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  1. I love this sort of post Brenda. So many good ideas to check out. That pumpkin cobbler sounds delicious. I’d love to see a “home tours” post again.
    Thanks for everything you post.

  2. I made the pumpkin pecan cobbler. It is delicious !! Highly recommend this recipe.

  3. I’m all for the “I’m looking for less to do.” I’ve turned into an A+ procrastinator on getting home projects done. They do get done eventually, but it might take me 8 more years to get around to them…

  4. I am really late in posting this, but love this post, so very interesting. I will definitely take a listen to the podcasts you mentioned. I listen to them while cooking and baking. The best one I have found so far is The Jordan Harbinger Show.

  5. I really like the quote about less to do. I’m always telling myself I should be doing more, so I think I need to do some re-arranging of my life so I don’t feel as though I have more to do and can just sit and think sometimes. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Some wonderful links again, thank you. I love both vegetarian enchiladas and chili and have made both, but can’t eat either anymore because I can’t digest legumes. I can handle a little bit of black beans so I sometimes add them to my chicken enchiladas and my beef chili.

    I get my bath towels from TJ Maxx/HomeGoods. They always have a great selection. As far as kitchen towels, I prefer 100% cotton. The best ones I’ve found come in a bundle at Williams Sonoma. I’ve had the same red cotton ones for several years now and they get high usage. They still look and work great.

  7. Thank you for a lovely roundup of things today. I plan to try the enchilada recipe:) One of my favorite vegetarian snacks is a simple little mexican “burrito” – I heat a small or medium tortilla on both sides in a pan (no oil) and then add some shredded cheddar or pepper jack and some salsa, fold and let it warm for about 1 minute over med-low heat. Add some warm black beans to up the protein factor! Add some scrambled eggs for a breakfast burrito! The possibilities are endless:) I also keep vegetarian chili in single serve containers in my freezer – I defrost overnight in the fridge and heat in a saucepan (or micro) – I serve over rice, pasta, quinoa…or just top a bowl w sour cream and some fresh jalapenos (or whatever you like) and eat w some crackers! Oh and thank you for the book and podcast suggestions too:)

  8. Great post Brenda! I’ll be reading up on post of what to eat so to sleep better. I’d rather have ppl around me most of the time! I’m like my parents, they have always liked company. Even now that they’re older they still want to be around ppl! I’m definitely getting rid of things to bring in some new things. I try to have a place for everything bc it’s piece of mind to be organized! Trying to type fast before it disappears! Lol

  9. I will try both recipes. I love black beans and the cobbler looks wonderful (with the ice cream, of course).

  10. Interesting fall suggestions.
    It’s nice to do change-up so we don’t get tired of seeing the same decor.
    We probably will not do anything though.
    Our main floor is okay.
    Enough simplicity ✨️ and room to move about.
    To daily enjoy the spaces.
    We must keep things easy go.
    So meals will not be difficult to prep, etc.
    Our pets need to run back and forth. These old, real wood floors give us comfort knowing they are still solid and usable day in and day out.
    I love the yellow/golden 💛 towels.
    Mostly, I’ve always bought white towels so they can all be bleached.
    Not a fan of micro materials.
    Seems to catch on things.
    Pumpkin 🎃 cobbler is the best type of dessert with vanilla ice cream!!!
    We love everything pumpkin!!!

  11. I liked the way the one blogger used a picture frame as a tray. Great ideas.

  12. Beautiful pictures and inspiring ideas. These are great posts, I appreciate the effort you put into to share! Hope you are having a good day!

  13. Another bunch of great ideas to explore! That pumpkin pecan cobbler looks amazing! That over the door organizer was a great idea, although a little pricey. I wonder if there’s a budget friendly diy way to create a good knock off. Ideas anyone??

  14. Lot’s of loveliness and fun ideas. May try that pumpkin pecan cobbler. But the best takeaway today is the quote by Francine Jay. My new mantra to be sure!

  15. I like the part about having less to do, which is a worthy pursuit. I need to simplify my surroundings. I’ve noticed how something I really want just goes home with me to collect dust, no matter how much l love it. I do need a new book to read, so thanks for the suggestions.

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