1. Even your bathroom is lovely! Your decorating style is just amazing – cute & so cozy. You provide me with so much inspiration and hope to make my little house more of a home that reflects me and makes me happy!

  2. A plumber friend once told me the best way to keep all drains running smoothly is to put boiling hot water down the sink and commode once a month. It helps dissolve any build up that might be occurring and keeps things running smoothly! Thanks so much for the other tips! Love and hugs!

  3. The smoke alarms do expire & then nothing, not even a new battery, will stop its beep. It does stop eventually as mine did, getting weaker on the way. There’s an expiration date on back. Time for a new alarm. At least they’re pretty cheap.

  4. One of my alarms would NOT stop beeping, even after I got on a stool & took it down to put in a new battery. (No need for a broom here, at six feet tall & ceilings so low I can put all five fingers of both hands at once on the ceiling.)

    I looked on back of it to see that it had actually outlived its expiration date. Yes, they need to be replaced eventually. It finally stopped beeping, in the trash.

  5. Counterclockwise opens a supply valve, clockwise closes it.

  6. Good suggestions.

    re that pouring hot water (not boiling) down a toilet, etc…Do make sure it is not too hot. Once cracked a toilet doing that. Mine was not boiling, but guess it was too hot.

    Another idea for squeaky hinges….I have heard often that take a bar of soap and rub on. Apparently the soap bar bits will make it “hinge” smoothly and stop squeaking.

  7. The batteries in the smoke detectors in my apartment always start to chirp in the middle of the night. There is actually a reason for this that I found on the internet once. Even though I do a complete battery refresh on Labor Day weekend, there is always one that doesn’t make it til then. So I keep a few extra batteries on hand so I can get some sleep. Your bathroom is so cute!

  8. Lol on the smoke alarm. I had to do this recently myself. Knock it down or go crazy. Feels good to be able to handle small household problems & saves money too !!

  9. I love the look of your bathroom. Did you do the beautiful red back splash?
    So beautiful!

  10. thank you, my friend, for helping us all to live well!

    I was laughing about the smoke alarm 😉 I had that problem with one in the house in NJ buuut it was on the ceiling – yeahhh, just a few holes for the handyman to patch ;-

  11. Thanks for those suggestions.I think it can be very satisfying to fix problems on your own for free or at little cost! Over the years I have learned how to do a lot of things in my home. Youtube videos can be really helpful too.

  12. Good morning Brenda,

    I hope that you, Charlie and Ivy have had a relaxing weekend.

    I love these tips! I have not tried the dish soap and hot water tip for the toilet, that is very interesting. I have tried the hot water, baking soda and vinegar to unclog a shower drain and it worked great!

    I hope that you have some delicious Mexican food today to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Have a great day!

  13. It can be very satisfying to fix small problems around the house on your own. Over the years I have learned to fix many things with a basic tool kit, inexpensive supplies, and sometimes the help of Youtube videos. Several years ago I found wood rot around a window outside while I was painting, and I learned how to fix it by watching a Youtube video!
    Thanks for the tips, Brenda!

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