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  1. I love cinnamon and have read about the health benefits of it, too. So good for you! I also don’t use any chemicals in my yard/gardens, so I’m glad to know there are ways to use cinnamon outside, too. Thanks for the tips.

  2. I used to take cinnamon every day mixed with honey.. I do think I felt better when I was taking it and don’t know why I ever stopped.
    Thanks for the info, Brenda and the reminder of all the great properties of cinnamon. xo Diana

  3. Do you get earwigs in your garden? If so, does a cinnamon spray help? Last year I had earwigs so bad and I tried everything (natural) and nothing worked. I’m almost tempted to NOT plant much this year because of that problem. They chewed up EVERYTHING so not much left of the plants! I tried vinegar sprays, copper around the base of the plants, brushing them off, putting tins of oil at the bottoms of plants and even a commercial spray (which didn’t work either)! They chewed up all the leaves on my lilac bush too and alot of my raspberry leaves. Also had those little white moths that ate things.

  4. I love to put cinnamon in my coffee too. I’ve seen the “cinnamon challenge” vidoes and wondered why it’s so difficult. Turns out, cinnamon doesn’t dissolve in liquids or in the saliva in your mouth. And I’ve just found out that what we buy as cinnamon isn’t the true cinnamon–but I like it and the smell always has good memories. Thanks for all the good hints.

  5. My mother took cinnamon capsules daily for years to cure her sugar diabetes. It worked!

  6. Thank you so much for this advice. I will be using this information for sure. Sandy

  7. I love the smell and taste of cinnamon. BUT, I did not have any idea how beneficial it was and how many ways it could be used in the home/garden. I keep powdered/ground cinnamon on hand but I am going to buy some cinnamon sticks during my next grocery trip. What a neat post!

  8. Karen Robbins says:

    I read your blog every day. You always have such good ideas to share. I like the “old fashioned” ideas much better than the new ones. It’s fun and helpful to find all these things especially the ones that I haven’t known and the ones that I’ve forgotten about. Many are “old fashioned” ideas which prove to be the best most of the time. The gardening information is always helpful – I use containers for most of my flowers and vegetables. I was amazed at all the great ideas for cinnamon. There were several that were new to me. I plan to start using them. Your book reviews are helpful, too. I’m looking forward to watching your garden this spring. I’m in Ohio so we are a little bit behind you with planting.

  9. I have read that it’s good for keeping blood sugar in check.
    I also knew someone that used the sticks to help with the cravings when quitting smoking.
    Turmeric with cumin is also a very good anti inflammatory, I take the capsules daily and have noticed some of my pains and aches have diminished significantly.

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