As you know I tend to display my wood cutting boards where they can always be seen. And easily reached.

This time around, decorating this apartment with the cutting boards began another way.

Now cutting boards are hanging on the wall all over the kitchen. And here’s what started all this.

The First Cutting Board:

This is the first cutting board that got hung on the kitchen wall. The lower one.

The first cutting board I hung on the wall of my apartment kitchen

When I moved in there was what you see below on the wall above the coffee bar. Which then led to my hanging the wood cutting boards all over the kitchen walls.

In When Decorating One Thing Leads To Another, now you see why I covered this up with a cutting board

You know how I am. Naturally I wouldn’t have allowed this to stay this way. So I do what I typically do, I covered it up.

I left it for a few days, then thought that one cutting board looked a little odd up there all by itself. And I hadn’t found a place for all my cutting boards yet.

So I nailed some more cutting boards on the walls of the kitchen. Until I just about hung them all, except for the ones on the counter.

Tell me, what would you have done about this little problem?

Ivy’s New Obsession:

For over a week, Ivy has been obsessed with the living room ceiling. At one point there may have been a small spider up there. But when it came within my reach, I scooped it up and put it outside.

Still Ivy stared at the ceiling. I peered up and could not see a thing. But that doesn’t mean Ivy didn’t see something.

Ivy perched up on my fire place mantel

Then a few days ago I took what was on either end of my mantel down so I could figure out if I wanted to change it out to something else.

Before I could decide anything, this happened.

Yes, Ivy found a way to perch herself up on the mantel to stare at the ceiling.

But what is she looking for or expecting to see?

Below you see that I managed to photograph Ivy when she was in the midst of yawning.

Don’t cats look a bit demented when yawning? Well, I think so.

Ivy yawning

Something Spooky:

Last night around 6 p.m. I was eating supper. I have a certain routine I follow every evening.

And after I eat my meal at the dining table, I get up and take care of the dishes, then I take my walking boot off so I can shower.

“Now I know what a ghost is. Unfinished business, that’s what.”


Sometimes I switch these two tasks around for no particular reason.

I either go take a shower and once I have my pajamas on I switch on a faux candle that gives me enough light to see by so I don’t fall over something with the lights off.

Quote about magical things

My Evening Routine:

Or, I go ahead and switch on the faux candle and then take my shower and watch an hour or so of TV in the living room.

I turn on the candle because I don’t like a lot of background light when watching TV.

Last night, I took my dishes to the sink and washed them. Then I walked to the door leading to the dining room to switch on the faux candle.

Except, it was already on! It had not been on a few minutes earlier because I’d been sitting at the table eating and it’s only about 4 feet away.

In When Decorating One Thing Leads To Another, here is a vignette in a plant stand

“One need not be a chamber to be haunted.”


I asked myself: Could I have switched it on and forgot about it?

Is It A Lapse Of Memory?

But no, I didn’t think so. That was only a minute or two ago. I don’t think my memory is that bad.

So then something rather strange cropped up in my mind. I knew that Ivy had turned on the CD player last week. And then a few days later she turned on the vacuum cleaner.

Could it be? Surely it isn’t not possible.

But could Ivy have somehow reached up through the plant stand and flicked on the switch?

After all, the little plastic thing that goes over the batteries has been lost for some time.

In When Decorating One Thing Leads To Another, here is the vignette in the plant stand with the faux candle turned on

So what do you think?

I mean, I know that Ivy is one smart cat. But is she capable of turning on a faux candle?


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  1. At my local Ace hardware store there are curved antiqued brass hooks that are ornate at the top where a hole for a nail is and the bottom curls up to hold up anything u wish. That way your cutting boards don’t have to hang on a nail. Just another trick to add a bit of beauty to a utilitarian nail. Give it an artsy jacket and a hook. I use them sometimes for other art.

