.

    2. Oh, and I’ve learned from FB that many many of those influencers do not agree. I guess they have a lot more money they don’t want to pay taxes on. I remember someone told me years ago that a blogger at a conference she went to called me “controversial.”

  17. Brenda,
    What you and everyone that has commented on your post today should be looking at is, CHINA! The virus is a man made virus! Again, I repeat, it’s a man made virus! And it is not Trumps fault, he did not make or create it!
    All of you have so much hate& Vile in your bodies for Trump, no wonder you have nightmares and anxiety. What is happening is what the Bible has prophesied to happen. The election was a lie, cheat, fraudulent & stolen. If you and all your commenters here support this election & how it came about, that is not what our country was founded on. All the soldiers that have fought for our country and shed their blood to protect its democracy, and then to have people support a lie and to steal it, is not American, in my opinion.
    We have been in the military for 22 years supporting our country, protecting the US citizens and the freedoms we have, and then to read something like this is disgusting and all of you should be ashamed. I would hate to have the hate in my body that all of you have for President Trump. Our country was not founded on a lie or hate.
    If Biden does go into office, after January 20th, the virus will be gone, because he is in the pocket of China. Again, I repeat, do your homework, the China virus is man made-it’s called chemical warfare.

    1. Well this is absolute bullshit. It won’t be gone when Biden gets in. Remember Trump said after the election it would be gone. Didn’t happen!

    2. Andrea, from one military family to another of 27 yrs., all I can say is you have really swallowed the Kool-Aid. This election was won fairly. Just because the baby-in-chief doesn’t like the outcome, doesn’t make it unfair. Numerous recounts and courts have already shown that. I will agree with you that Trump didn’t make this virus, but he sure as hell didn’t do anything in the form of leadership to protect this country. If there had been a federal show of leadership regarding masks and an equitable process of getting aid to all states and not based on political party, we would be in a much better place than we are now. The president is the leader for all citizens, not just the ones who stroke his ego. His inflammatory talk has put so many lives in danger. Good grief, just yesterday his attorney call VP Pence a traitor and asked that he be tried for treason and put before a firing squad. This whole country is on edge, as is the world watching us. We go to sleep at night wondering what new violence will be insinuated or actually taking place. This is not democracy! Our military men and women, since the beginning of time have taken an oath to protect our country. Sadly, we just never thought that the biggest threat would be our own President. I am sorry that you have bought into his BS as I promise you, he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. As for homework, I would suggest you might do some on both the Trump and Kushner families over the decades.

    3. Just because trump can’t face losing and decided to declare people voting against him was fraudulent doesn’t make it true. We dislike him because he is a cheap flimflam con man, long before he was elected. Did you notice that he was elected with the minority of votes? But nobody screamed fraud about that. He’s a spoiled baby, and sadly when you side with him, you side with the KKK, The Proud Boys, and Russia. I would think a good military family wouldn’t put up with that. Between that and all the abortions he has forced his wives and mistresses to undergo, I don’t understand your support of him at all.

  18. Dear Brenda,
    I enjoy reading your blog and I agree with you completely! This is your blog and moderating comments is up to you. Personal I well we need to put Love, support and positivity into the the internet and our world.
    Blessings in 2021
    Susan Clark
    North Carolina

  19. Well said Brenda, I could not even add anything to what you already posted except God Bless you and keep you safe and God Bless us everyone.

  20. Well said Brenda. our country is suffering so badly with all the death and sickness and leaders who won’t lead. Praying we soon change back to one country… not groups who are only interested in what’s in it for them. I hope you feel better soon, you should go for a covid test to be sure it is not lurking in your body. Happy New Year

    1. I took some Tylenol and feel better now. I couldn’t find anywhere that I could get a test until at least Monday. You have to schedule way ahead of time because everyone apparently is trying to get tested.

  21. As a Canadian I probably shouldn’t be commenting, but in my opinion, the whole world will be a safer place when President-elect Biden takes office.

