One day I was in Hobby Lobby for the half price picture frame sale, and I happened upon a green bottle in the Clearance aisle. It was $4.
There was a smaller one for $2. I got them both.

They sat around for a week or so. 

Then an idea struck me.

I had some LED tiny strung lights. So I put them in the bigger jar.
I put it in the bedroom next to my bed. I read on my Kindle at night, with these tiny lights twinkling in the background.
See the smaller green bottle to the right? 
When I purchased them, I didn’t know what I was going to do with them. But when you’re getting a great price, get it while you can!
I read in the hours before bedtime. The dogs snooze peacefully beside me. These tiny lights create just the right ambiance.

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  1. How cute! I have some of those tiny lights on my mantel right now, and I love them. Last night I watched a movie with just my little accent lights and candles on, and the house was quiet and peaceful. Heaven!

  2. Love that color of green and it looks so soft and cozy…… where we would get those LED lights when it's not the holidays? Does Hobby Lobby have them year round? Love this idea for in the house… I also like the idea for outside when sitting out in the dark on a nice warm evening.

  3. Beautiful! I would probably keep mine on all night in case I had to get up for anything, I have a bad habit of tripping over my own two feet.

  4. Love this. I am always attracted to glass jars when I go shopping, sometimes not knowing what I will do with them I buy them anyway. Great idea on using the lights inside! Like little fireflies.

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