How To Have A Fun Valentine’s Day At Home Alone

Some of us live alone. I do by choice, and I know that’s the case for a lot of you.

But there will be people who feel sad on Valentine’s Day. Maybe they want to be with a loved one and can’t due to COVID-19. Or perhaps they’ve lost their loved one and are grieving.

That’s all the more reason to make Valentine’s Day a special one.

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Ideas For A Fun Valentine’s Day Alone:

Indulge yourself the entire day, because this day is all about you.

Have your favorite breakfast. Allow yourself those calories because it’s just for one day after all. If you love waffles or pancakes, pile on that syrup and enjoy every bite.

Listen to your favorite playlist of music. And while you’re at it, get those TV shows and movies ready to binge.

Send Yourself Flowers:

Why not? Don’t give it a lot of thought. Just do it.

It might be a house plant. Or if you love red or pink roses, go for it. And if you have a sweet tooth, go ahead and order yourself a box of chocolates.

You might spend some time doing your favorite hobby. Or writing in a journal to commemorate the day.

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Get out the candles and a warm quilt for watching TV. (Of course don’t ever leave a lit candle burning when you leave the room. Maybe use battery operated candles if you have them.)

If you prefer an oil diffuser, add a special scent for relaxation. It’s all about the ambiance.

Take a nice long bath. That’s also a good time to listen to music.

Order in your favorite food. And don’t just eat it in the foam container. Arrange your meal on a pretty plate and use a cloth napkin.

Open Up Your Favorite Wine:

If you’re a wine drinker, pour yourself a glass of wine. Or mix your favorite evening cocktail.

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If you can afford to, a little retail therapy might be fun. Shop at your favorite online store. Sometimes I like to fill my online Cart. But I don’t necessarily have to buy everything I put in it.

If you have a pet, cuddle with them while you’re binging all those TV shows. Fix your favorite snack to munch on while you watch.

Think Of Others Too:

And after you’ve taken care of your own needs, you might think about others. Call someone that you know is having a rough time or is lonely. The sound of your voice is so much better than a text message.

Maybe this would be a good time to arrange to send money to your favorite charity. That’s a feel good gift for yourself and the recipient.

There’s always a dog or cat out there needing a home and some love.

If you don’t already have a pet, is your heart big enough to adopt one? The love they give back will be so worth it.

Give it some thought and if you’re ready, this would be a good time to bring a furry one home. He or she will be a gift that keeps on giving.

{Photo courtesy of this Pixabay photographer}

The point is to make this day a truly special one, doing what you love and indulging yourself.

Do It For Your Mental Health:

Your mental health has probably taken a blow from a year of COVID-19 and all the restrictions. But being at home alone does not mean that you have to be deprived of niceties and indulgences.

Make your surroundings pleasing. A cozy home is just what everyone needs during this pandemic.

Self-love is so important.

“My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.”

Warsan Shire


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  1. Great post Brenda. I wish a good friend of mine could accept the fact she has been divorced 15 years and now lives alone. Try as I may to encourage her to see her life is not over just different is not working. I’ve been married over 40 years so she feels I don’t understand. Like I tell her, my life is not perfect and I’ve had to deal with many losses and difficult times. Anyway reading all the positives you list here made me think of her.

  2. I realize this is off topic for this post but I wanted to make sure you saw it. I’m looking at ordering the clippers you recommended awhile back. I would really suggest you look into becoming an Amazon affiliate. If I’m buying something because of your recommendation there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get a bit of compensation. It does not affect the price your readers pay and it may help offset your blogging fees a bit. Just my 2 cents worth.

  3. Brenda, in my opinion, this hands down is the BEST post you’ve done so far. I simply love your ability/choice to see the good in everything. My mom is 93 & just moved to assisted living. Her whole life she’s always focused on the negative. I would love to see her do some of the things you suggest here for herself. My sister and I try and put positive spins on things hoping to cheer her up but it never works. She’s always unhappy. Your entire outlook on life is open to possibilities and ideas to improve your life any way you can. I totally understand it’s my mom’s personality but it’s just disheartening to watch her not enjoying her life to it’s full potential. It’s true what they say, “happiness is an inside job”. Bravo to you for prioritizing your own self care and encouraging others to do the same!!!

  4. Pampering oneself on a special day is always a treat! But I often pamper/spoil myself anyway, it doesn’t have to be a holiday 🙂 Flowers from the floral department at my local Pick ‘n Save market – what a mood enhancer this time of year when everything is covered in ice, snow and is dormant. They always have specials and the flowers can last for 2-3 weeks, especially if you buy yourself carnations and some greens. I really used to love to take a candle lit long bubble bath in the evening of a special day – or any day, for that matter – but now I find it too difficult to get in and out of the tub, so I’m restricted to showers. Don’t get me wrong, showers can be luxurious too, but just not the same lay back and ahhhhhhhhhh kind of vibe. However, an extra-long shower and a bit of splurge on the water bill after you’ve washed your hair and have it soaking in conditioner for 2 whole minutes as you exfoliate your heels with a pumice stone as the warm spray “massages” your back – yeah, I’ll take it! I also will make myself a favorite dish. During the summer especially I will pull out my mini-charcoal grill and do up a filet mignon while I make up a nice crisp salad. In the winters here, just too much effort to pull out the mini grill and get it all fired up, not to mention I hate the cold! So I’ll make some chicken cacciatore, the classic recipe for impossible cheeseburger pie, a cheeseburger casserole, or my version of a chicken or ground beef Shepherd’s Pie. Wine is a necessity of life, not a luxury 🙂 I will, however, on occasion, buy some special ice cream or a chocolate velvet cream pie. Just planning and shopping for my goodies is an automatic good mood enhancer. And when the special “Pamper Day” arrives, all the better to have everything already on hand. I will play my favorite music on my computer while cooking, watch a favorite movie or two in the evening and light a fire (even in summer, unless it’s like 90 outside) as I snuggle into the sofa to watch. Lots of candles (battery operated and live flame – but live flame only if I’m in the room while they’re burning). Also, staying up until midnight or as close as I can get to it before I zonk out is a big thing for me, LOL! Yes, I know, I know. But usually I’m in bed between 9 and 10 p.m. as I’m one of those people who somehow can’t manage to sleep past dawn. (I get a lot of sleep in the depths of winter here, LOL!) The classic song “Little Things Mean a Lot” is really true, especially these days.

    1. I hate the taste of wine. Can’t even handle champagne. So that’s not for me. A nice iced tea will suffice for me. And I can take a pretty short shower since I shave my head! I treat myself a lot anyway. But many people do not. They put themselves last. So at least on this one day, do the opposite! We really have to learn to treat ourselves special every day.

  5. Hmm… I never would have thought of indulging MYSELF for Valentines day. What a great idea! Thanks. A special day
    Of pampering myself will do wonders.

  6. Best. Post. Ever.

    Sending lots of Valentines love to you and the furries!

    Thanks for being uplifting during these heavy times Brenda.

    You’re an inspiration every day.

    Your babies, human and furry both are so fortunate to have you as their own.

  7. Brenda!! What a fabulous post – thank you so much.
    I found myself smiling the entire time I was reading. I even thought to myself ‘well why not’!!! I’m going to think long and hard about how I’m going to indulge myself because I matter!

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