    1. Thank you Kathy!
      So many of us are ready for this crazy time to end. And discouraged that so many Americans admire him 😢

  22. Hello Brenda – I hope that you are feeling better – I have read all of the above comments and am saddened by the great divide in this country. The contempt for the 50% of this country that do believe that the fraud is real- and the election was stolen. I do not believe Joe Biden is mentally capable of running this country- He is in cognitive decline – and will not be the leader we need for our recovery from this pandemic. Seems that all of the blind hatred of Donald Trump excuses all of the corrupt- inept policy that has been Joe Biden’s for 47 plus years. I am personally disgusted by most of the so called representatives in Washington- they are on power trips and most certainly have only looked out for themselves- as indicated as most ran to the front of the line for the COVID vaccination. I wanted to speak for the people that have not been represented here today- but have been spoken of with contempt- we are all still Americans- why so much hate? Very concerned for our country- and future

    1. I completely disagree about Joe Biden. If anyone is in cognitive decline, I would say it is Trump. What about the injecting of bleach comment? Is that cognitive decline or just utter stupidity? I think what you call hate is mostly frustration that so many people have died and the powers that be are fighting over things they cannot change and ignoring a raging pandemic. I agree about being disgusted with our representatives. They stopped representing us a long time ago.

      1. What I notice is that the hate for Donald Trump is greater than the love and concern for our Country. For those of you who feel Joe Biden is “not” in mental decline..You need to watch a different news channel and see all of his obvious blunders. When you think that Kamala Harris is the “President Elect”, rather than your self..you definitely have an issue or two. Sorry. I do not have to love all the actions of a person leading the Country..but its more about leadership and protecting our Country and putting our Country first. Whether this is shared or not..I just as a US Citizen have to put out my view on all of this. I have always wanted to see a female on up there if deserved or if that person is qualified…and as much as I am not a Hilary fan..I feel she was way more qualified than Kamala to lead our Nation..just hope Kamala can hold that nervous giggle when she meets with the World Leaders…as we all know that Biden will be gone very soon and she will be in charge. Very scary. I am glad to see our Military Families above speak up…as my husband also served our Country and the decline and disrespect for the Constitution by the Liberal Left is so sad.

    2. Thank you, Laura, for speaking for those of us who quietly read but never comment. I accept that no one will ever agree perfectly on anything but I’ve never before seen such a great divide and such contempt for others who see things differently; as if insults and name-calling help change minds or hearts.

  23. Thank you so much for writing what many people feel. I’ve never, in 62 years of life sen an outgoing president actually work to sabotage the next administration. What we’re seeing right now is NOT love for our country or patriotism. It’s an attempt to hold on to power at all costs and the detriment of our country and its citizens. That members of congress support these actions are possibly more confounding than the actions of one self-centered man. Shame on all of them. The posse is coming. I hope we can hold on till then.
    Virtual hugs to everyone has we begin a year that will surely see better times.

    1. I agree with you. Seems to me an awful lot of old white men are trying to hang onto power, have racist views and on top of that be misogynists. They all need to go and get a younger crop in. They’ve made millions while in office, for which we pay them a salary, sadly. Bad behavior and outright greed is being rewarded with pardons.

  24. Hallelujah!!! I’m so glad you posted this today. I’m so tired of the crap and the sniping and the egos. Almost no one seems to remember that they are supposed to serve the people of the U.S. and to promote the general welfare. Good for you for your honesty.

    Please get tested as soon as you possibly can. The symptoms you list are those associated with COVID. We need you to take care of yourself. Best wishes always.

    1. I can’t figure out how all these elected officials forgot who they are working for. WE pay their salaries while they snipe and fight a vote that is over. Democracy means we get a say. And it’s been said. End of story.

  25. Unfortunately this ‘unrest’ has been going on for 4 years already when the current president was elected. The people spoke then too but it’s been nothing but chaos & mud slinging to the highest degree ever since that election. Alas I really don’t see it settling down when a new president of a different party takes office. One can only hope. It seems like some kind of switch has flipped and I wonder if we’ll ever get back to any kind of a semblance of normalcy. When the conservatives are happy the liberals are screaming and when the liberals are happy the conservatives are screaming. I DETEST listening to the news anymore. Am weary of everything political.

    1. Yes, I agree. I hate the news as well. But I’m almost afraid not to read it. Afraid what will happen while I sleep. I will sure be glad to see the day when I can depend on the officials we elect taking care of things so I can live my damned life.

