Hygge Your Home

Hygge is cozy comfort. It is what makes you feel relaxed and happy. It is the sights before you, the smells that bring back pleasant memories of another time. It is the sound of music and birdsong. It is also the way you decorate your home.

Below are some ways I like to “hygge my home.”

Quilts have always given me comfort. And of course they add a touch of cozy. I have made many over the years.


Layer quilts over a couch or at the end of a bed. It will add more color and soft texture and a sense of comfort. It will remind you of your grandmother’s house and childhood when you were covered with a quilt when sick.

It always feels more cozy in a home when quilts are added for decor or warmth.

A little bit of sweetness adds comfort. My favorite cookies are Trader Joe’s Ginger Snaps. They remind me of the Ginger Snaps of my youth. Spicy and sweet with a bit of a bite.

Grandma’s kitchen where sweetness hung in the air as she baked.

Adding garden flowers to a vintage jar makes any room look and feel cozier. Go out to your garden and snip a casual bouquet to put in a favorite jar or pitcher or vase.

If you don’t have a garden you can pick up a reasonably priced bouquets at grocery stores or Trader Joe’s.

Fresh flowers are always a pleasant and welcome sight in any room. Not to mention the smell of the flowers filling a room with nature’s perfume.

Morning coffee is a comfort for many. I also like a colorful mug to drink it from. For some it is tea.

Always a comfort on cold snowy days.

Books have always been a comfort to me. From my early days in our small town library to now. I snuggle into my bed at night and lose myself in a good novel. It lulls me to sleep.

A stack of new books on my night always makes me happy.

Hygge means aromatic candles. When someone enters your home and you have a candle burning, it is welcoming to them.

Candles are nice on overcast winter days or when it’s raining. Candles are comforting no matter what day it is.

From the scent of the candle to the sight of it burning in a dark room, candles tend to make people feel more relaxed.

Hygge is a nice comfy chair to sit in. A rocking chair on the porch to sit and watch people pass by on the street. A wicker chair on the patio. All mean comfort.

Adding a favorite chair to any room is both cozy and cozy. Add a pretty pillow to lean back on as you drink hot chocolate on a blustery winter day.

And of course tiny twinkly fairy lights after dark.

How do you add hygge your home?



  1. When the Xmas decorations go away (before New Year’s), I decorate with snowmen that have mostly been gifted to me and add flameless candles. I love the ones on 24 hr timers that come on automatically and are light when we get home from work since Jan/Feb are still darker months. Gone are the greens/reds of the holidays and changed out with lighter colors, glass and sparkle!

  2. Hi Brenda, love seeing the lovely way you make cozy and comfortable happen in your home. Love your photos. Inspiration. Hugs.

  3. Comfort and coziness….warm throws, colorful mugs, stacks of books, candles, flowers, my cats sleeping on the couch or nearby chairs, music playing depending on my mood, homemade soup simmering on the stove.

  4. Hygge = candles or lamplight at night, a mug of coffee, sitting on the sofa under a throw with a good book, my slippers to keep my feet warm, pretty flowers and house plants. (Those gingersnaps look really good right now).

  5. Battery operated flameless candles (because we have kitties and I am absent minded), my electric fireplace and cozy blankets and quilts with my pup , Dixie curled up beside me! Even in Florida we have a few chilly days!

  6. Twinkly lights are on most of the time at the house during the evening and on cloudy and rainy days. I have strings of these lights in mason jars around the house as well as tucked into cupboards and around my houseplants. I also love candles, incense, throw pillows and pretty blankets/throws. And on my grocery list each week are the items fresh flowers and dark chocolate — fresh flowers for the dining table and dark chocolate is my go to treat when I curl up to read.

    I learned a new word today (hygge). I am going to purchase a book on this subject. Thank you for a wonderful post and very timely (it is a rainy, gloomy day here and this post reminded me to turn on my twinkly lights and light my candles and cuddle in with my book). A very positive way to start the week (especially when I was beginning to feel a bit moody due to the weather).

  7. I’m glad you posted another photo of the candle in the jar with coffee beans. I have some candles that don’t fit my candle holders and I’ve been trying to think of what to put them in without buying new holders. I forgot about using coffee beans but it will be just the right thing to do, and cozy too.

  8. I add hygge with throws in pretty plaids on my couch. A stack of pillows and a shawl on the back that I snuggle into every evening when I read. Two or three books I am currently reading on my coffee table. This is my go to place no matter how I’m feeling. When I’m happy it makes me happier and when I’m feeling sick or sad it somehow comforts me and I get my strength back.

  9. For me it’s throws and lots of pillows, candles, and green plants. Although I have a lot of windows and skylights, I like to have several lamps on in the rooms to have a warm cozy glow.
    I use energy efficient light bulbs so I don’t feel bad about doing so. I leave a light on all night and when we are away from home.

  10. This is the time of year I remember to get out the clothing that needs to be mended. I sit on the couch with an afghan over me and sew on buttons and repair rips, with a cup of tea nearby. Also, I recently discovered I can make a pretty decent cinnamon raisin bread on the Rapid Bake setting of my bread machine, so it only has to be in the machine for an hour. It makes a great addition to our breakfast oatmeal and coffee, or makes a nice treat with the tea in the evening. We have to get out and take a walk most every evening to try to keep from looking like fat chipmunks!

  11. Brenda….your sweet home is so lovely, soft and serene. I love your photos and admire your eye for decorating…so colorful! Have a good week!

  12. I have my “comfort” mugs – hand thrown mugs in beautiful colors that make me happy every morning. If I drink tea I may read for another mug. I have a few that I love that have been given to me as gifts. But when I have my morning coffee, I always reach for the same 5 or 6. And I love throw blankets int he family room. Reading with one is a must in winter.

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