Kendra’s First Finished Flip House For 2021

This is Kendra’s flip house, the first completed 2021.

She worked very hard on this one, adding 600 square feet for a master bedroom and bath.

Real Estate Agent & House Flipper:

She’s been a real estate agent for over 20 years and in that time she has seen a lot of unloved houses.

My daughter loves houses. She envelopes them in her arms and whispers: I will fix you up and make you shine again.

I like to decorate them. Kendra goes further. She completely renovates them and makes them beautiful from top to bottom, inside and out.

The House In Brookside:

So here we go with the front of the finished house in this Brookside neighborhood.

Kendra stained the ceiling of the small porch the same color as the wood flower containers she had one of her guys build.

She painted the door and accents gray. Resurfaced the porch.

And she added a new light, street number and mailbox to make the house look updated and spiffy.

Here Is The House Before:

And below is after, many months after she bought it.


And below we see the inside of the house. It opens from the small front porch right into the living room, like many houses of that era.

This is the staged living room. As you can see the living room opens up to the dining area.

She tore down walls and really opened up this space.

Here is a closer look at the dining space. And then the kitchen right next to it.

It was once a tiny kitchen, but she reconfigured it.

Detailed Molding Was Added:

She added molding to the ceiling in here and then painted it gray.

The dining space opens up to the French doors. Which then leads to the backyard.

A Commissioned Chandelier:

She commissioned someone she found on Etsy to create the chandelier over the dining table.

The Updated Kitchen:

The kitchen is all white with stainless steel appliances. She tells me that when she’s helping someone purchase a house, every person asks to see white kitchens only.

She chose gold hardware for the cabinet doors and drawers, which picks up the color of the chandelier in the dining area.

In the above photo, on the right, you can see where she began to add the additional square footage beyond the kitchen.

A bar cart was added in that space which opens to the laundry room and master bed and bath.

The Added Square Footage:

This is the area that leads to the new spaces. She decided to put chairs here and style it as a conversation area.

It could also be used as an office or play room.

Above you see the new laundry area. It’s a good sized space.

The Master Bedroom:

This is the master bedroom. It is the only room where she added carpet.

The Master Bathroom:

This is the new master bath, which easily accommodates two people at one time. She went with silver detailing in here.

There’s a big walk-in shower.

The Other Two Bedrooms:

Here is one of the two other bedrooms. This room looks out onto the street.

The Other Bathroom:

This is the fully remodeled bathroom.

Kendra had the bathtub resurfaced to look brand new.

This is the third bedroom.

The Outside:

Here is the new deck and air conditioning system she added. It had to be larger to accommodate the additional square footage.

This house has a big backyard if someone wanted to add a swimming pool or pond or whatever. I wouldn’t know what to do with this much yard!

She’s already at work on her next flip. It’s really a favor to another realtor, whose mother originally owned the house. It’s not one of the older houses like she usually flips, but in a different type of neighborhood.

The woman’s sister lives across the street and she asked Kendra if she’d be willing to buy and renovate it. She knows how much love she puts into these flip houses.

As you can imagine, I’m very, very proud of Kendra. We both love houses and decorating. And now she’s taken up gardening as well.


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  1. Wow. Your daughter is extremely talented. This is better than the home flips I see on TV…and she’s beautiful, so she could easily be a host! Do people ever buy the houses furnished? Her staging is just as outstanding as her construction. I would want the whole package.

  2. This little house was cute to begin with, but it is absolutely stunning now. That master bedroom is a dream come true. Congrats Kendra!! Thanks Brenda for sharing this project. Sandra

  3. Kendra has an eye for detail and a knack for choosing the perfect areas add in that WOW factor. Specifically, in the kitchen the heating register on the floor matches the hardware and the chandelier over the dining room table is fabulous and adds such personality. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  4. What a hard worker to accomplish this fabulous home! I am in awe over the efforts she must have done to make it look so nice. I showed my husband the closet picture as we are in the process of building one and I much prefer what she did versus buying wire racks at the big box stores. Hers looks neater and I wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on shelving. I hope your daughter makes a good profit as she deserves it.

    1. I doubt she’ll make that big a profit, as lots of things went wrong she had no choice but to fix. The $2300 refrigerator she forgot to take out of the box and check it flaws. Home Depot only gives you 48 hours. It was much later when she found a dent in the door. She tried to get the dent out but couldn’t. She had to replace the door, which was another $500. I think she told me she’s in it for at least $300,000, but that includes the price she paid for the house, which was $150,000. The pipes froze, the heat went out, someone broke in, lots of things happened you just can’t predict. Because of Covid, inspectors were slow to get out there. Things she ordered were hard to get. And a regular old board went way, way up to $70 a piece.

  5. Brenda, that house is marvelous! Does Kendra do her own staging? She has an amazing eye for detail. Please tell her thank you for sharing her project with us.