  26. I agree with your every word. I have not watched the evening news or nightline for months because I became so infuriated that I could not sleep. I will not watch until Biden in sworn in. One of my big concerns now is how I will resume close and casual relationships with those family and neighbors who were and are avid Trump supporters. The total reaction to the lies and ignorance are just overlooked by people who I used to believe were intelligent and had and supported integrity. I have people in my neck of the woods who still have their Trump signs plastering their home and are flying the US flag, the same flag so many have died to protect, upside down in protest of the election results. It breaks my heart and makes me mad and sad. God help this country.

    1. Luckily I don’t have anyone in my immediate sphere who support Trump. I don’t think I could deal with it. I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired. Our country is the laughingstock of the world. And we used to be a beacon of hope.

  27. Well said, Brenda – I totally agree with you on every point. And hope that you feel much better soon! I love your blog.

    1. I haven’t coughed in hours and my throat isn’t sore right now. I think I just need rest. I’m caring for an elderly dog and that’s like caring for a toddler. Poor Charlie. And thank you. I just couldn’t sit back and stew about this any longer without giving it words.

      1. I hope you continue to feel better ,Brenda….And I agree 100% with all you said. Please continue to write whatever you feel you need to, it’s refreshing to get other opinions,especially intelligent ones.

  28. My thoughts EXACTLY, Brenda!!
    Do you have Urgent Care facilities nearby? They might be able to test you over the weekend.
    Stay safe ~

  29. I was comforted by reading your post and the comments today. I know I get anxiety more often these days and venting every once in awhile helps. We need to stay safe, count our blessings and stop watching so much news for our own sanity. It is despicable when our leaders act like children, people are suffering and helping them should be our country’s first priority. Brenda, I hope you feel better soon. Many of us are only going out for necessities and hurrying home but the sad fact is that it is everywhere. Stay safe everyone.

    1. It is a sad fact. And people are ignoring all common sense and spreading it like wildfire. In my opinion if they don’t take precautions and be responsible citizens, then they shouldn’t get the treatment from our hospitals and healthcare workers who are utterly exhausted and getting sick themselves.

  30. I agree with every word you said. In fact, I am in the middle of a nasty dilemma with my vet’s wife who is the office manager. Even though they have a sign on their door to wear a mask to enter the waiting room, she does NOT wear a mask. After the third time of seeing this, I sent her an email and was very polite and not confrontational about it, because I’ve heard how people can get. I asked her to please wear one because it made me very nervous being in the room with her not wearing a mask – and that it’s also a state law. She wrote me back a very nasty email saying that I was acting like the mask police and that she doesnt need that because SHE is the mask police! She said if I don’t like it, to take my business elsewhere. Can you believe it??! I am still outraged even now. So rude and unprofessional. Yes, I will be changing vets but it’s hard in the middle of the pandemic and my cat has been going twice/week for IV infusions so I can’t just quit.

    In the meantime, Brenda, please go get a Covid test as I mentioned in a reply above. Just not the rapid test. They’re quick, easy, not painful (you barely have to stick the Q-tip up your nose), and free through CVS.

    1. What about her husband? Think I’d be contacting the better business bureau. That is stupid and cruel. I’m thinking about finding a mobile vet. I can’t lift Ivy around to take her in.

      1. Unfortunately, right now I’m caught between a rock and a hard place because Clem has to have treatment twice/week, plus she’s due for blood tests right now. I can’t switch vets that quickly without foregoing her treatment. I am calling a new vet tomorrow (and crossing my fingers and praying that they will accept new patients!) to see if I can switch ASAP. Then I will be reporting this current, horrible vet practice to the County Health Dept, then calling the vet himself to speak to him.

  31. Completely agree. I woke up at 2:30 am with a panic attack and couldn’t go back to sleep… anxiety from this madness. Our lives went from open and active to confined and anxious.. who knows WHEN vaccines will be available to most of us!
    I feel so awful for the healthcare workers trying to
    do all they can while people are still traveling, partying, etc…there exhausted and discouraged.
    Stay safe.. hope you feel better. I’ve been dealing with a similar thing. Have been working on a hooked rug and have horse stalls to clean, so it’s not like I have nothing to do( plus got 13 library books last week)…. I just feel confined.. or maybe trapped….

    1. I feel trapped by the people who are elected to take care of things and they aren’t doing it. They’re making things much, much worse. Shame on them. I wrote to Senator Lankford of OK today, who is one of the senators joining the others on this ridiculous quest on January 6. Gave him a good piece of my mind. I don’t want to hear any more of his religious views until he does his job.

