I’ve been watching Ivy as she’s attempted to get her big long toy up to the top of her cat tower. Finally she got it up there, was playing with it for just a few seconds, and it fell.

Now she’s laying there looking out the window as if to say: Why do I even bother?

I am ready, as always, for fall.

The Sedum Plant Blooms:

This sedum plant, seemingly overnight, has tiny star-like white blossoms all over it. But they don’t last long. They fade away and turn brown quickly.

Thoughts On The Jennifer Weiner Book:

I finished reading the Jennifer Weiner book, “Big Summer.” It started out great. But then it kind of spluttered out, as though it lost steam. I finished the book, though at times it seemed tedious to do so.

Also finished watching “Shetland.” Kind of grieved after the last episode. I will miss the characters. Hope they get another season out soon.

What I Watched On Acorn TV:

Thursday and Friday night I watched a 3 episode show called “Public Enemies” with Anna Friel.

I’ve seen this actress in quite a few British shows and really like her. She’s a wonderful actor and puts so much emotion into her roles.

In this show she is a probation officer. A client tells her he confessed but was innocent of killing his girlfriend. He spent 10 years in prison.

But he was young and pushed into signing a confession. They told him he would serve less time if he just confessed. And he had no alibi and gave in.

Paula (Anna Friel) has already been suspended from her job once for allowing a client to have more privileges. And the man went out and killed someone. Burned by that situation where her career was on the line, she is afraid to let her guard down again.

But this client, Eddie, played by Daniel Mays, gets under her skin and she believes him. She goes out on a limb for Eddie. Hoping to find a way to get his conviction expunged so he can have a proper life.

And in so doing she puts her job in jeopardy once again.

Bottom line: she wants to believe in the good of people and not just focus on the bad.

A Stroll Through The Plant Nursery:

Yesterday afternoon I went to the nursery and strolled around. It is a great place to get exercise because it is big. They also have all kinds of unusual decor inside. Things I never see anywhere else.

Inside I bought two boxes of matches, colorful ones. AndI bought different sized terra cotta pots. They had a good selection of really pretty shaped ones.

Thought maybe I’d do a project with them.

This weekend I plan to stay in. I usually do unless I go over to Kendra’s flip house. But Marley, 11, has softball games all weekend, so she will not be working on the house.

Kendra’s Flip House:

She told me they had the inspection for the next flip house. And she seems excited to finish this one and begin the next one.

Her love of houses, her desire to give old decrepit houses love and new life is what motivates her.

She added about 600 square feet to the current house, the most she’s ever added. She likes to stretch her skills with every house she takes on.

This past week she spent long periods stripping the paint off hardware from the doors, etc. She likes to maintain the history that comes with the house.

Kendra is painstaking in the amount of time she gives to every little thing. whether it be woodwork or hardware or door knobs.

A woman has already come by, interested, and asked if she can occasionally come peek in on the progress.

It’s going to be a beauty. I can’t wait to see that gorgeous gold chandelier she commissioned from an Etsy store hung in the dining room.

If you didn’t see her last flip house, you can see photos of it here.


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  1. OMG!!! I went to see Kendra’s past flip house and she did a fabulous job! To be able to see a vision and actually make it come true is quite a talent. Her finishes are beautiful. The exterior went from a tired, run down and sad look to a bright, cheerful look. I really think she cold have her own TV show. We have 2 episodes of the last season of Shetland to watch. Like you, I’m sad to seem them go and I hope they’re able to have a new season. The characters are so endearing it makes me want to see where everything goes. The best part of the show is that it’s believable…… I have a hard time watching shows where the story lines seem far-fetched.

  2. I love Kendra’s vision! What a treat for new homeowners to walk into such a beautiful space and just start making their own memories!

  3. I think your daughter did a marvelous job on the flip house you linked to!! I looks nice on the outside, but it is a huge surprise to see how the inside is very spacious feeling and with the light color…so smart making another bathroom and closet …and as one ages, that walkin shower will become even more important. The deck out back is just wonderful too!! GREAT IDEAS!! Years ago when we built a house (with help from friends and kin) the outside looked fairly plain. We wanted it to appear less fancy as that is one way to hopefully not get broken into (so far as I know, it never has)…and the inside was very open and spacious and pretty…people never expected to see how it was inside from the outside view!! Sadly we only lived in that house a couple years. All that entailed our moving away led to us not ever feeling the same nor trying to build another. And now we are old. What became important was just having a place that was comfortable. And that is still our goal…and now we live in a 55+ apt bldg with the issues that can come with that. For the most part it is fine.

  4. I chuckled when I read your comments about Kendra, and thought, “that Kendra 🍎 didn’t fall far from the Brenda 🌳. It’s lovely that you have your daughters close by, and Kendra shares your passion. I’m thinking it makes for interesting, and fun, conversations.😊

  5. Oh I enjoyed looking at the flip house your daughter previously completed. She is a very talented builder! Love the kitchen and big island. Sounds like you went to Southwood Nursery…I live in OKC and it’s a real treat to visit Tulsa and go there. Will be making our fall trip there soon to get my pansies and mums. Are there any other nurseries you like in Tulsa?

  6. I’ve never read any of Jennifer Weiner’s books – is there one you recommend. Sorry this last one was a bit of a bust.
    Can’t wait to see pics of the flip house – your daughter does beautiful work. You can tell she cares.

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