1. No better words were ever written. This post came at the right time for me to hear it. I never knew what I was rushing towards??? Now, maybe I don’t have to rush at all? Thanks.

  2. I always imagine an easy life similar to this. It would be easy to lead the kind of life you want with the knowledge that many people depend on you. This post inspires me. Thank you!

  3. Yes indeed it is. Perspective, gratitude and appreciation for a simple, peaceful and happy life. 🤍

  4. This was a very thoughtful post. I really enjoyed it. I’m retired, and trying to convince myself that it’s more than OK to take things slow and stay home all day.

  5. When you’re forced to slow down, it gives life a new perspective, doesn’t it?


  6. You are absolutely right. A calm and simpler life also means you don’t miss as much since you’re not rushing and running. I think it’s healthier.

  7. I love this post, Brenda. It is such an antidote to the calls for big, better and faster in our culture. And the idea that the small things in life becoming our treasured wealth that IEL mentions above is so profound and true. (Thanks, IEL!) I don’t know whether you are familiar with Eckhart Tolle’s writings but I have recently discovered his little book called “Silence Speaks” which is a series of meditations on being still and present. I found it very calming when I was feeling especially upset and frustrated with my present situation. You might find it helpful also. Thanks for this most inspiring post!

  8. My sister and I ask each other about how we are doing. If the answer is things are boring then the reply is boring is okay.
    On patience: I have other friends that say patience is the result of tribulations. You may be on the way to patience.

    1. I’ve always been an impatient person. Now I don’t have any choice but to be patient. And that’s probably a good thing.

      1. I think it is a good thing. It makes me feel like I need to be doing something.

  9. Nice post today…enjoyed all the quotes…We lead a simple life and enjoy every minute of it…Happy Fall🍁Going to frost hard here in Wi. tonight. Goodbye beautiful flowers🌻

      1. What?! Isn’t it only in the 70’s there? I have a friend who lives in Tulsa and that’s what she was telling me the other day.

  10. I love this post, Brenda. You have spoken to my heart in more ways than one. I am very grateful for my peace and solitude. My calm life brings me so much more than I can express via the written word. I live a very simple and small life and I like it this way.
    I do everything I can to avoid drama and stress. Like you I was constantly rushing, multitasking and fretting about things that really didn’t matter.
    I now spend my time enjoying and celebrating the little things.
    I only go out of my home every couple of weeks and when I do I have talk myself into going out. LOL
    Celebrating and enjoying your life will continue to help you to heal, Brenda. Do what you can, when you can.

    1. It’s good to know there are others like me, totally happy with staying at home for weeks (and for me months) at a time. I like this life.

  11. Any step, no matter how big or small (or any direction) is a great accomplishment! Celebrate all your achievements! I’m so happy for you! You’ll get there before you know it.

  12. The other day on “Morning Joe” (MSNBC early morning program) I listened (on computer radio) to an interview with William Shatner, the original “Captain Kirk” of Star Trek. He’s 91 now, which I find mind-boggling as I will forever remember him as the 30s something hot dude on the original “Star Trek” series. He was talking about how incredible nature and the universe are and how humans, at least some humans (mostly those of us who have been around for awhile and take the time to just sit quietly and observe what is going on all around us in nature) are able to tune into the wonder and grandeur of the world, like how trees “talk” to us, how animals and humans communicate and interact with each other, how living flora and fauna interact with each other. It was an inspiring interview, and reminded me of how much more pleasure I get out of my day to day living now, quiet and peaceful as it is, sharing jokes and home-made brownies and apple pies with my neighbors, sweeping up their curbsides this time of year with all the leaves coming down while they’re away working at their jobs and I’m enjoying my freedom and peace at home. I’m thankful each morning that I’m waking up and getting out of bed, LOL!

    1. What wonderful thoughts! Yes, the simple things in life are best. And you can find beauty if you look long enough.

  13. Brenda
    Glad for your progress. I have been there. I so 100% agree with your post. A calm and quiet life is quite alright! One of my favorite quotes is ” Stop the glorification of busy”.

  14. I’ve never been a person who needs a lot in life like possessions, drama, and I despise attention paid to me so I have never lived beyond my means to have money problems. I am just content to be who I am and happy to have a warm home, food I like, books to read and ways to make my own happiness. Being this way has filtered out people who try to change me so believe me, I work at staying true to my beliefs when others try to pull me into their drama or ways. Staying calm reduces stress and the need to fester over issues that are beyond our control most of the time. It’s healthy to feel calm I think.

  15. Brenda,
    Way back in 2010,I had huge setbacks,I had to put my beloved dog to sleep,my finances were a shambles and I decided I didn’t want to live anyway,my drug of choice was alcohol and boy did I do a good job!
    By the time I was hospitalized,I had no strength ( alcoholics don’t tend to eat),my first steps were with PT and a walker…
    Time moves at warp speed and now I live a calm, peaceful life,in good health with my kitties but I will never forget those first shaky steps back to life!!!!
    You’re doing fantastic with a great spirit,keep up the good work and the good thoughts!

  16. Truer words were never spoken!! And congratulations on your small {HUGE} successes!
    Hugs ~

  17. I, too am learning about the small steps, but accepting what I am capable of. Did not see that coming 👀. Glad you are better and keep your spirits up.

    1. I think acceptance is the key. We strive for what we can do. And what we can’t do we have to find a way to accept.

  18. Steps and side-steps and just any kind of movement (within your limits each day) are wonderful! What a lovely post and thoughts that we should all remind ourselves of. Once the small things in life become your treasured wealth, I believe then one truly has excelled. Happiness is a choice that is always available to us, but sometimes it also takes great strength and compassion for ourselves to achieve it:)

    1. I love that you wrote: Once the small things in life become your treasured wealth, I believe then one truly has excelled.

  19. I agree-small steps and accomplishments lead to bigger ones. There is lots of drama in everyday life with family and others. I yearn for peace and solitude sometimes. Hugs- Diana

  20. What a calming and encouraging post for all of us. Glad to hear you’re making such good progress … every little step counts!

  21. What a wonderful post and quotes. With all the drama going on I yearn for a simple life. I am happy to say my home is my happy place. Dust bunnies, weeds, little piles of clutter, it’s still all good! Enjoy your weekend!

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