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Did you know that your home tells a story?

From the moment someone walks in your door, what they see beyond that is the essence of your personality. What colors you prefer, whether you have pets or like books.

From room to room and on to the outdoors, it is the story of you.

I prefer small homes, as you know. With more petite homes, what you love most is on display.

The personality of who lives in that home is obvious, a rendering much like a painting made up of still objects.

bowl of apples


When you don’t have an attic or a basement or a garage or an outdoor shed, much of what you own boldly says hello as people walk inside.

House plants tell the visitor that you like being close to nature. Books tell them that you love the written word.

Vintage and antique items tell the visitor that you appreciate the past. Family photos tell them you like to be close to family.

vintage box of ceramic chickens

The colors you use tell a story too. Here’s what Psychology Today says about the colors you choose:

Black. People who choose black as their favorite color are often artistic and sensitive. While these people aren’t introverts, they are careful with the details of their lives and do not share easily with others.

White. People who like white are often organized and logical and don’t have a great deal of clutter in their lives.

Red. Those who love red live life to the fullest and are tenacious and determined in their endeavors.

Blue. If blue is your favorite color you love harmony, are reliable, sensitive and always make an effort to think of others. You like to keep things clean and tidy and feel that stability is the most important aspect in life.

Green. Those who love the color green are often affectionate, loyal and frank. Green lovers are also aware of what others think of them and consider their reputation very important.

Yellow. You enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge with others. Finding happiness comes easy to you and others would compare you to sunshine.

Purple. You are artistic and unique.  You have a great respect for people but at times can be arrogant.

Brown. You are a good friend and try your hardest to be reliable and dependable. Flashy objects are not something you desire; you just want a stable life.

red and white dishes

So next time you walk into someone’s home for the first time, be aware of these things. Look around you and see what you can ascertain about this new person before time has given you a more expansive knowledge of them. Just as a fun exercise.

Speaking of home, some of you have asked me to create a home tour for this blog. And this past weekend I worked on that very thing.

If you want to see my home at this time, every room, look to the top on the navigation bar where it appropriately says “My Apartment.” It’s just above the bird/flower header.

I took lots of photos and have them organized according to room.

And of course I added photos of my beloved patio. I had to use 2017 patio photos because it is wintertime. I will add newer photos in the spring/summer.


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  1. you’re so lucky to have apt managers that will work with you.
    we are extremely limited on what they will allow here. “so sorry but no!”
    I love the location of my apt complex. just for the convenience of it mostly.
    so I’m happy and content! one can do a lot with art and area carpets.
    the tour was wonderful! and I especially loved your little photo bombers! 😀

  2. Love your home and all the color even though I’ve a bland sort! I’m a blue and tried to go red but I just don’t feel the same inside when the red shines through. I use blue and the light mustard colors.

  3. Glad you directed us to the ” My Apartment” tab. I am in absolute cozy love seeing the entire layout. So nicely put together. That would be my dream apartment with the outdoor patio area. Utter, complete contentment. What a great find. Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. I LOVE all of the color in your lovely home! Such a cozy place too! Gives me some good ideas for my small home and patio. I can see why your apartment is such a sanctuary for you. It looks to be a very comfortable, organized and peaceful home for you and your adorable dogs.

  5. I love visiting people’s homes. It’s like visiting a museum. I adore peeking around at what they’ve created. Tells so much about person…

  6. I love your cozy little home!! I have similar antique items in my house, too! What really caught my eye was the one hanging quilt in your bedroom. It’s the one on the left with multiple colors. You mentioned that you used to quilt. Do you know the name of that pattern? I’ve seen that quilt before & as a beginner quilter, I would love to make that!!
    Your dogs are the sweetest. I have two shih tzus & a terrier mix.
    Thanks for sharing your home & I think we all are waiting for Spring!!

    1. I don’t know the name. I saw a similar quilt and designed my own because I can’t seem to follow a pattern. When my blog has been in magazines I’ve had women contact me for this design pattern, but unfortunately I don’t have one. If you browse quilt patterns I imagine you’ll find one that is quite similar.

  7. I loved this post, Brenda, because I’ve learned how true this is ever since we moved back to Tennessee from Florida a year ago. I lost that truth for nine months there and realize it was all a part of my floundering then. I’d lost my story, my authenticity while there. And then when we moved here it all came back to me, my story, the real me. My story is my own even if it’s far from what’s trendy or in style. And month by month I’ve known what works for me and what I want to change, not because I’ve seen it online but because it doesn’t fit me. So changes will come about naturally, not from frantically searching. That’s such a great feeling.

    I’m behind on my to list for today but will look forward to coming back and seeing your apartment tour!

  8. I agree that your home not only tells a story, but it’s a direct reflection of the person who lives there (or people) ~ especially depending on who does the decorating. I use different colors in my decorating than what I wear. My favorite color is blue (all shades, but especially aqua), though I have a deep red wall at the end of my hallway and our spare room is yellow. But yet I never wear those colors. I wear black and purple, but don’t use those colors in my decorating. I’m also drawn to greens, both in wearing those colors and in some of my decor. I’ll go take a look at your new tour!

  9. I admire you for your bold use of color throughout your home. I am not that daring in my decorating or my wardrobe. Your home really is cozy and I love that patio.

  10. OMG! Love your apartment tour, I know I will be taking this tour many times. Such great ideas and inspiration! And a very interesting post today.

  11. Hi Brenda: I just checked out your apartment tab. It is wonderful! Once again you have done a wonderful job. The color chart, well…..I pretty much love all colors. But, our home is decorated with more red, then some blue and some mustard color as well. Thanks for giving us some more “joy” to read..

  12. I just went for a walk thru your apartment Brenda, it is so delightful in every room. You have truly made it your own space with all the things you love. Thank you for the tour.
    I have painted the walls in our townhouse white which I love and I guess I am a organized person except in the office!
    I don’t have any black elements in my home but most of my clothes are black (not sure what this says about me!)

  13. My taste in colors changes, so I change up the look with accent pieces, something you’ve talked about on your blog too. Right now I’m drawn more to neutrals after all the bold colors of Christmas.

  14. I just clicked on the My Apartment tab and I think your place is amazing. I love the rich intense colors of the green, blue, red and yellow pieces and how well the colors work together. The yellow and white quilt is just beautiful. And your vintage pieces are so neat.

    Enjoyed your post this morning as well — it will be fun to walk into a home and read a visual story.

  15. Wow. That color stuff is spot on! I’m an all white gal with some blues. Yep, organized is an underatatement.

  16. I think people are drawn to certain colors because of associations from their childhood or during their lives. You see something–a place, a person, a thing–and think it’s the greatest thing ever, and whatever color it happens to be becomes attractive to you. I think that’s really sweet, actually. Probably tells us a lot about what marked us.

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