Working In The Bedroom

Now I’m working in the bedroom of my new-to-me one level apartment. Taking things out of boxes and deciding where to put stuff.

I didn’t get to post yesterday. First I had Cox Tech Solutions working on my computer for hours cleaning it remotely. 

Little Mishaps:

Then I was working in the bedroom and knocked a glass apothecary jar over and broke it into a gazillion pieces. Right where my computer wiring for the modem is.

Out came my beloved Dyson handheld and I started sucking those glass slivers up quickly.

While doing so, I apparently pulled some computer wiring out of place (those things have fantastic suction) and it took me hours to figure out what computer wire went where. By that time it was close to 9 p.m.

Running Myself Ragged:

I have been going at a pace that I know I can’t keep up. Now I can’t even straighten my fingers. I’ve got to slow down. 

I don’t have many rooms. Four to be exact. I keep telling myself that I might as well enjoy the journey.

So I am going to MAKE myself slow down. (Famous last words said so many times I cannot count. Actually stopped counting.) 

Ugly Vertical Blinds:

I’m having difficulties with the dreaded vertical blinds looking out on the patio. They are stubbornly resisting being opened without a lot of jerking and a bit of cussing. 

Mayhem may ensue. I am not going to look at those ugly blinds all day when I could be looking at my patio just starting to shape up. 

I have the bedroom bookshelves looking fairly neat, and the quilt hanging over the bed.

Abi the diva has managed to sneak into the photo again.

Couldn’t Pass Up These Sunflowers:

These cheerful sunflowers were a good deal at Sprouts the other day. Sprouts is right next to my current drug store where I was picking up some medication.

They have a great little chocolate cake I’ve discovered. And hummus and all kinds of other goodies. 

Is it stormy in your neck of the woods? I know the plants enjoyed the shower. They’re growing so fast!

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  1. Just catching up…..yes you must slow down and take your time! Your quilt above the bed looks gorgeous, and your plants all look wonderful. I love the little blue birdhouse with the pretty coloured pansies! Hope you get some relaxing days now before you hurry to finish your home decorating…..though I know it's hard not to!
    Take care. Helen xox

  2. Brenda, thanks for your directions for one-person-hanging of the quilt over your bed. My quilts are all large, bed-sized ones so the info, unfortunately, didn't help me. 🙁

  3. Your bedroom is looking awesome! Try curling up in there everyday for an hour long break…you need to play catch up with your mind and body.

    I know you've thought of this, probably mentioned it (duh), but why don't you hang curtains at the patio doors and just get rid of the blinds? Maybe those drop cloth ones everyone was making a few yeas ago? Just have a few panels that you can slide open to one side,

    I sent you an email. It looks like Kansas got the worst of the tornado's. We are supposed to get rain starting Sunday morning and it didn't come until about 6:00. Then they predicted we would have bad storms all night. Nope. And they said rain until Thursday. It's just overcast. I just planted grass seed and bulbs so I want it badly!

    At this house we have a basement but tornadoes usually die out as they get close too the city. At the lake we get much worse weather and we just have a small crawl space…in fact, you would have to lie down in it. A few times we have gone into the mudroom to get away from the 15 foot wall of windows in the Great room when it was threatening looking.

    Have fun with Judy today!


  4. Your place is coming along quite beautifully. Taking our time and slowing down is a hard thing for me to do, also. But as my 73-yro mentor says, "It is hard to slow down as we age, but our bodies need the rest and we don't have to do everything at one sitting like we used to do when younger." Anyway, rain? I would love it. We got hit with 14 inches of NEW snow last night (and still snowing) after our yard had finally melted the 5-1/2 feet of snow off from October. Anyone want a house in the Black Hills? Cate <><

  5. I love the flower quilt too – the colors are wonderful, but my fave this time is the cloud photo. That one feels like the passageway to heaven, above the world, through the rain, and into eternal light!

  6. The quilt over your bed is a beauty; one of your creations? The skies were dark and it was chilly all weekend. It is supposed to get up to 90 tomorrow! OMG! From one extreme to the other.

  7. First….since I have trouble sitting still, I'm not much help. All I can find to keep me sitting still for a while is to sit and do a crossword or sudoku puzzle. I so sympathize!

    Second…for your vertical blinds (not something I like either…but they work until something better can be found)….have you tried spraying the track and chains with WD40? It seemed to help mine until I was able to find something better. It's not perfect, but did work for me.

    1. I think it was just me being impatient. Judy walked in the door, went over to them, and they worked like magic. She just looked at me and asked me why the little things are so difficult for me yet I can do the big things.

  8. Slow down, and enjoy the process of making your new home! I love your quilt above your bed. and I wish our cat, Terminator (name appropriate) is very camera shy. She will run away every time I try to take a photo.. Listen to Judy, she cares for you so, and knows you well. It's storming here now, and will for the next several day, we need the rain badly. Take care.

  9. Listen to your friend and climb in the tub…With the pupsters and a quilt for comfort and hang on tightly to them! Hopefully this will just be practice and no real tornadoes.

  10. Brenda…that quilt over your bed is gorgeous! Please take it slow for a few days…your body needs to rest. When I have a large task to do…I break it down into hour long segments….and rest. Only way I get through. And, if there are tornado warnings….get into the tub with your pups….Judy will be so happy! 😉

    1. Sun is shining brightly. We got no rain or thunder. Thanks for your words about the quilt. I always loved simple styles of quilts. Patchwork like the pioneers did.