    1. No, she has stagers come in to do that. She says she doesn’t have the warehouse space to store all the various furniture they have to have on hand. And then she’d need someone to haul it there and bring it in too.

  6. It’s a beautiful remodeling of the house and could be on an HGTV program. Attention to detail is so important. While I know that many designers are now pushing colored cabinets and backsplashes, you can NEVER go wrong with clean and classic white and marble (or marble look) countertops, backsplashes and flooring. I am 69 years old and have never tired of the look all the years and 3 houses (now living in the 3rd house). The moulding detail Kendra added to the dining room ceiling is first class, just gorgeous, and have French doors or patio doors readily available to the deck is a must-have for me. I had them in my second home, where I lived for 24 years, and in this retirement home, where I’ve lived for 6 years. They open up the space and can bring the outdoors in. Looks like a great house, I can’t imagine it will be on the market very long!

    1. I was the one who shared the article I found online saying that for 2021 colors in kitchens were to be different paint colors. Like one color for upper and another for the below cabinets. That’s when she told me about what buyers are looking for. In fact she told me that they tell her not to even show them houses that don’t have white kitchens.

  7. Your daughter is so talented…what a cute home…I love ones that look smaller but once inside are spacious!! And love the colors too!!…white…wow!!! I hope she will make a great profit on this one!!

  8. Wow, that little home is stunning! I was immediately drawn to the front porch and how she stained the ceiling of the overhang. The inside is fabulous. Perfectly move-in ready. Particularly love the ceiling in the dining area. I say Kendra needs to pitch her work to HGTV!

    1. She’s been approached by people for shows like that. But she said they typically want someone doing their first flip. However she is known around town for doing the best work. Everyone and their brother want her to remodel their houses. But she told me that was too much of a pain. She’d rather make her own decisions about how to remodel a house and then sell it.

  9. I just showed this to my husband and we were both awed by this lovely house. Your daughter does a fabulous job, I am sure it will sell quickly.

  10. Holy Cow!!! The home looks very very nice from the outside, but, never in a million years would I expect to see the inside looking this AWESOME!!!!! My goodness, your daughter is amazing, that she can do this, and has such wonderful and beautiful ideas. Plus, as others here have commented, she is a beautiful young lady too. I bet this home will sell over the asking price, what ever it is. Thanks for sharing, love seeing Kendra’s work! Hugs from WI

  11. She did a wonderful job! I’m sure it will sell quickly. You have one talented daughter there Brenda! Brains and gorgeous!

  12. You certainly have a couple of beautiful daughters, and talented too! The house is spectacular!

  13. Your daughter’s done a lovely job and I bet buyers will line up to make on offer on this house. I’m going to send these photos to my daughter and son-in-law. I think this is something they’d like to do to their small home in New Orleans.

    Thank you for sharing!

  14. WOW what a fantastic complete renovation of this house ! It’s beautiful. Your legacy of intelligence and creativity lives on in your daughter. Great work !

  15. What a beautiful job done by a beautiful and amazingly talented young woman. You have every right to be so proud of her. I love the house!

  16. Adorable. This looks like the same neighborhood where we bought my daughters house. She trashed it after we took it down to the studs. We had to move her out and do it again!! Same floor plan. On 47th and Cincinnati. Those houses are hot!! What a beautiful job Kendra has done!!

  17. Wow! What a gorgeous and talented daughter you have. Kendra did a fabulous job. The house is amazing. If I didn’t live 1000 miles away, I’d seriously consider it.

  18. Well, Mama, you should be very proud to have such a creative daughter with amazing vision and determination. Just a spectacular job!! Congratulations on a job well done!!

  19. She did a beautiful job. It has a lot more room than it looks like it would, from looking at the front of the house. The big yard would be great for a growing family with kids and maybe some gardens. Well done. I know it was a lot of work and frustration but the results are fantastic. Ranee (MN)

  20. She’s lovely and oh so talented. The house looks fabulous and will have new owners very, very soon. Thank you for sharing, Brenda.

  21. Fabulous! She is so gifted. What a sense of style. I live in MN but would move there in a minute if I could. No snow and beautiful yard. My dogs would love it! I see why you’re so proud !

  22. It’s amazing! Looks TINY from out front and HUGE inside! She’s done a terrific job, and hasn’t taken up that much of the yard space, either.

  23. Lovely home. I was a little surprised that it was contemporary, knowing her mother’s love for farmhouse and boho. Kinda certainly has a gift.

  24. I’m currently looking at houses where I live. If I ran across that house I would buy it in a hot minute (assuming it was in a good location). Gorgeous!

  25. And proud you should be. This is amazing and I love love love it. Right up my ally for small home living. It is modern but not too modern and I love the floors and how she did the ceiling in the dining area. Bravo Kendra this is gorgeous. Love every room.

    1. Your daughter is very talented indeed. She made a gorgeous home that I’m sure will sell pronto ! She could be the next HGTV star !! She is gorgeous as well. I can see why you are very proud of her. Thank you for sharing with us.

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