The first dining room server, in a gorgeous shade of red, was a bust. Covered in fiberglass.

But the second one I found at Hobby Lobby, already put together, is the dining room server I really should have picked out in the first place. Except I hadn’t seen it yet.

This one cost $199. The first one was $130. I suppose they didn’t charge for the massive amounts of fiberglass all over the pieces that had to be put together. So the one from HL was $70 more. But oh, so worth it.

It is a great size for an apartment or other small home.

A sturdy piece of furniture:

It is quite sturdy, in a nice rustic shade. I took Nathan along on his lunch break Friday to check it out. He deemed it worth the price.

Nothing to put together, thank goodness. I shall be wary of all furniture that needs to be put together after the Walmart experience.

I love the galvanized features on the doors and the top. No wood to get scraped up on the surface with daily wear and tear. I love it as my new coffee bar.

More Storage:

Not only that, but this one has lots of storage. I have my daily dishware in the bottom, handy to grab and place on the table. I was looking for something different because of the dust and I wanted added storage space.

There’s also room for dog and cat food and a variety of other kitchen items that needed a permanent spot.

So far Ivy hasn’t knocked any of her toys underneath it. There’s only about an inch open at the bottom part way across.

Nathan is using the blue cupboard right now. The back was coming off of it. I was tired of nailing it back on.

It’s just so hard to get a good photo in this narrow space. So every one is a side view.

Hobby Lobby’s furniture is regularly 30 percent off. So that was nice. I had not purchased furniture there before.

They are adding more and more furniture as time goes by. Lots of modern and farmhouse pieces.

You have to really look their stuff over. Some of it is rather flimsy. I lucked out on this piece though.

Wood Tones Warm A Home:

I’m glad I found this one because it’s actually much nicer than the red one. And I like the wood tones. They warm up your home. The galvanized features are an added bonus.

Everything is lined up. Nothing is wonky or doesn’t fit well. Thus I’m very pleased with it. I’m rather OCD about such things.

If a knob or anything else is not spaced exactly right then that’s all I can see when I look at a piece of furniture.

Now what do you fur babies think? Mama had to work hard to get all the fiberglass cleaned up. Then I thoroughly cleaned my vacuum and my Dyson hand held vacuum. And had Nathan change the filter for the heat and air.

Charlie does seem to like the new Sleep Number bed. Hard to tell with Ivy as she isn’t in one spot for very long.

I have 100 days to decide if this is the mattress I want, so that’s good. They say it takes about 30 days to acclimate. And since I bought the cheapest mattress, I would have to go up instead of down.

The babies seem to be happy as long as Mama is happy. And Mama is happy with this server in the dining room.

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  1. I forgot to say I am not associated with this company in any way. It just came to my post box as do so many unsolicited catalogs. That is another post, right?

  2. Hi Brenda
    Love your new furniture.
    A new catalogue arrived here today that has things you might be interested in. A pair of red wall sconces reminded me of your style
    Country Door from Wisconsin the web site.

  3. This piece is an awesome find. I like the top of this piece and the door panels. I love the red but this one is perfect and your garden doors are beautiful. So happy you were able to get this at Hobby Lobby. I recognized the shelve above it because I wanted to purchase the same piece but was too big for where I wanted to place it. Anything you do in your apartment always looks great!

  4. Wow…. that is a gorgeous piece!!! I have a coffee table from Hobby Lobby that has held up very nicely!! Its sturdy and really pretty ….

  5. This new piece looks useful and attractive. I like how it doesn’t look too deep, so it won’t be so hard trying to locate things inside. I hate having to push things around to find something way at the back of a cabinet! With the new furniture and new door, your dining area looks light and airy and easy to walk through.

  6. What a great find! I have a blue dresser I found at Hobby Lobby years ago – as you said – they have good stuff if you look it over carefully. Your home looks lovely, Brenda- you have such a way with it.

  7. Would you consider a faux ficus tree (or a real one and have a chat with Miss Ivy) in the corner near the door? It would accentuate that beautiful new french door and help to bring the eye to that your wonderful outdoor garden.
    I have an indoor/outdoor garden with a small terrace living in the city.

    Ivy and Charlie are adorable.

  8. I love love love the new cabinet. The Red was pretty but I love the galvanized look. It looks great the way you’ve purposed it and decorated it also. Wanted to recommend a book to you “ Where the Crawdads Sing”. It’s a page turner and a great read ❤️

  9. Perfection!!! Looks wonderful in your home. Wish there was a Hobby Lobby in town here, where I live. The one nearest to me is about 50 miles from here, and I was there only once. So happy for you, that this server happened to be in the right spot at the right time, just for you. And put together to boot! Yea!!!! Money well spent.

