Fresh Veggies From The Garden

Today is a bit cooler. There’s a decent breeze outside.

Of course for some of my plants it’s just too late. Such a shame to look outside and see dead shriveled blooms, as some of the petunias have already kicked the bucket.

But I do still have a good number of plants still growing and blooming and producing veggies.

This will definitely be part of my garden strategy next year, because I’m losing too many plants far too soon. When I’m not so tired maybe I can get a shade alternative figured out.

I’ve been planting more and more perennials the past few garden cycles and many have been coming back year after year. You have to think of perennials as an investment in your garden.

Yesterday after the sun went down I worked outside trimming and dead heading my plants. I cut back some plants so that others underneath could get more sunlight. I like to keep things tidied up.

I’m certainly not one to let things get out of hand and then have a lot of garden work to take care of. I find that going out every day and doing maintenance works best for me.

I’m working away on my home project. I’d say I’m probably on the home stretch.

I will be painting a piece of furniture today if I can keep my eyes open long enough. Cross your fingers that I don’t end up with most of it on the floor! I’m going to go slow and be very careful because I’m not a very good painter.

I think I’ll be finished with this project within the next 4-5 days. I’m just not moving as fast as I typically do. But I think I’ve about got it all figured out and will be able to show you soon.

I picked a pepper and 6 tomatoes this morning. Tiny little tomatoes.

They were ready to come off the vine, so I guess this is about as red as they get.

I can’t recall what kind of pepper I planted. So I’ll just bite into it to find out I guess!

Just look how enormous the leaves are on this cucumber I grew from seed.

The cucumber plant I bought looks about to die. It is just not doing well.

I ran out of trellis material so I dragged this piece of garden art over and tied the cucumber plant I planted from seed to it. The cucumber plant will need something taller but this will work temporarily.

I underestimated trellis material this year. Another box to check for next year.

Here’s Charlie boy this morning peeking at me over the arm of the couch. He has to have his eyes on me to make sure I don’t go out the door without him.

Unfortunately I’m afraid to take him out when it’s really hot. As much as he loves to go with me in the car, I can’t risk a car breakdown with him with me and have to sit in the heat waiting for Triple A.

So he’s been having to stay home the last few times I’ve gone out.

And here’s Ivy this morning looking down from her throne.

Last night a fly got inside and she chased it all over the apartment. It kept landing on the ceiling, which drove her crazy.

Charlie is terrified of flying insects and headed under the bed.

This morning the fly is gone so I guess she finally caught it. I know she was still chasing it around the bedroom after I turned the lights out.

I have my own little exterminator in Ivy Lou.

My next job outside will be working on the vines I’ve planted. The Carolina Jessamine looks pretty bad so I’m planning to cut that back to let some of the other vines I planted from seed take over.



  1. Perennials are the bomb😊! I love your photo of yellow yarrow! Just a bit of alliteration there.

  2. Charlie looks like a teddy bear peeking over the arm of the couch. He’s one adorable little guy. Ivy Lou looks very royal as she gazes over her kingdom and views her minions. My Carolina Jasmine bloomed so much this spring. I was amazed because after initially planting it did nothing for a few years. I guess it had to get situated before it would bloom. Right now my blue- black salvia is blooming like crazy and the bees and hummingbirds are having a field day with it. My salvia I bought at a little antique store up in Saluda, NC called the Brass Latch. It did nothing for two years and then whoa Nellie has it ever spread I gave my neighbor about 20 plants from this one the other day. I told him how mine had gone and to expect it to spread. Love it for the wildlife to enjoy. The little green hummingbirds are like emerald jewels sparkling in the sun amidst a white of wings. Enjoy your posts every day. Can’t wait to see your new decorating project.

  3. I can relate to your frustration about loosing so many plants. The first Spring after my retirement I went all out planting containers of Impatients, Begonias, Spider Plants and numerous ferns and Ivy. I have a good sized covered deck which unfortunately gets too much afternoon sun and it didn’t take long for them to bite the dust in our South Texas heat. Thinking it was because I didn’t water them enough I planted pretty much the same things the following year and in spite of them receiving plenty of water they wilted and died much sooner than they should have. I now make sure everything I plant is heat tolerant. I’ve had good luck with Pentas, Hibiscus and Geraniums. I also have developed a fondness for succulents and cactus, although not “showy” I like their different shapes and textures and appreciate their ability to thrive in the heat.

    Have you tried growing succulents and or cactus, I don’t recall seeing any pictures of them in your garden?

  4. Hello Brenda, today it is cooled off here as well, it is a nice respite from the hot, hot weather. I am sorry about your plants, it is frustrating to be sure. Maybe next year you could plant a few more from seed?

    Charlie is the cutest! And Miss Ivy looking down is adorable.

    Have a gerat day!

  5. Love the picture of the galvanized tub and the tree. And Charlie is adorable in his spot. Ivy couldn’t be happier!!
    Finally got Ziggy the Mighty Morkie trimmed yesterday. He was attack in Feb and then the virus hit and they have just opened up. Had to use a new groomer and really liked her.
    The heat is playing havoc here too. My gardener is here now planting four baby fruit trees with chicken wire to keep the pesky gophers away! They are awful this year. But with an acre and being 73 it’s hard to manage.
    Brenda, what if your great SIL were to put in a couple of anchor poles on your side for the shade sails? Just a thought.

    1. My SIL has his hands full and I really hate to ask him to do anything. I’ve only asked him a couple of times. I wish I could find a handy man again.

      1. I know what you mean Brenda about not wanting to ask a family member to help. You know they are so busy and you don’t want them to feel obligated to help you. I have used Home Advisor for small projects I needed done around the house!

  6. Please be careful biting into the pepper. It looks like a Hungarian Hot. Break it in half and give it a smell. If it takes your breath away, it’s too hot to eat.☺️.
    Enjoy your beautiful veggies….

  7. The fur babes are too cute! They do light up our lives.
    Is it unusual for it to be so hot this early?
    Seems like there’s unusual weather every where this year,here in NYS,we had a fairly mild winter( highly unusual) and then it snowed throughout most of April,which is a personal pet peeve of mine when every place and magazine is touting Spring and here we are shovelling:(
    Jumping off soapbox now,lol
    Get some rest & stay cool!

  8. Tomatos look yummy.
    Just looking at your vegetable garden come along, has me thinking about starting one too.

  9. Ivy looking down from her throne made me laugh. Every summer I freeze in the car while the Princess is still hot. I always take water and her leash when we go for a ride just in case. Your garden and veggies look great. Enjoy your day.

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