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  1. I have that song on my playlist. It reminds me of the 70s, as a little girl, hanging out with my older sisters listening to their “cool” music. It’s very comforting…nice memories. Enjoy that chair. It sounds fabulous!

  2. Music reminds me of life. There’s a song for most every memory or place in time I have. Happy about your new chair and delivery coordinating with your move-in date.

  3. How wonderful you found the perfect chair–and you are right, good chairs are not cheap!
    There are so many songs that take me right back to a time and place. I loved that song by Bread…and so many other songs from that time period. Time in a Bottle by Jim Croche is one that always touches my heart.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Brenda-Diana

  4. I like the way your brain works, Brenda! Hearing Let it Be always takes me back to high school, to my friend’s basement, where we always gathered. Glad you found a chair that works for you!

    1. That’s a song that I think keeps resonating still today.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Always loved that song too!! Looks like we will be moving very soon and in haste. My hubby is in hospital 2nd time…and if he can manage to get strong enough…my son in NC wants to come fly us back there, along with help from sister and burly friend. So they can help me in caring for their dad. Life is not plan-able for some of us!! I am scared out of my wits frankly…no easy job coming…meanwhile frantically downsizing and dejunking…

    1. I’m sorry. You must be a bag of nerves.

    2. Elizabeth, I’m so sorry about your husband! I hope he gets better soon. Sending healing thoughts and prayers his way. 🙏 Good luck with your move. It will be nice to be by family to help you.

  6. Annette Tracy says:

    I’m glad you bought the one off the floor because had you special ordered one it might be months before it arrived. We waited 4 mths last yr for a daybed! The oatmeal will be nice and neutral and we know you can ramp it up if you want! Can’t wait for your move to be over for your sake! And a big thank you once again to Terri for help.

    1. No, I didn’t get the one off the floor. They had one in the back I’m getting.

  7. Bread was my favorite group back then. I think that I am a year older then you.

  8. Enya’s “Only Time” takes me straight back to 9/11. I think they used the song in a doc umentary about it.

    1. I need to check into that. I don’t have Enya.

  9. I’m glad you found a great chair for your new home! I love “Let it Be”. I also really love John Lennon’s “Imagine”. I was thinking about a song from my past that stirred a memory or reminded me of something. There’s many, but the first song that popped into my head was Chicago’s “Saturday, in the Park”. It reminds me of summer as a kid. Piling into our powder blue station wagon and heading off to Humarock Beach for the day. Wonderful memories! Sandy tuna sandwiches, warm Kool Aid and all!

    1. Do they still sell Koolaid I wonder?

  10. Naomi Shelton says:

    I recently read that tidbit about Paul’s reference to his mom in “Let It Be” rather than the Virgin Mary. I think either way you interpret it it works as what I always tho’t when I heard the song was “just stop fretting, take a breath and let it be.” Good advice for dealing with tho’ts, situations, or whatever is causing us angst. Just let it be. Whatever it is will work itself out. The song is a reminder to me as I struggle often to not stress about various issues in my life.

    Congratulations on finding a great recliner, Brenda. I wonder what color it is as whenever I look at them the colors seem so drab. I guess if it gives you comfort, though, color doesn’t really matter, right?

    1. The only lumbar recliner in stock, and possibly the only one they sell, was the one they showed me and it was an oatmeal color.

  11. Hi Brenda ~
    I have followed your blog for a long time, but have rarely commented. I personally share many of your reflections, interests and situations. I found you through Pat Fergusen and her blog “Back Porch Musing”. Sadly Pat has passed away. Even moving forward to something different and better we find that change and loss go hand in hand.
    Time at your current address is getting short. Like you, I’m saying farewell to some things and good riddance to others. Before you leave there I wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed and admired what you have accomplished decorating and gardening in a place with so many challenges and limitations! I needed to let go today so I can move ahead with you to your new home. A blank canvas, a fresh start and a new beginning. Let’s go! It will be so exciting!
    Take care ~

    PS Thank you Teri for being there and helping Brenda! I really appreciate what you are doing!

    1. Oh, I miss Pat so much! We were friends online. I remember putting a comment on the funeral home page they put up.

      1. jeannette says:

        I was also a long time follower of Pat and still miss her to this day! I still find myself going through her archived pictures from time to time wondering how her husband is doing and her family.
        A comfortable chair and bed are a must for me as well!

