Last Minute Holiday Inspiration

Perhaps you have decided that the Christmas tree is just right and the stockings were hung with care. But everyone can use a little last minute holiday inspiration.

Where To Put The Tree?

Why not put a tabletop sized Christmas tree on your coffee table if you don’t have ample room any place else in your home?
Many of us live in small space homes and just don’t have that extra room to put up a big Christmas tree and have room to walk around it in the days leading up to Christmas Day.
Therefore an alternative is to put our Christmas tree on tables or other level surfaces.
This Christmas tree is created with colorful ornaments glued to form the shape of a Christmas tree. This would be a perfect centerpiece for a party.

The Holiday Table:

The colorful tablecloth, candle holders and napkin rings create a beautiful setting that completes the table’s theme.
Here is another Christmas tree placed on a coffee table with more feminine colors. It is surrounded by ornaments and small wrapped gifts. This tree would add a beautiful decorative touch to your living or family room.
Above is a rustic Christmas scene with greenery mimicking the illusion of a tree inside goblets on the table.
Thin twigs form a frame around each plate, which is a nice touch.
Then frayed muslin makes for a simple place mat.

Color Inspiration:

The above photo depicts a color theme of blue, green and white.
Everything, including the ornaments on the tree, the bows on the gifts and the stockings hanging on the mantel are a variation of these three colors.

A Very Vintage Christmas:

Above is a more nostalgic vintage scene with a replica of an old red pick up carrying small gifts in the back.
An old folding chair holds a Christmas-themed pillow. Above is a wreath hanging in the window with a burlap-style bow.

Dreaming Of A White Christmas:

And this home is white as snow. The Christmas tree is flocked in white.
There is a trio of footed glass containers on the coffee table filled with white beads and such to complete the look.
This room is more a modern display. A poinsetta sits on the coffee table. There are Christmas ornaments in a bowl and simple wreaths hanging on the wall.
There are so many ways to decorate our homes for the holiday. Therefore I hope you gained some inspiration from this post.


  1. Great ideas to add final touches to our decorating, still can't believe Christmas is in a few days.
    Stay warm this weekend, I know it is chilly in North Texas-so you are feeling the same way.

  2. OK, you inspired me again, Brenda. I got out a little bitty tree and decorated it with little bitty apples and holly. I put two candles in the window, a couple of bows on the china cabinet, and set my little country church in the kitchen window. A small wreath outside the front door has completed my decorating, at least for today. Enjoy your holidays.

  3. My favorite is that little wooden chair with great patina and the truck. I am seeing so many red trucks for Christmas, but I don't want to buy anything more so I might have to use my rusty red table top wagon.

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