  10. I love the be coffee bar! The red one was really pretty and since red it’s my favorite color I really liked that one. However, I like this one better. I think it’s more versatile. It can go with most anything without being obtrusive. Looks well made too. Inspires me to make a coffe bar!

  11. What a terrific server! The wall shelves over top and the piece on the server are perfect, as well. Hope the mattress works well for you. We just got the purple mattress and I don’t have to turn over all the time anymore. It’s great!

  12. The server is really attractive – plus good storage! Nice. Did Hobby Lobby deliver it? Just wondered.
    The babies look so good. They seem so at ease with one another, peaceful buddies.

  13. Fabulous. Looks so “Cozy”. Looks like you found the perfect size pieces of furniture to enjoy your Patio view. Your place is lovely. Enjoy and Happy Coffee Time. Cheers. Thank you for sharing.. wonderful inspiration. I wonder if your little ones are like mine when I am redecorating ..probably going, “there she goes again”.. lol

  14. I remember you already had a coffee bar there. A yellow one but you gave it away. Does this one have more storage?

    1. That one was a curbside throw out find. Served its purpose for years. But the inside shelves fell apart, so it wasn’t giving me any storage.

  15. Brenda, I love the new server. Much, much better than the Walmart piece…it was pretty, but small. I’m glad that you were able to get some extra storage space. I’m with you on buying from Hobby Lobby…some pieces are great, others, not to much! I bought a bookcase from them about 8 years ago and it has survived through all of our moves. I still love it! Love and hugs!

  16. Such a nice and fresh look you have accomplished. I love the top of your bar, and all of your accessories. Your fur babies look very happy too ?. Enjoy it all!

  17. Looks nice, great find, maybe was meant to be. I do admire your decorating style everything seems to belong together, put together with purpose and without being too “matchy, matchy. Charlie and Ivy look so comfortable in your/their home,

  18. That looks really nice and I just love those French doors. Your place is just cute as a bug!
    Pretty pictures of Charlie and Ivy. Spring is just around the corner as we’ve got tulips popping out of the ground here in Atlanta, I love it! Have a lovely afternoon.

    Carol and Molly

  19. I absolutely love the new coffee bar, it is perfect! I missed the fiberglass situation, what post is that contained in? I didn’t know I ever missed a post, but with your new schedule I may been confused!
    I am anxious to know how you like the new bed, I’ve always wondered about the sleep number bed.

    1. Never mind Brenda, I found the post! What a mess!! Glad you went to HL and found something else!

  20. LOVE IT ALL…the whole wall and setup too!! Reminds me of my beloved grandparents home when I was a child…a place of love and safety!! Thanks for sharing!!

  21. Love the new cabinet/coffee bar, the picture and shelves above it, and love the white mugs, too. So perfect, Brenda. You really nailed it!

  22. I love your new cabinet. I love the rustic look. You do such a wonderful job of decorating and finding just the right piece to fit.
    Fur babies are so adorable. Ivy is watching for those birds to come by. Have a wonderful day

  23. I love it! IT looks fabulous! I haven’t been to hobby lobby in awhile so I will have to check them out! The coffee bar is a great idea, although I would have to make mine a hot chocolate bar as I do not drink coffee.

    Charlie and Ivy look happy and cute!

  24. That piece is gorgeous and fits the space so nicely. I also love the shelves you have above the server. What a nice coffee bar area you have!

    Take care and have a great day.

  25. I love your new server. I’ll have to check our Hobby Lobby to see if they have one on display. I like the fact that it has a galvanized top. The view from your living room through your dining area and out your atrium doors is so pretty. It will be gorgeous this summer when all your plants are blooming. I can’t wait to see it. Ivy has really gotten big and Charlie looks so cute and comfy on his little red bankie!.

  26. H Brenda! I love your new piece!! It looks absolutely perfect in your apartment! I love the shelves too! I am so happy you have a wonderful friend in Nathan!! Love the french doors too!! Hugs to you and your babies!

  27. I love this new piece! I loved the blue cabinet as well, it was such a bright sunny piece, but I understand if it annoyed you. Did not know your new bed came, anxious to hear your thoughts about it. Enjoy the sunshine!

  28. I love the new server! The combination of wood and galvanized features are fabulous! Looks lovely with the new table, as well. Enjoy!

  29. I really love your new piece. It looks great!
    Another thing caught my eye- the shelves that you have pictured with your coffee cups. Do you happen to have a link?

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