1. Most interesting post ever! What talent!
    Can I ask where the home is and what the costs are? How much did she pay for the home? What did the renovations cost? How much is she asking now?
    If that home were in the city near me (I live in the suburbs), it would be well over a million with a much smaller lot.

    1. I believe she bought the home for about $105 or $110,000. She put at least $100,000 into the renovation. She is asking I think $269,000. It is in Tulsa, OK.

  2. Wow..great transformation. Seems your daughter has been blessed with the same skills as seen on HGTV. It is very lovely..I could definitely live there. Beautiful.

  3. Fabulous makeover! Where did your daughter find/buy the bathroom sink? We will be remodeling a bathroom and this style would be ideal.

    The entire house is beautiful and will sell quick! Wow!

  4. Wow Wow Wow! What a great flip of this home. It is so inviting and cute and the inside is move in ready.
    This should sell quickly with how beautiful it is.
    Goes along with your small living series. What a difference making these changes have made.

  5. Very, very nice and inviting, yet a blank enough slate for buyers to imagine their personal items in the space. Your daughter did a fantastic job. I hope the house will sell quickly for her. I’m curious about how many square feet it is. Do you know, Brenda?

      1. 1300 square feet. And she put it up for sale and the first people who looked at it bought it on the spot.

    1. Does she buy the furniture to stage it and then sell it with the house? She’s also a beautiful decorator, like her Mom!

  6. Amazing g transformation Brenda. She’s so talented a gift she got from her mom. Here’s hoping for a quick sale.

  7. Next HGTV star !!! Your daughter did an amazing job with that little house !

  8. Ok, so clearly apples don’t fall far from their trees. Your daughter seems to have inherited your great eye for design and style. What a transformation! She is very talented. Someone very lucky is going to get a magazine worthy home.

  9. Thank you for showing the house. Your daughter did an outstanding job renovating it! I was glad when someone mentioned about staging. I always wondered what happened to the furniture after staging. Now I know that there are companies that bring in their own furnishings!

  10. This house is gorgeous ! She’s made a little jewel out of a stone…. very impressive make over. She’s an artist and has a real vision for the possibilities.

  11. Your daughter has done an amazing job!!! I hope you are MEGA proud of her! I believe she got her “imagining” eye from you!!! And you are right ~ that rustic island is AWESOME!!

  12. Your daughter has a brilliant talent!! She will sell this house in a heartbeat! She gets her good eye from her mama, and I can tell how proud you are of her!

  13. Well she surely made a most inviting inside…from a wreck!! The shower is awesome too!! I was not that put off by the outside…but it looks neat and tidy now…and wow, that deck and back yard too…seems she should be able to sell it soon!

  14. She definitely knew what she was doing! I think she got that talent from YOU, Brenda! Fabulous!! At the right price, it will sell quickly, I am guessing.

  15. If I remember correctly, this daughter and her then husband owned the little blue house. Could she buy another that wouldn’t require a total gut and then rent it to you?

  16. She’s wonderful! So talented. She deserves her own T.V. show.

  17. Wow, she really worked wonders on that house! I hope it sells soon for over asking price!

  18. This makeover is absolutely lovely. Have her do a little house for you. ?

  19. Anything I say would be repeating what has already be said, but I am very impressed. I love decorating, but I am unable to look at a house like that and visualize any major changes as she does. I know it should be changed but I wouldn’t know where to start. Great Job!

  20. It’s beautiful. The open floor plan is great and flows beautifully from the front door. The living room looks HUGE, even though I’m not a fan of sectional sofas. The soft color palette is perfect and maximizes the available natural light. A well-done flip and I’m glad to see she did NOT cheap out on any part of the project. That will make a difference to buyers who have some knowledge of what they’re looking at.

  21. Your daughter certainly did an amazing job with the vision she had for this little gem. It looks so much larger on the inside than from the outside. Wishing her a quick sell with a good profit.

  22. Brenda, What a wonderful transformation. I wish that little gem was here in Milwaukie, OR. It’s just what I’m looking for. Great job! Sandra

  23. what a wonderful job of renovation! a new life for a little house that doesn’t feel so little and dark anymore! I know it must be a stressful business but for one who is so creative and master of the results… it would always be worth it!
    and I LOVE that island too! it’s those little touches that make such a huge ifference.
    she’s her mother’s own daughter! tell her for all of us … CONGRATULATIONS!

  24. That home must be bursting with pride and excited to welcome an appreciative family inside to make warm memories.

    Well done her. She clearly shares a love of design with you, even if varying tastes are at play. You both understand the value of aesthetics.

    What a refreshing, lovely, inspiring post today!

  25. Your daughter is very talented, you must be very proud of her!

  26. Nice job! What a change she made. New owners will be happy I’m sure.

  27. That’s quite an amazing transformation. What does she do with the furnishings used in the staging — does she offer them for sale with the house or use them in the next project? I hope she has a quick sale to some happy buyers!

      1. Wow, it sure is amazing how selling houses has changed over the years, isn’t it? We didn’t have stagers back in the day.

  28. Such an amazing job she’s done. She’s given life back to that little house. I have that same bathroom vanity and i love it. Mine has a greenish cast to the finish though not white. Does she feel by staging the house it brings more money or just gives people an idea of what can be done?

      1. My husband was a home builder and he found that there are many people who don’t have the vision to judge how much furniture will fit in a room or how to place it so staging helps people imagine what they will be able to do with it which will help them decide to buy.

  29. Your daughter is one talented lady!!! That was quite a scary looking interior before, now it’s just perfect! I’d say she got your designer’s eye for sure!

  30. Wow! What a stunning transformation! What talent and hard work went into that as well as a sense of great accomplishment. She rescued that house.

  31. Just WOW! Your daughter must really have an eye for what “can be.” I love what she has done with this house. The exterior invites you into the house and that kitchen is perfect! I love the brightness of the home — the light colors and the wood tones really light up and create a feeling of space without making the house feel stark or cold. We will be renovating our kitchen/dining area within the next several years and your daughter has given me severa ideas to use in the planning for my kitchen/dining space. Just love the wooden shelves and that island! Kudos to your daughter and thank you for allowing us to visit.

    Hope you have a great day.

  32. She’s done a wonderful job! I credit a lot of her good taste to you!

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