1. The buddha looks really good in that spot. I like the wooden texture next to your tapestry. Can’t wait to see the rest! Love and hugs!

  2. Love the Buddha and all the changes. Best of all, though, is Ivy’s response. Cats do indeed notice all new things. Even boy cats like my Max. Enjoy your lovely home.

  3. I think Ivy has a face-recognition ability. She is staring at the Buddha face because it’s a new face to her. That’s my theory, anyway. Maybe she wonders if it will speak to her! Or communicate telepathically. Who knows? She’s definitely an unusual cat.

    Glad you have Nathan to help you out when you need it. Has he indicated that he’s looking for another job as you mentioned a while ago?

    Can’t wait to see the rest of your decor update.

  4. Ivy ponders, “Why is there a big face on my wall? It smells like other places. When is it going to blink? Did I just see its eyes move? Is the rest of that face’s body going to appear on my wall anytime soon? Will it say something soon? What does the Face eat? Cats, dogs, people? Why is no one else in the house keeping an eye on it? I will just have to keep an eye on it by myself then. We will see who blinks first, me or it.”

    Very interesting Buddha. You are doing a nice change up in your apartment. I wonder how long Ivy will ponder Buddha. She really likes to pay attention to every detail of her surroundings, doesn’t she.

  5. Oh my gosh that Ivy is hysterical. Loving all these new things.

  6. Thanks for the Amazon link. Don’t know how you were able to choose a quilt. There are some really beautiful ones on that site.

    1. I spent days looking at their quilts. I looked around my apartment and looked at what colors were in here and what style would fit my interior best. Finally I made the decision. And I really wanted to buy one of their really cheap ones, but I settled on this one.

  7. Ok, those pictures of her staring at it are amazing! She is infatuated for sure…keep us posted!

  8. Brenda, I read your blogs to my mom and show her your photos as well. She said to tell you she LOVES the new Buddha head and says it looks like a Siamese one. She knows about this stuff whereas I do not.
    I’m enjoying in re-introduction of brighter colors into your home, especially red. As others have commented, you do have an eye for design. Best wishes to you and the adorable wee ones.

    1. If that Buddha had not been on the clearance aisle, I know I would have walked right by it. It just doesn’t look like something I’d typically buy. But mark it way down and it gets my attention! Tell your mom thanks. All I know is it is a Buddha!

  9. What a really good buy Brenda. It has certainly got Ivy’s attention!

  10. Brenda I really enjoy your re-decorating Boho style!! I’m new to your site so can’t wait to see your bedroom space. What will you do with your farmhouse pictures?? I love your wall quilts?? Did you make them??
    If not where did you find them??
    Your Ivy & Charlie are adorable!!

    1. I made all the ones on the wall except for the new boho quilt. Oh, and the mustard yellow and white one in the bedroom. I didn’t make that one.

  11. Brenda, do you mind telling us where you found the beautiful Boho quilt?

  12. The new Buddha is a great touch. Ivy may be trying to figure a way she can “hunt” the Buddha – maybe it looks like a giant sized mouse to her.

  13. I go to Home Goods every Monday after I walk the track. I had to return something this week, and although I saw lots of things I really like i used some restraint and didn’t buy anything. I love your Buddha. It’s perfect for your serenity area. xo Laura

  14. Haha…That Ivy is a character!! No doubt she is wondering about what is going on… Glad Nathan was able to help you out…sure good to have some good help now and again!!

  15. I am so enjoying this transformation. Can’t wait to see what you do next!
    Will you carry this theme into your bedroom? I know you have farmhouse things in there too.
    Just like a woman, that Ivy! She never misses a thing.

    1. Yes, ma’am! I just got back from the third trip to Hobby Lobby this week. I have something for just above my bed that is about the size of the barn painting. Leaving the quilts up. They’ve been there for ages. Remember everything for walls is half off this week and I’ve sure taken advantage of that. I never buy anything for regular price.

  16. Ivy’s trying to figure out how she can jump up to the Buddha. It is new so she must investigate!

  17. Maybe she is meditating!!!! OR contemplating on how she can jump up that far to land on top of it!! I think Ivy does a lot of complex thinking.

    1. Maybe she is meditating. She stares at it without moving for some time. I too think Ivy does a lot of complex thinking. Maybe in a former life she worked for NASA or something.

  18. What a great find at a great price. The Buddha sure fills this space nicely and encourages one to slow down just a bit and enjoy the minute. You do have to wonder what goes through Ivy’s mind as she gazes on this Buddha. Charlie is male and just needs his basics: food, water, shelter, and love. Ivy is female and needs those additional decorative touches! She sure notes when the decor has been switched up a bit.

    I am busy going through my hurricane check list as Tropical Storm Dorian makes it way northwest through the Caribbean. It does appear that northeast Florida will be impacted; we just hope that it will be a minor impact.

    Take care and have a wonderful Wednesday.

    1. Maybe ivy has been around Buddha in another life. Lol. She is one beautiful girl

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