  2. Sure, there could have been a timer on the candle. And, yes, the cats could have turned on the CD player and the vacuum cleaner. In all likelihood, there is a logical explanation. But, I’m always open to the possibility of a more supernatural explanation!
    The cutting board solution is perfect. I would have also found a way to cover it up. I have an ugly metal utility box in my kitchen that the previous owner didn’t cover up. Temporarily, I’ve placed a magnetic memo board over it, until I think of something better

  3. The kitties are so cute. I think that if that candle doesn’t have a timer that was switched on – that could be a friendly or family ghost. Maybe even your grandma (who baked i think???) saying hello?? I found the coolest little flickery bulbs at Home Depot that I put in tiny lamps because I was going through too many batteries with faux candles. They are in the lightbulb section and like an amber color. Remind me of gas flickers on porches in Louisiana 🙂 Hope the hip is better too. PS- I need to cover the phone jack too now that there is no wall phone anymore. That’s such a great idea !

  4. Let’s see. If there’s no bottom on the candle, but the switch is there, the candle could have gotten bumped and the switch could have gotten caught in the wire, moving it to “on.”
    The phone jack…. I’d cover it up too, if…. I couldn’t find some awesome retro phone to put there. :0)

  5. Same as other posters it was,no doubt,on timer mode.
    I didn’t realize that option was there until they came on at various times,I use them as night lights.
    I’m thinking she heard noise from upstairs,my cats tend to do that ” chirping ” sound when they spot a bug!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Years ago I bought an old timey looking wall phone with a rotary dial. It’s in the kitchen. It’s a working phone but I don’t have a land line anymore so it is just decoration at this point. But one time a long time ago, my young nephew (9-10ish) was staying with me and he wanted to call his mom about something and he made me laugh because he didn’t know how to use a rotary dial phone! A few months ago, he brought his kids (6 & 7) over and he laughed when he saw the phone and told them the story, needless to say, they didn’t know how to use a rotary phone either and they’d ever seen a phone on the wall.

  7. This post made me smile. Maybe because I can relate! I would have covered up that phone jack too, which would have led to a whole unplanned decorating project! And I, too, capture bugs and put them outside. If you have a ghost, I hope it’s like Casper! Have a great weekend, Brenda

  8. I think the candle problem has been solved by your enlightened readers! Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know those candles had automatic settings either.

    I wonder how Ivy got up on the mantle. Is there something nearby she could have jumped on to boost herself to that height? I know cats like to be up high. I wonder how you will be able to decorate the mantle if Ivy makes sitting on it a habit. She might just become a “decorator cat” which is what we used to call a cat I had who spent a lot of time sitting on an end table in our living room.

    I think the cutting board looks just fine hung over the old phone jack. I love all the many cutting boards you have as decor. The one with all the wood grain showing is really beautiful.

  9. You probably had the faux candle on timer mode. That happened to me once and it freaked me out.

    Monkey was notorious for staring at “things” on the ceiling or high on the walls when nothing was there. I think that sometimes animals see things that we don’t. Spirits or ghosts? I don’t know. I don’t even know if I believe in them, but on the other hand, I don’t NOT believe in them either.

  10. I vote for Ivy being the culprit that turned on your candle!! Whatever else does she have to do…I mean being housebound etc. I think animals will find all kinds of ways to entertain themselves when not out doing their natural thing (hunting etc).

  11. Cooper (my sweet dog) will stare up at the ceiling possibly seeing something I don’t or can’t. It used to unnerve me but I’ve grown used to it.
    Regarding the candle/light I had something similar happen with a candle that had a timer and I didn’t know it. That seriously unnerved me!
    Don’t fret you’ll figure it out.

  12. Two thoughts about the candle (1) you did and turn on the candle but forgot you turned it on when you got distracted by something else (I’ve done the same thing in other circumstances like turning on lamps in the living room at dusk and then getting distracted by doing something in the kitchen), or (2) the candle is on a timer and you didn’t know it was on a timer until last evening. The old fashioned phone plug in, I still have a land line so I would have a phone hooked on it not taking up counter space (I have one in the kitchen in my current home, which was built in 1956). When I had a home built in 1990, I had one of those phone hook-ups installed on the wall overlooking the peninsula that separated the kitchen from the dining area, with telephone wall plugs in other rooms. Old fashioned yeah, but I find them practical rather than toting a cell phone everywhere, which I don’t own anyway.