  32. Amen! As far as your health, you might consider being tested, because the symptoms you mention are some of the Covid symptoms.

      1. That’s the first thing I thought, too with your symptoms – that it sounds like Covid. Don’t get the rapid test – they’re not reliable. Get the regular one. CVS Pharmacies have them right through their drive-up window. You can schedule online. It’s simple, quick and you do it yourself. They give you the kit with instructions. (And they send all the info to you ahead of time.) You get the results in 2-3 days.

  33. Thank you for your posts. I only started reading your blog a short while back and look forward to it daily. I hope you feel better soon and, for me, even though I dread winter and so look forward to spring, this year has made that more so. Hopefully, we can see some positive change soon, however, I don’t think it will be overnight. It does feel better, though, just because there’s that bit of quiet.

    1. No, I don’t think it will be overnight because there are too many idiots stirring a pot of hate and revenge and chaos. If they think Biden was wrongfully elected, what about all those Republicans down ballot who won?

  34. Amen and Amen to all. Sometimes I am so angry and frustrated I can’t stand it. Our great country is being crippled by a psycho narcissist. I find it sad that fifty percent of the people believe his lies. Let’s pray and work toward a new beginning.


    1. He can’t leave quickly enough to suit me. Government should be giving their all to get that vaccine out there as quickly as they can instead of beating the rigged election drum.

  35. Your post hit the mark about what is happening in our country. If people that care about the future generations and our planet don’t speak up, who will? We each have a responsibility to stand for our beliefs. If we don’t have courage then we have nothing. Courage of our ancestors are the reason we have the country we have. It may be in chaos today and without action it will continue.
    Thank you for an excellent post.

    1. Yes, what is this doing to our grandchildren? What on earth do they think, poor things? They must be afraid and not understand what is going on. They certainly don’t have many elected officials who are acting like proper role models.

  36. Thank you Brenda for voicing what so many of us feel. I’m 76 and have never seen one person work to destroy our democracy like this person. It’s even worse to think that there are people who believe him. I love your blog and read and look forward to it daily. Thank you again for caring the people in this country. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. I do care. Because it is the right and just thing to do. I totally agree with you. Democracy is what this country has been known for, and he’s tearing that down as fast as he can on his way out the door.

  37. I loved the post today. You poured out feelings many of us have. I wonder is this ever going to end? Life is so different now and thinking back we were told Oh, it’s only in China. We will be fine. We aren’t fine.

    1. Yes, I recall when he said it was just a few people and would fade away. All lies. He’d rather blame everyone else than himself. I believe that is the proper analysis of a malignant narcissist. Dangerous indeed.

    2. I hope you feel better soon Brenda. May I respectfully disagree without being deleted? As I sit in my nice warm home, supported mainly by my husbands job, not needing food, water, heat or clothing, I am blessed I can safely stay in my home for weeks if I have to, safe from the virus. Just like you. What about the single parent homes, the poor, the grandparents raising their grandchildren? Most schools are closed, restaurants closed, many being fired or layed off. People HAVE to work to supply YOU and ME with all our comforts-heat, water, grocery delivery
      and really anything else we may need. They do not have the luxury you and I do.

      I understand your dislike for Trump. I do not understand your hatred. After all, through his presidency were you not able to maintain your lifestyle? I’ve disliked many presidents but have never hated. Hatred promotes what we saw this Summer, the violence and looting.

      Biden is NOT your savior. Harris will be president in under two years because Biden is truly incompetent. But, I digress.

      The virus came from China. Could it have been handled differently? Maybe, maybe not. No one alive today has ever had anything like this to deal with. Regardless of where it came from though, we HAVE to be allowed as US citizens to MAKE our own decisions. If we choose not to wear a mask, so be it. Stay away from the massless. If we choose to gather at our own homes with more than 10 people, stay away if you’re not comfortable. You and I are extremely blessed that again we can hold up in our nice warm homes and wait for it to be over. Millions and millions are not as blessed.

      Stay safe.

      1. Kelley, Respectfully, I do not understand how people who support Trump, can’t see how all his calls for violence, his disrespect for other elected leaders and his utter contempt for Democrats causes one to be upset, anxious or considered to be filled with hate. Just yesterday, his attorney call for the VP to be charged with treason and put before a firing squad. As for not wearing masks and asking others to stay away isn’t logical. All the people who gather, may or may not be symptomatic and they go on about their daily lives interacting with others thru work, shopping, etc., who are trying to be cautious. I would ask that you read The Faces of Covid and listen to the testimony of the families, many of whom didn’t believe in masks, and how they wish they had a do-over. These are frightening times for everyone regardless of party.

