1. Great ideas to add final touches to our decorating, still can't believe Christmas is in a few days.
    Stay warm this weekend, I know it is chilly in North Texas-so you are feeling the same way.

  2. I loved seeing all that inspiration! I recognized one of those pictures as Deserae's from Peeking thru the Sunflowers.

  3. OK, you inspired me again, Brenda. I got out a little bitty tree and decorated it with little bitty apples and holly. I put two candles in the window, a couple of bows on the china cabinet, and set my little country church in the kitchen window. A small wreath outside the front door has completed my decorating, at least for today. Enjoy your holidays.

  4. My favorite is that little wooden chair with great patina and the truck. I am seeing so many red trucks for Christmas, but I don't want to buy anything more so I might have to use my rusty red table top wagon.

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