1. Hi Breda –

    Sorry for your painful arm, but this would likely pale in comparison to a moderate to severe case of shingles. Folks under a lot of stress are at higher risk for a shingles outbreak, speaking from experience (as a clinician and family member of three individuals with a history of shingles). For insomnia, I can recommend a melatonin supplement called REMFresh. It has helped me with my sleep and fibromyalgia. My mother and another friend with hardcore insomnia have also had a lot of relief. This can be found in person at CVS or online at their site as well as Amazon. Finally, my baby Presley (Cavalier King Charles) also has pretty advanced CHF with a bad night-time cough. She is on Vetmedin which we get from Allivet. They have been great with good prices and autoship. As far as your mouth sore (from another post), start with your dentist. You may need to see an oral surgeon or otolaryngologist (ENT).

    Good luck with everything. Hope something in here helps 🙂

    Kerry Berghoff

  2. I’ve been thinking of your Charlie. I know what he means to you and that you’re doing everything possible for him. We just have to do that and love them every day they’re with us, don’t we? Sometimes I start to think ahead to the time when I’ll once again go through loosing my dear fur babies and start to plunge into grief already. I have to pick them up and just cuddle them and tell myself not to spoil these days for what could happen someday.

    My love to Charlie!

  3. Brenda, I am so sorry that your sleep is interrupted so much. It’s so hard on you to not get good sleep every night. I know because I’ve experienced not sleeping well. I know Charlie can’t help the coughing and having to go out and you definitely have to attend to his needs, no matter what time of day or night. As other readers suggest, just take time to rest during the day whenever you possibly can. Even if you don’t sleep just lie still and relax for a half hour or even just 15 minutes whenever you can. Don’t do a single thing you don’t have to do, especially until your arm pain stops. Constant pain can wear one out, too, you know. I hope it stops very soon.

    I hope tomorrow will be easier than today. Give the fur babies pats from me.

    One more thing I just tho’t of. I wonder if Ivy jumps into the tub thinking she can get a drink of water but when she finds the shower, jumps back out. You might try turning the tub faucet on without the shower and see if she comes to get a drink. I’m just speaking as one who lives with a dog who loves to drink out of the bathtub faucet. Don’t tell Ivy that last part, we don’t want to insult her by comparing her behavior to that of a dog!

  4. When my husband got his flu shot from his Oncologist’s office, she mentioned to him that 2 people she knew personally, got their shot from the pharmacy, & the pharmacist that gave them, accidentally stuck the needle into the joint of their arm, which made it extremely painful afterwards, & they both needed treatment to help the soreness. I’m sure all pharmacists that do shots aren’t this careless, but it’s something to think about.

  5. So sorry you and Charlie are struggling to get a good nights sleep, and on top of the shingles vac residuals..you must feel extremely bad. Hoping you find a way to nap during daytime which may help, but we all know not as good as a complete night of rest and sleep. Thanks for sharing about the shot..I have been trying to decide whether to take it..I thought not last year and did not…and now I think not again. ..but of course may live to regret it as I have heard the shingles are extreme in pain category. I took one flu shot and nine days later had the worst flu of my life(years ago), so also choose not to take that one. I know it saves many lives probably..but everyone has to make a decision, I suppose of their own choice. You photography is awesome…the duck photo is fabulous..bet you could win a photo contest. Take care and rest up this weekend. Hope those flu symptoms subside..how awful.. :0(

  6. The vetmedin is a great drug (pimobendan is the generic name). Because of the shortage, I learned recently that it can be obtained, as your vet said, by Wedgewood, a compounding pharmacy. I believe you can actually price it out on the website, too.

  7. Feel better Brenda. Hope things work out with the new owners. Relax and take care of Charlie and Ivy.

  8. Maybe look for a condo (probably not ideal) or a townhouse. My sister has a townhouse in Florida where it is pretty much separate from any other townhouse. The nice thing is that all their outside yard work is taken care of by the corporation, same as a condo. I don’t think she has any walls connected to another townhouse so that might be something to look into.