  12. Good for you, I am glad you were able to get something that will be so comfortable. I loved Kathy’s comment about “the Queen coming for tea”. That was my chuckle for the day!

    1. Glad we could have a good laugh ,Cindy , over the queen having tea with us. 😃

      1. I will be using that line! Have a good day!

  13. A few years ago I went into a furniture store looking for something that I can’t even remember what now so must not have been too important but I always think of this one stately wooden legs upholstered ladies type chair with cream and black fabric with every word you could imagine on it. I was sure you were going to write that you saw the same exact chair! I always think of that chair but it was an extravagant purchase for something that wouldn’t even go in my house, let alone sit in unless the queen was coming for tea. So excited for your move, but best of all that you will have a comfy new recliner to relax in.

    1. Well, I work in my chair. So it is a tax deduction for me. I think the final cost after tax and the $100 they charge to deliver it came to something over $1700. I went ahead and paid $230 and now owe around $1400 with 12 months to pay. I’ll get it on auto pay like I do everything so I won’t forget to pay it. My last one was about $400 cheaper, but now everything is more. I was just in the grocery store and was shocked at the prices and some empty shelves.

      1. A lot of alleged supply issues are producers jacking up prices not because of shortages in supplies needed to produce the goods they sell or because they’re paying their workers more, but because they can get away with being greedy right now and use “inflation” and “supply chain issues” as excuses. The other part of empty shelves is (1) lack of help to keep shelves filled, (2) people hoarding certain types of items, like the rush to buy toilet paper when the pandemic really started sinking in and people got scared in early March 2020, and (3) shortage of long-haul truck drivers and lots of other workers out sick or isolating due to Omicron. This is our new reality.

  14. Lou E Gipson says:

    Do you have a pic of the recliner you purchased?
    Perhaps a bit more info as to brand/model #?
    I too am searching for a recliner, so far no real luck…
    So happy that you found and purchased the new recliner!
    Like everyone else, I’m so excited about your upcoming move!

    1. No, but I remember it was made by Flexsteel. So I’ll look and see if I can find a pic.

      1. jeannette says:

        I wanted to let you know when we moved in this house 12 years ago we bought 2 chairs and a couch by Flexsteel. Our main area is open concept, so these pieces of furniture are used every single day. We couldn’t be happier with this brand! No they weren’t cheap, but they are worth every penny!

  15. A little trivia here…In the song “Let It Be” when Paul sings” Mother Mary comes to me” he is not singing about the Virgin Mary. He is singing about his mother who always said to him “Let it be”. Have a great day. I can’t wait for your move!! I’m so excited! pam

    1. Wow! I did not know that. I looked it up. Here’s the link for anyone who wants to read it.

      Thanks for telling us that, Pam. Brenda, I love that song, “If.” And I do know exactly what you’re saying. And so many people can interpret the same picture in so many different ways… the 1000 words. Anyway, I’m happy you found a good recliner. Comfort is so important!

      1. More info on the recliner please.

        1. I put the info above after another similar comment.

      2. Chi Chi Mum says:

        Thank you for sharing the link, as I, too like many thought Mother Mary was the spiritual, “Mother Mary”, and how nice and it makes sense that its ok to think either. Such as interesting story. And

        Mostly, Thank you Brenda for bring this topic up and your post. Your recliner sounds really therapeudic and awesome..and a great color, too. I think sounds so much bring back good and sometimes not so good memories of times gone by and friends we never see anymore in our lifetime(s). :0( Bitter sweet memories”

        Ironically, my Mom never heard that soung probably..but as an adult I married and moved out of town..and talked to her daily, and she would tell me about other of our Family members or how in essence her concern for them..but at the end of it all she would always say, “awe, everything will be alright”. So with that I try to remind myself when I get so freaked about about life, sometimes. :0)

        PS. Brenda glad you have that chair delivery arranged for your move…and sure hope that goes exciting. Take care.

    2. I love little bits of trivia like that.!

    3. So funny…I just learned about a week ago that he was singing about his mom… from a DJ on our local radio station. I always thought it was about the Virgin Mary.

    4. Pat Gaudreau says:

      I always thought he was singing about marijuana?

      1. LOL!!

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