I got the boho Christmas tree up. Finally. But it was not without several days of aggravation.

I decided I wanted a rustic woodland type boho tree. Decorating the tree in the small space I had for it would look like a confetti explosion if I used a lot of color.

I got my white table top tree from the closet, took the house plants out of the red beverage stand, and put it in there. I decorated that for a bit and just wasn’t liking it.

So I took it down and put it back up on the top closet shelf and got out my green table top tree.

I put it in the red beverage stand, because the feet of the table top trees fit perfectly inside. And I sat down and stared at it.

Then I started making ornaments with beads, using a bit of red because the beverage stand is red. Beads always seem boho to me.

After sitting here making bead ornaments while fighting Ivy over the box of beads, I hung those on the tree. I wasn’t liking that either. Something just wasn’t jiving.

Then I went out on the patio and got the green folding coffee table I use outside with my settee. I managed to squeeze that into the allotted space just under my living room window.

I put the green tree on that, but there are open spaces in the coffee table, and I worried that one accidental brush against it would send the whole thing to the floor. Or go flying if Ivy got up there, which so far, she hasn’t.

So I walked around inside and outside looking for something to use as a solid base. Finally I decided on the boho type table right by my chair.

I unscrewed the three legs and put them away for now and put the table top on the green fold out coffee table. It was the perfect size. Plus it looks boho.

So I centered my tree on it and stood back and looked at it. Something was still off. I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

I’d made numerous trips to World Market and Hobby Lobby looking for boho ornaments because the ones I was making with beads just weren’t cutting it. I ended up purchasing two boxes of the heart-shaped wood ornaments, with 12 to a box, for $7.99, at World Market.

They had all these pretty ornaments, but this was the cheapest thing I could find that I liked and there was no way I was paying for single ornaments. That’s where the real money comes in.

At Hobby Lobby I ended up getting two boxes of 12 each of the round neutral rag ball ornaments at half price. So $6.00 a box.

I went into Michaels and looked around. Nothing tempted me there.

I think I went to World Market twice and Hobby Lobby, which is thankfully less than 2 miles from me, I don’t know how many times. Mostly just to roam the store and see what I could come up with.

That’s how I often get ideas. I just walk around a store until something I see stops me. It might not be exactly what I’m looking for. But it might just get the creative juices going and then I have an idea to run with.

There’s a certain feeling I get when I know I’m onto something. Puts a little spring in my step.

If I hadn’t said I’d do a boho tree, at that point I would have thrown in the towel because I was so aggravated. Ideas were coming to me, I was trying to implement them, but nothing was working.

I’d take the decorations off, put them back on.

Then I went to Hobby Lobby once more and purchased the wood slice ornaments with the snow flake in the center. Six in a package was $3.99, but they were half price. So I got two packages for a total of $3.99.

I looked around some more, feeling like I was finally making progress, and found the brown bells to use as ornaments. It’s hard to see them because they’re so dark.

The bells came 6 to a package and were I think $2.99 but were half price. I bought 2, so that was a total of $2.99.

I put everything in a box and just stared at it for awhile. And then it came to me what the problem was. I was trying to create a boho style tree with ornaments that just didn’t have the boho flavor I wanted. They had the woodland feel, but were missing the boho touch.

So I got out my beads again and began adding beads here and there to the ornaments I’d purchased.

I then started tying my ornaments to the tree. But even after I had it all decorated, something was still bugging me.

So I moved the tree to the end of the table and started roaming about my apartment looking at other Christmas trees of various sizes that I had.

I had purchased a few trees at my grocery store at 25% off. So they were reasonable. And I’d purchased a couple of wooden ones at Home Goods weeks ago before I ever began decorating.

I began creating a vignette and finally, FINALLY, I felt like I was getting somewhere. After that it came together quickly.

I will give up on a project completely if I’m not satisfied with the results. I’d rather give up than have something I’m just halfway happy with.

But I was determined to do this and it took days of deliberation, but it is finally done.

And it is what you see today. Happy Boho holidays! If I didn’t love you all so much I’d have thrown in the towel.

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  1. Quite a nice vignette..Its beautiful and thank you for all the work. You may find some things around your place that will fit in to add to it..if you are still feeling like it needs something more…as you go..sometimes it just hits as we go along..if we are not actively searching.. It is very pretty. Happy Boho Christmas. I bet your place is extra cozy now at night..with all the tree lights and your fireplace..and most of all the warmth of your furbabies. Cheers.

  2. Well the little “boho” tree turned out to be really unique with all the wooden ornaments. It’s very pretty but I don’t know if I would call it “boho”. I guess I think of boho as having more color, but what do I know? I actually like what you did better than I think I would if you had added any colors because I like a neutral look in quite a few areas of decor. Anyway, what you came up with is both interesting to look at and a unique take on tree decorating. Refreshing.

    Ever since my husband left I have been decorating my table tree differently than when we were together with a family. I always use white and silver ornaments and strings of silver beads. But this year I am kind of wanting to do something different but I haven’t determined what yet. Guess I better decide pretty soon, right?? I like the new “blush” color in ornaments maybe I’ll just add those to the silver and white for a small change. We’ll see. I did get some spray snow so I’ll add that to the branches too.

    I hope Ivy isn’t sick. Will check in tomorrow to see what you find out at the vet. Maybe she has finally stopped growing and doesn’t need as many calories as before.

    Thanks for the chronicle of the boho tree!

  3. I think ur funny! I’m beginning to wonder if ur just fooling us and really live in a HUGE house? Where in the world do u store all ur stuff?! Glad I read ur post. You make me laugh. Ur tree is oh so boho!!!!