  13. Brenda, as you may remember, my son died a few weeks ago. He lived with me because of health issues. I have read that spirits are electrical energy. Therefore, when they are present, lights can blink on and off, as well as the TV. One night, I was missing John really badly. There is a tripod floor lamp by his chair. It began going from a bright light to very dim. Lasted about five minutes. At one point, the light became so bright that I couldn’t look at it. There was a green aura around it. Dont think I’m crazy. This really happened and I think it was my son letting me know that he is okay. So, i, too, understand spooky.

    1. I don’t think you’re crazy. And I hope you’re doing okay. I’ll believe just about anything if it’s something I don’t understand in the first place.

    2. My daughter passed away six years ago. I learned then of things I don’t know how to explain here. You are not crazy. John is with you.
      I wish you peace and blessings in the hours, days and years to come.

  14. I would have put the cutting board over the phone jack as you did! Our cats have been starring at the ceiling in my daughter’s room and it is a little unsettling! We have a rotten board just outside of the wall, and we think maybe a bat is living there! I’m sure that isn’t what is happening in your apartment. It could be, like someone mentioned, Ivy hears something from the apartment above you! I’m not sure what is going on with the candle!

  15. I love the way you scooped up the spider and put it outside. Love the picture of Ivy on the mantle! The more I read about animals the more I think we have misjudged their intelligence. They know far more than we give them credit for.

  16. I have several candles that have timers and they come on and go off when it’s set. If you lost the cover for the batteries (that is where my timer buttons /switches are) I wonder if yours has one and something has “clicked it”…even it just being moved by the cats or bumping into?

  17. I don’t know about the candle, but I love your Ivy. I laugh out loud with her antics, and what adorable pics those are of her. What a personality!

  18. Once Ivy realized there was a bug on the ceiling, she has it in her mind that there could be more so she is on what we call, “bug duty”. She is being vigilant as most cats are. As far as the switch on the candle, if she was under the table and could access it, it is likely she did it by accident, perhaps thinking, “could this be a bug?” If she realizes the result of playing or poking at the switch, she may do it again. When we moved into this house, one of the 2 cats we brought with us, would go on bug duty every night. She would go along the perimeter of the rooms until she was satisfied all was well. She would also go down and search in the basement, and would come upstairs with cobwebs on her face. Since then, we took in 2 abandoned kittens who are now full grown and they are great at bug duty because we believe they were eating bugs to survive until we found them. Cats can be consistent but they can also throw you off by changing up everything they do. I bought 2 of the fluffy round beds that are so popular and the 2 abandoned cats took to them right away. The other 2 had no interest at all. 3 months later, they sit on the floor, no longer used. I recently cleaned them up and bagged them for another day. Maybe in the future, they will be interested again.

    1. Bug duty! I love it! Same thing happened here with the round cat beds. I bought two red beds when I knew Gracie was coming to live with us. They won’t have a thing to do with them.

  19. I think Susan is right about the candle. I had the same thing happen with fairy lights.
    Could it be possible Ivy is hearing upstairs sounds. Their hearing is so superior. Misty does that too, and I have people up above.
    I also have a phone jack like that and I did the same thing you did. There was no way I was going to leave it!
    Have a good weekend.

  20. I would hang a wicker basket over the problem spot where the phone jack is. I’ll bet that you didn’t realize that you switched the candle to timer when you shut it off. I have all mine set on timer. Then I don’t have to think about it each day. Your doing a wonderful job of decorating your apartment.

  21. I agree with Susan, the faux candle is most likely on timer mode. If not, then that’s definitely spooky!

  22. I bet there’s a 3 way switch. On. Off. And timer. Some candles don’t have it but most do. Look real close because it’s hard to see. I only buy the ones with a timer and they all come on about dark and stay on for several hours. Orrrrr…maybe u do have a ghost😅

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