The Lincoln Lawyer On Netflix

Recently I watched the first season of “The Lincoln Lawyer” on Netflix.

It stars an actor I was unfamiliar with, 41-year-old Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, who plays L.A. defense attorney Mickey Haller.

In The Lincoln Lawyer On Netflix, this is the actor, Mexican-American star Manuel Garcia-Rulfo.

“The Lincoln Lawyer” was first filmed as a movie starring Matthew McConaughy as Michael Holler.

Season One Of The Lincoln Lawyer:

In May 2022, The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 began streaming on Netflix.

But this time Mexican-American actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo played defense attorney Mickey Haller instead of McConaughey.

By the time Garcia-Rulfo’s name had been thrown into the ring, “The Lincoln Lawyer” had suffered the loss of its leading man, was in the midst of a multi-million dollar lawsuit with ViacomCBS, and was delayed due to COVID-19

Actor Manuel Garcia-Rulfo

Garcia-Rulfo is a Mexican actor with no American lineage. Previous adaptations had pretty much ignored this side of the character.

As Netflix’s newest legal drama, “The Lincoln Lawyer” is an international hit.

According To Author Michael Connelly:

About 15 years ago when the first Lincoln Lawyer novel came out, I got a call from David (E. Kelley) who said he thought he could make it into a good television show.

“The problem was I had just sold the book to Lakeshore Entertainment, the company that made the movie a few years later.

“But eventually, the rights to the books and the character came back to me and we were able to connect again. So it only took about 15 years to get it done. But it was fortuitous because TV changed in those 15 years and it became, through streaming, a place to tell serialized novelistic stories.

“I’ve always known that David is a genius when it comes to television and particularly stories about the law. So I could not be happier with how it has turned out.”

Who Is Manuel Garcia-Rulfo?

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, a Mexican-American actor, was born on February 25, 1981, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, and was raised in Mexico.

He is best known for roles in films such as “Cake” and “Bless Me, Ultima”, as well as the television program “From Dusk till Dawn: The Series.” He starred as one of the titular characters in the 2016 remake of “The Magnificent Seven.”

Before starring as Mickey Haller, he was seen beside Ryan Reynolds in the 2019 high-action driven film “6 Underground.”

The new version of “The Lincoln Lawyer” allows Garcia-Rulfo to flex his bilingualism.

Is There A Connection To Bosch?

I was disappointed when Bosch Season 7 ended the original series.

But then there is the Bosch spinoff “Legacy” and “The Lincoln Lawyer.” Both are based on characters from two different series of novels written by Micheal Connelly.

The TV adaptation of the Michael Connelly books that revolved around Harry Bosch first aired on Amazon Prime in 2014.

Also based on Michael Connelly’s work, a legal thriller called “The Lincoln Lawyer” came out in 2011. This one was a movie and starred Matthew McConaughey.

But in the world of streaming, Bosch and The Lincoln Lawyer are not related. It has less to do with narrative choice than with a rights issue.

Amazon holds the rights to Bosch and Netflix holds the rights to “The Lincoln Lawyer.” So there will not be a crossover.

Harry Bosch:

Harry Bosch made his debut in the 1992 book The Black Echo.

It was more than a decade later that Connelly introduced the Mickey Haller character in The Lincoln Lawyer.

In The Lincoln Lawyer On Netflix, Haller defends a high-stakes video company owner.

Are Bosch & Holler Related In Connelly’s Novels?

In the storyline, Haller is Bosch’s half-brother, though the two did not know each other as children. Both share the same father, a successful defense attorney.

In “The Brass Verdict” Bosch is investigating the murder of a lawyer who has left his practice to Mickey Haller.

That book is the basis for the first season of the Netflix series, “The Lincoln Lawyer.”

Bosch: Legacy:

“Bosch: Legacy” is loosely based on Connelly’s book “The Wrong Side of Goodbye”, which serves as the first episode’s title. It also takes cues from how Bosch ended its seven-season run.

I have not yet watched any episodes of Bosch: Legacy.

But Rotten Tomatoes gave it 100% on the Tomatometer.

Netflix released the first season of “The Lincoln Lawyer” on May 13.

As of May 16, it was the #1 Netflix TV title in the US. Which pushed “Ozark” down to the #2 spot.

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  1. Love the author Michael Connelly and have read all his books. Of the two primary characters, I prefer Harry Bosch over Mickey Haller.

    Hope you’re doing better, and experiencing less pain & discomfort.
    Rest, rest, rest. Easier said than done sometimes, and rest remains essential right now.
    Wishing you peace, less pain, and patience.

  2. You’ll LOVE Bosch:Legacy! I binge watched it and now am sad I’m done with it already! I can hardly wait for the next season of it! And I’ve started on The Lincoln Lawyer.. but forgot I’d been watching it, so had better get back to it! I did so love the movie with Matthew McC…… but this new series is good also. Glad to year you are doing better. Marilyn

  3. Glad you are better, Brenda!!! Glad you are set up to rest a bit better!!

    1. I feel kind of worthless just sitting around all day. I’m usually always doing something. But not having a lot of pain constantly is worth it. Of course it hurts when I walk from room to room, etc. But that regular “bone-type” pain I had on a regular basis is not there.

      1. I fully understand your comment as I am the same way; however please don’t feel like you are just “sitting around all day” when in fact you ARE doing something of the utmost importance: allowing your body to rest and to heal. Energy your body uses for other things take away from the energy needed to heal your ankle. As in most orthopedic procedures, the (experienced) surgeon’s job is easy – the hard job is left to the patient which is to respect the healing process in order to achieve the best possible outcome. So please embrace sitting around all day!! It’s only for a short time and well worth it:)

    1. I tend to like a series better than a movie. Then if you really like it, you can spread it out and make it last longer.

  4. So glad you’re feeling better today Brenda! Stay off your feet and rest rest and rest!

  5. Good morning! I hope you are feeling a little better today. I know it’s been a rough week.

    I couldn’t get into this version of Lincoln Lawyer after watching it with Matthew Mc. I know I will
    butcher his spelling and if I leave here to ckd it I will lose my writing. It was a great movie. Thank you for the information between Bosch and the Lincoln Lawyer.

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