  4. Brenda, your tale made me smile…oh, what tortured decorators we are! I totally get it. If it’s not right we feel it and it just won’t do. I think your perseverance paid off, because the tree is perfect. But you already know that…you felt it in your gut. 😉

  5. You’re not the only one who plays with things for days to get them “just right”! I’ve been doing this with my Christmas decor and I’m frustrating the heck out of myself, lol. I went into Hobby Lobby to look for a canvas Christmas or winter scene for my kitchen wall to replace the fall one, and they didn’t have any left. In fact, I was disappointed in their lack of Christmas decor this year. Though maybe it was just because it’s already mostly cleaned out.

    Your boho tree is beautiful. Love the ornaments.

    Where in the world do you store all these trees and decor in your tiny apartment?

  6. I love all of your trees, Brenda! YOU are so good at vignettes, and that’s what I immediately thought when i started reading your post….she needs to do her speciality of a vignette! Your home always looks so cozy and serene. Merry Christmas ?

  7. It’s a beautiful vignette and I love how you decorated the natural/woodsy style tree. Sometimes we tussle with our creativity, but those can also turn out to be our best results!

  8. Remember back a couple of months ago, when you decided to add some boho elements to your apartment? You got such enjoyment from shopping for things to bring in a natural, organic vibe, adding items made of shells and wood, adding more plants, and adding things with an Indian feel such as elephants and buddhas. You got a lot of flack from some readers who vowed to never read this blog again because they thought you’d joined hands with the devil. But you stuck to your desires and you seemed quite invigorated yet calmed in your new environment. You had some really upbeat posts during that decorating phase. But wow, the upbeat boho feeling sure was gone when you were working on this display! I think you were frustrated because you were trying to do something to please the readers rather than doing it for yourself. Sure, you created a pretty display, but, you are a creative person who can make something pretty with your eyes closed in a dark room. So it’s no surprise that it is pretty. But does it have boho soul? Well, a teeny bit of boho spirit slipped in with the little owl, so maybe all is not lost! As the weeks lead up to Christmas, maybe some more boho will creep into the vignette as you relax by your fire with a cup of hot chocolate and let your mind roam.

    1. “…you are a creative person who can make something pretty with your eyes closed in a dark room.” I really like this!! 🙂 b

  9. I love your trees vignette Brenda! That’s what I do, keep at it, whatever it is til it’s done, but I have to walk away from it too! Lol. It helps me to think about how I’ll feel when it’s all done.

    I’ll pray that Ivy is alright too!
    Keep warm with your fur babies!

  10. We didn’t have our weekly luncheon meeting because several of us have this nasty virus going around. But we did text each other and voted you the kindest pet owner who does Boho Christmas the best. We admire your creativity and your perseverance in not only getting it done but getting it right. We all agreed that none of us have the energy to walk down the aisles of Hobby Lobby that many times. Our Hobby Lobby is so crowded with its huge Christmas markdown sales and our weather is so nasty and dreary. We all decided to just stay home and try to feel better. Your post helped. You are an amazing inspiration and we all look forward to your positive decorating posts.

    1. I normally stay out of the stores after Thanksgiving due to the crowds, but I said I’d do a boho tree and nothing was working. So I got in there with the aisles of women pushing baskets and talking on phones and did it. Now I need to stay home awhile to rest back up from all the people exposure!

      1. “People Exposure” – I’m right there with Ya!! I went to Walmart for food and, hopefully, a small doggie sweater and got a Good dose of “People Exposure” tho everyone was in a good mood and very polite to each other! 🙂 b

        1. I, too, dislike an overload of ‘people exposure’. Good way to phrase it, Brenda!
          Your newest vignette is lovely. I really like the white and pale wood tones.
          Get well wishes for Ivy Lou. Sure hope she is okay. Cuddles to both of your babies. Be well?

  11. As usual a beautifully decorated vignette. You certainly made out with those ornaments. Everything is just beautiful. I was in Hobby Lobby about two weeks ago and it was a zoo. We don’t have one within 20 miles so don’t frequent them often Hope Ivy picks up.

  12. As I was reading the determination You “spent” for this Boho tree décor, I said to myself, self, she isn’t doing this for herself she is doing this for all those ladies that read and comment on her blog. Very thoughtful and Very determined! I was just looking at it and I was wondering what adding some small bright red apple ornaments to the Boho would do (tho You did say You were finished.) Now I know nothing of Boho and nothing of decorating, but I like color. However, You have made a pretty “site!!!” I’m sitting here wondering what You are gonna do next?!?! Hope Ivy feels better. I’m an anxious dog mom and when one of the “babies” cough or gags I check them out to see why. 🙂 barb

  13. I really like the way you have decorated your tree. I like what you have it sitting in and the candles you placed around it. I am having a smaller tree this year, too and it will sit on top of a wooden crate. I think I will try using a try and put some candles around it. You had to work hard this year to get things together the way you wanted them. You definitely hit the nail on the head.

    I hope that Ivy is feeling better. It is a worry when they aren’t feeling good. We go through the same thing with our fur baby.

  14. Well done, you achieved the look you were after! I can’t seem to get even one tree up in my house. I surely do hope Ivy is okay, I’ll be praying for her health.

  15. BO HO HO!!!! So pretty; so glad that you did not give up. The trees look not only boho but so classy/elegant. I can just imagine how pretty your cozy little house looks during the evening — your trees lit up and a warm fire (and some of that hot chocolate).

    Please give us an update on Ivy; hope all is well with her.

    Take care.

  16. Perseverance won out!!! I love your little forest!! A true vignette, boho, Christmas, eclectic, it has it all. Just tell Ivy to keep her paws and nose out of it, haha!!

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