1. How cute! I have some of those tiny lights on my mantel right now, and I love them. Last night I watched a movie with just my little accent lights and candles on, and the house was quiet and peaceful. Heaven!

  2. Love that color of green and it looks so soft and cozy…… where we would get those LED lights when it's not the holidays? Does Hobby Lobby have them year round? Love this idea for in the house… I also like the idea for outside when sitting out in the dark on a nice warm evening.

  3. Very pretty Brenda! I have a larger clear bottle in my dining room with twinkle lights in it too! I love the cozy feeling it gives off… reminds me of lights on the Christmas tree :o)


  4. A bottle of Tinkerbells by the bed…oh I have to have one…great idea! And difinitely will do that for when theGrand comes, thanks, Sandi

  5. Beautiful! I would probably keep mine on all night in case I had to get up for anything, I have a bad habit of tripping over my own two feet.

  6. Wow, I just love this idea. It looks beautiful and it's perfect for reading at night.

  7. Love this. I am always attracted to glass jars when I go shopping, sometimes not knowing what I will do with them I buy them anyway. Great idea on using the lights inside! Like little fireflies.

  8. Hi Brenda, I love the look! I also love to put lights on everything Im notorious for that. Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  9. Very pretty! I love subtle lighting around the house at night and this is just perfect.

  10. I did something similar in my living room. It serves as a much prettier night light if anyone should roam the house in the middle of the night.

  11. What a fun idea. I love low lights and I guess that's why I love to leave my Christmas tree up so long. This is a great idea! Ambiance!

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