    1. Looked into that. Most have stairs. I can’t go up stairs due to my ankle. I had to move here because I couldn’t do the porch steps at both doors at my rent house.

  9. Poor sweet Charlie. Take a couple of days off. Sounds like that shot has really gotten you down. I have a prescription to get mine but haven’t done it yet. I’m dreading it. xo Laura

  10. Hi Brenda. My Lois takes Vetmedin and also furosemide as a diuretic. Her coughing has pretty much went away with this combo. ❤️

  11. Hi on Friday Brenda & sweet pets. Yes. I know how you feel re vaccines. Same with me. Took 3 injections on Tuesday. We went to one Walgreen’s, the bigger store. They were all out of flu vaccin!? So, had to go to smaller Walgreen’s. Took forever. Ugh. So painful waiting that long. Ohmygoodness, now I’ve been so exhausted. Typing this, left arm is throbbing. I had all sorts of troubling symptons. Tryin to take it easy. Difficult with pets. Always something to do. Worried re next injection in January.

    I think about your sweet Charlie ,,,,,, all of his struggles to get well. He is very fortunate to have you. Dame goes for Ivy.

    Take care Brenda. Hope you have a restful weekend.

  12. Yes, please take a break until you feel better. From what I’ve been reading about this new shingles vaccine, your side-effects happen with a lot of people. Take heart in that it will pass. Can you take a nap during the day? Even 30 minutes in your recliner can help. I’m a firm believer in naps, and since I’ve retired they have made a big difference in how much better I feel energy wise, as well (of course) of having a much decreased stress level. Right now because of Charlie’s medical conditions, you’re totally stressed, so getting adequate rest is imperative.

  13. Brenda, take care of yourself. REst, relax and just be. You do not want to wear yourself out and then get really sick. I am not telling you something your don’t know just sending you a reminder.

    I hope that the new owners are good and it isn’t another stress to add to your life.

    Have a great day and feel better soon.

  14. Hi, Brenda. Try the online site – Valley Vet. That is where I get the Vetemedin for my 13 1/2 year old pup who has congestive heart failure. She is also on 3 human meds. I will get the name of them tonight and forward to you. You can at least ask your vet about them. She was diagnosed with congestive heart failure over 2 years ago. But she is doing pretty good. Thank you, God! She also has the canine version of COPD. I know she is just getting older and with age comes illness. I can understand the day to day worries and the battles with our beloved pups! Enjoy Charlie and silly Ivy.

  15. I know with most shots it’s recommended to move the arm a lot in which the shot was administered. I know it can be very uncomfortable, but it does seem to help. Or at least it does for me. And I’m so sorry about the continuing issues with Charlie. It’s so sad to see our beloved pets struggling.

  16. I completely understand your exhaustion. When I was going through my divorce I had terrible insomnia….some days it was so hard to function, and I still had to get up and go to work every day….that was a rough patch for sure. Now I average about 5 hours a night, which still isn’t great, but in comparison it’s amazing! I make sure I’m at least IN bed for 8 hours, but I can’t help it – I just toss and turn. But at least my body is resting….and I feel much better. I love the Calm app – it really helps me to sleep. When I wake in the night, I turn it on again and I’m asleep again within minutes. Sadly, some nights I have to do that 10 times…but at least I don’t lie there with my brain spinning. Poor Charlie – you’ll miss him waking you up some day. Hugs, friend.

    1. Debbie, I also have the Calm app, but I also got to looking on youtube & found loads of relaxation/sleep sounds, mostly rain & some thunder, that run for 12 hrs., that I play on my ipad at night to help sleep. It does work well for this insomniac.

  17. Sorry that you and Charlie are still doing the night time cough routine. Poor little guy and so sorry you are not getting a good night sleep. Maybe it will be a good thing with the new owners and you can stay and not have to try and move anytime soon.
    Have a good weekend.

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