First we’ll talk about the pansies hiding underneath my hosta plants. I planted them there before the hostas “took over.” Now I think of them as fairies hiding in the forest.

The little Johnny Jump Ups and pansies are now hiding deep in their magical world. Where hosta plants grow big and cover them, hiding them from any foes.

And what kind of foes would these pixie-faced flowers have, you may ask?

Well, any critters that might eat them, I suppose.

The above photo was taken a day or so ago. And in that time it rained and the hosta plants and then spread to cover them for the most part. As you can see in the photo below.

A Garden Fairy Tale:

So, like a princess up in a safe tower, or in this case many princesses, my sweet little flowers will hide from the sun.

And as they are cool weather flowers, maybe they will stick around a little longer, having the hosta plants for shade.

I will likely have to bend down and lift the leaves to see my flowers. And continue my fairy tale about them in my head, as I am wont to do.

Tuesday Morning Finds:

And now for my Tuesday Morning finds.

As soon as I glimpsed these lamps down at the end of the store my cart magically, as though with a mind of its own, led me toward them.

A Smallish Aqua Lamp:

They immediately reminded me of the vintage aqua bottles I love to collect when I can find them. And I love the wood detailing as well.

Because for some strange reason they had the wrong sticker on the lamp, I got it for $21 instead of $29.99.

Then onward to cover the rest of the store. You never know what’s just waiting to be discovered on Tuesday Morning’s aisles, as shipments come in every week.

A Boho Hanging:

I’d been trying to find something to hang here. I never seem to have luck with hanging plants. So this was the perfect solution.

Isn’t it cute? It was $14.99.

My Abiding Love Of Tuesday Morning Stores:

I love Tuesday Morning. It is like going on a treasure hunt.

You often find a clearance sale at the end of the aisles. Or you might find something wonderful in what appears to be the wrong place entirely.

Shipments come in and are spread throughout the store. And when something is gone you probably won’t see it shipped to the store again.

So if you want something you’d better grab it because it probably won’t be there if you come back a few days later.

Any way you look at it, Tuesday Morning is a fun store to shop.

Pet Photos:

Here are two photos I got of the pet babies this morning.

Charlie doesn’t like the camera and shies away from it, but Ivy is either preening or oblivious to it.

Ivy is like any true actress. Dramatic and often posing.

All the while trying to appear as though she isn’t aware that I’m standing in front of her with my camera.

And a star is born.

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  1. Love your new lamp and the boho hanging. I would’ve picked both of those, too! Wish I had a Tuesday Morning close to me. The closest one is 20 minutes away in a town I’m only in once/year (dr – annual physical). Your grouping of hostas is so pretty.

  2. How beautiful Charlie and Ivy look. I love the new lamp. Great tinge of color. I love Tuesday Morning too but I’m trying to stay out of stores to save money. I need to hire some help and I need to save up to pay people to do some things for me. I tore the muscles in my right shoulder and I need help now trying to clear 40 years of stuff out of my house. I want to prepare to move and live closer to my son and grands. Being without family during this pandemic has taught me now that I NEED to be closer to family. Stay well. Brenda.

  3. No Tuesday Morning store near me. There used to be a store in the town near me (45 miles) but for some reason, it moved and relocated (?) I did have a chance to visit/shop only one time before they moved, and I found a 15″ Santos cage Doll. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was, in the right place, at the right time. I had never seen one in a store before, and this one was marked an unreal (Cheap) price. I still have it have it 20 years later, and have never seen another similar for less than $170. I think if I remember correctly, it was marked $49.00. Love the pictures of your two lovies. They are adorable. (Oh, and I really like the lamp you bought) What a great find, for a great price.

  4. You made me smile when I read about the fairies hiding under the hostas. I never know what you’ll come up with. Such an imagination!

  5. I liked the comment about getting some fairy furniture! But instead of buying, look at Pinterest as there are a lot of simple ideas to craft your own items. You may have bit and pieces of things in your craft supplies you could use.

  6. Oh Brenda please think about buying a couple of fairy garden pieces for your containers – especially under the hostas among the pansies. Just a few little ‘surprise’ pieces for the princess to enjoy 🙂 Let your imagination run free and have fun. I’ve considered doing a fairy garden on my patio but it hasn’t happened.
    Love the lamp – great find!
    Pictures of your fur babies are always enjoyable.

  7. Love seeing the photos of Charlie and Ivy. We put down our remaining dog Wednesday so it’s been a pretty emotional few days for me. Doubly hard because there won’t be any more.

  8. Oh those gorgeous pets! I can just imagine myself giving both Charlie and Ivy a hug. The man next door to us has just got himself a dog and I can’t wait to get my hands on her.
    I am so loving your buys from Tuesday Morning, especially the lamp.
    Hope your leg is feeling better today Brenda.

  9. I love the lamp! Just wish I had Tuesday Morning store close by! I could just eat up little Charlie. I swear he is the cutest yorkie I have ever seen. Oh, and what to say about Miss Ivy…the queen of the home. One cool cat!
    Have a great day Brenda!

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