      2. I agree with you Kelley. The hatred while we are warm with food, protected by our police, – incomprehensible. We blame the government for the homeless; but what do we do to help?

  38. I get more angry everyday at so many people being totally selfish in not thinking about others especially with this Pandemic. Over the past week at least 3 of our politicians have been found to be on vacation abroad and yet have posted messages to their constituents which have been broadcast as if they are still at home in Canada! Another one had a party of about 30 people, not one was wearing a mask and I suspect that not one of them will be fired.
    It is well past time that our politicians did their job looking after their constituents and not just thinking about themselves. I do hope they will get voted out of office next time around.
    I do hope you will be feeling better soon Brenda.

  39. We bow to you Brenda for voicing this! I have been so upset ever since the election in Nov to find that 50% of this country will bow to anything the cult leader says or does. I simply cannot imagine living in a country where so many people support this crazy. I get more upset by the day. People who voice support for crazy should be shut up now.
    My BFF was diagnosed yesterday with Covid and at 70 she is very, very sick. She only spent 30 min visiting family on Christmas because she was afraid but they bullied her so she went. Her step granddaughter insisted on flying here for Christmas from Cali. When her entire family began to get sick she fled back to Cali without being tested because she didn’t want to be quarantined here. On short notice she couldn’t fly direct so she changed planes twice to get back. Then she and her BF were diagnosed. 16 people of all ages are sick because of her. WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO THIS???? There is no telling how many people they exposed while they refused to wear masks during the travel back.
    When I think of how unnecessary all this sickness and death were so unnecessary if T had only told the truth and developed a plan I could scream. In the countries where plans were developed and lockdowns/masks were followed they have no where close to our level of illness and an end in sight. I’m trying hard to get over my extreme anger and look to a better future but it is HARD to do. Probably impossible for me to do.

    1. Oh, I’m so sorry! Luckily I haven’t lost anyone yet, but it’s probably just a matter of time. I too get more angry by the day because this pandemic is sweeping through this country and elected officials are debating an election that the justice department and the FBI said was completely free of any type of fraudulent votes. They need to see that people get vaccinated and our hospital workers get some kind of relief.

    1. Oh, I tend to anger people when I speak my mind. But then, we live in a free country still. For now anyway. And I’ll fight like hell that they don’t take “America the free” away from us.

  40. I think that anyone who doesn’t see what’s going on and worry about it has a serious problem. I am 72 years old. Politics has never been a high interest of mine, but no matter the party in power, I always saw respect for the law (quick detour in the Nixon years, though, but those shenanigans were challenged by both parties) and was never ashamed to see our president represent our great country to the world. Until now. I fully understand your pent up frustration and urgent need to express it. Read the reasoned comments posted before mine and take comfort that you are not alone. The best among us grieves over what we’ve become and mourns the needless deaths of our fellow brothers and sisters. Don’t worry about the others. They’re not worth your time.

    1. Oh, so many people have died and it was not their time to go in my book. So much suffering. More homelessness. More angst and grief. Please let us stand in the world and be proud of this country again. When common sense is back in power, hopefully.

  41. I don”t watch news anymore. Too upsetting. I, like you, find peace and love with my animals, plants and gardening. Love you and wish you a wonderful 2021.

    1. I read my news online, from many sources. I hope the same for you. I just want to bask in the sun in my garden space and not be so worried all the time.

  42. Amen!! Thank you, thank you and thank you! You’ve said everything most of us have been thinking. I do want to share that one day recently I felt like a caged animal – I was actually pacing from my front windows to the back door. It was ridiculous but I couldn’t seem to help myself. I eventually settled down.

    Regarding your health I hope you feel better soon however I am sorry you haven’t been feeling well this week. Take good care!

      1. Brenda, I was very puzzled when I had that experience because, like you, I’m a homebody. I always have been and I don’t anticipate changing any time soon. There was something troubling me so that may have been what caused it.

  43. Brenda this was beautifully written from your heart. Make NO apologies! If anyone disagrees with you, delete their comments and block them from your blog. This is Your Blog and we are guests.

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