My daughter Kendra just closed this week on her newest flip house. It is in the same general area as the other one.

She bought it from the nicest older man who seems to have grown quite fond of her in a paternal way.

He wrote her the nicest letter and gave it to her at the closing of the house.

She wrote about it on her Facebook page:

Closed on this cute little Brookside gem this morning. Bought the house from the cutest old man and he has been the best seller. I buy my flips as is since I gut them anyway, but he asked for a copy of the inspection and fixed everything. I told him it wasn’t necessary but he said he wanted me to have a good house.

He said he liked me and was proud and impressed with me as a woman with what I was doing with my life. He gave me a letter today at the end of closing and I just read it.

A short life story of how he grew up on an Indian reservation with no water and his mom was an alcoholic. He was split from his 7 siblings when he was 10 and sent to live in a home.

Said he worked all his life and saved every penny he could. When he graduated he bought a car and lived in it for a year while he attended college. Got caught stealing food and kicked out of school. Worked a few more years and tried college again. Flunked out.

Joined the Air Force in 1966 and finally graduated college in 1977 with a business degree. Married twice, no kids. He moved to Tulsa with $75 in his pocket.

Bought this house and lived in it until he paid it off. Retired several years ago. He listed many surgeries and diseases that he had that should have killed him. He has been in 2 car wrecks and a motorcycle wreck that he shouldn’t have survived.

He said that me buying this house was life changing for him. That he has never had this amount of money and he was going to pay off his sister’s house for her, buy some toys and travel. First stop Belize.

Then he ended the letter with this:

“An old Indian told me once while hunting mushrooms – see the eagle in the tree, it looks, it sees, it waits patiently. It has learned to calculate and judge, when it takes flight and soars that prey is no more – Aim high young lady and I will live for another day so I pray.”

Then told me he had made a new friend.

Wasn’t that nice?

Of course I’ll keep you updated on the house’s progress and show you the end product when it’s finished.

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  1. Brenda, That was such a nice story and experience. It actually made me cry. Perhaps because of what is going on in my own life right now. What you give out comes back to you and this man will see sweet rewards as will you and your daughters and grandchildren and other family members. Thank you so much for sharing this. Wish that little house was in Oak Grove, Oregon. 🙂 Sandra

  2. What a nice…love uplifting. I hope this nice man finds happiness on his new adventure. Can’t wait to see another flip..your daughter is a real go getter it seems. Good roots. :0)

  3. We give what we get and a legacy lives on with his generous attitude by fixing it before selling it. What a true inspiration and honest man to know. Such kindness and decency in this man and for your daughter to share his story. He has come into Kendra’s life for a reason and I am sure she will see more of him as he pops in to see her worthy efforts and encourage her on.

  4. That is such a beautiful letter the man wrote to Kendra. You don’t come across many people in your life as sweet and kind as this man! He had pride in his home that he worked so hard to get and it showed when he wanted to fix everything before he sold it to Kendra! God Bless that man!

  5. What a sweet, sweet story. Sounds like she made quite an impression on him. It is a lovely little hose.

  6. What a great uplifting story. Thank you for sharing the story. It’s nice to hear during these unsettled times

  7. What an incredible story! I truly believe that people are placed in your path for a reason…maybe a lesson to be learn or a moment of encouragement. I look forward to reading your blog every day and have never been disappointed!

    This post was exactly what I needed at this time and I am grateful for it! Thank you Brenda, Kendra and that sweet elderly gentleman. May the good LORD continue to bless and guide you.

  8. This is a really inspiring story. Your relationship with Kendra is bringing all sorts of interesting people and experiences into your life, from getting to spend time with your grandchildren to getting food from the caterer to learning about this interesting man. And Charlie has had a good time in her back yard! And you and Kendra worked on your kitchen update. And I’m sure there are many more good moments you’ve had together.

    I like the photo of the zinnias. Only last week I found a bag of zinnia seeds at the back of a cabinet that had gotten separated from my other packs of flower seeds so they didn’t get planted a few weeks earlier. So now they are popping up and doing much better than some of the other flower seeds I planted such as the marigolds.

  9. Was he Native American? She should put that quote somewhere in the house to leave a part of him in his home.
    It’s a cute house.

  10. Brenda,
    what a poignant and sweet story. It gives one hope and optimism for Humanity. I know you are incredibly proud on Kendra. Blessings to you and your girls.


    1. It’s lovely to hear of such a kind man. In spite of a hard life, he is still optimistic about living the rest of his life with joy. Brenda, you also, in spite of everything that’s happened in your life, have a wonderful legacy in your two girls and grandchildren! Looking forward to seeing the house come alive.

      1. hi Brenda, Love this! I hope your daughter adds some tribute to him. I love reminders of how it does not take much to change the direction of one’s life. She gave him a new direction too! xo laura in Colorado

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