  11. Brenda, I just read a blog yesterday, and cannot remember whose blog it was, but they are in a rental and she couldn't stand the blinds, either. If you look at the top of each of the "slats", there is a little clip-like thing. She took the slats down, one by one, and tied and then stacked them under her bead. She then got some curtains, she said she used a Target tablecloth that was 84 inches and used them as curtains, and she used those curtain clips you can buy and clipped them using those same clips at the top where the slats were. She said another neighbor did the same thing, but used pretty shower curtain hooks. She pulled them to the sides during the day and draped them using a hook on each side of the window. I don't know if that made sense…… but it looked really cute!!!! Maybe smart Judy could read it and figure it out. I wish I could remember the blog so I could send the link……………… maybe if you google it or look for a YouTube video?? She said when she was ready to move, she will just hook those slats right back in.
    Everything is looking so pretty!!!! And please DO take those pupSTARS in the bathroom w/ you and lock the door when these nasty storms make their appearance. Better to be safe than sorry! Don't forget Blacklist tonight!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Great idea! Judy will probably help me figure it out. I ordered a nice bamboo for the living room window. Just want to put it over the mini blinds and pull them up. It was nearly a hundred dollars so did not get one for the bedroom.

  12. Hi Brenda, you are getting so much done and although you are worn out, I know it is a good worn out right?? Be careful in those storms. Judy is right. We had a threat of severe storms with lots of hail, but somehow it blew over and we got nothing. I know it is only the beginning of our storm season and much more to come for us both.
    You just cracked me up with the computer wires sucked up into your Dyson. LOL I have a shark and it does the same thing.
    Have a great week decorating and don't forget to take time off to rest up or crawl into the bathtub with the pups when the sirens blow!!

  13. Tornadoes have got to be one of the scariest acts of nature to experience. Maybe it's because I grew up watching Wizard Of Oz, but the thought of being swept up only to land who knows where and probably not in one piece is way too creepy. Let's hope you don't have to experience one! We just heard that 16 people were killed in Arkansas due to a tornado. 🙁

    I know how hard it is to just do nothing when faced with boxes, clutter and what not. I'm going through it right now, I shouldn't be taking the time to visit blogs much less comment, but Fisherman hurt his back really badly and there's only so much I can do without his help. At least the computer is hooked up and I have my iPad back :).

    1. What's still in boxes are at least in the closet where I can't see them unless I open the door. Sorry he hurt his back! Moving will do that to you.

  14. Just a little tip for you. I hope it is ok to share.
    When hanging a textile on the wall, such as your quilt, just use straight pins. Get a pair of needle nose pliers and gently push the pin into the textile and into the wall. I hang my hooked rugs this way. I also hang alot of my smaller art pieces this way. The glass head straight pin holds alot of weight, strange as it seems.
    It looks like you may have use thumb tacks to hang your beautiful quilt? I can't tell for sure. That will compromise the threads and break them. You don't want to do that.
    Go get you a little box of glass head pins…….from JoAnns or wherever…….. And see how much weight they will hold. Just push them into the sheetrock slowly and firmly!!!! You will love this.
    Believe me, I have several rugs hung in my house……and a wool rug is not lightweight!
    Enjoy my tip for the day and PLS be safe!

  15. Seeing that beautiful quilt over your bed is a perfect way to start and end your day. It's both cheering and calming at the same time.

    I simply cannot imagine being faced
    with a tornado. Frightening beyond
    words! Where I grew up, we had a
    lot of electrical storms and were
    warned away from the bathroom as
    a safe spot because the plumbing
    was an excellent conductor of
    electricity. For many, many years, I
    lived in an quake prone area and
    anything higher than your chest was
    secured to a wall stud by a nylon
    strap screwed into it's back so that
    the piece could fall on you. But
    tornado's! All that wind force and
    flying debris! You're like a sitting
    duck, so to speak. Do listen to Judy
    and tub up! Have you a plan if
    something like like a tornado does occur? What would you do, what could you do? We don't want you to get blown away.

    1. Well, I'd figure out something. Hallway probably. Though it's pretty small. Or bathtub. My living room wall adjoins my neighbor's living room wall. So unless that fell down, it's an inside spot.

  16. Good morning Brenda. I live in a mobile home so if the weather turns bad I don['t know where we would go. I keep the cat carrier in the house for just such an eventuality. I also keep my photographs close enough to grab on my way out. We have never had to "hit the ditch" thank the Lord, but I feel prepared.
    I know it is hard to slow down when all you can see is all that needs to be done, but that is something I believe you must do before you are forced to slow down.
    I love your quilts that you hang. Because of you I hung one at the end of my hallway. I hated that it had to be packed away, but I saw what you did and I thought oh yeah what a good idea. I think the most favorite piece of your home is your weathered window frame that you have so many great things in. I am so glad to see it hanging.
    The song "Feelin Groovy" comes to mind…"Slow down you move too fast. Got to make the moment last." I know you don[t want to, but I think you need to.

    1. You're right. Don't want to; but need to. I'm so afraid that only window frame is going to fall apart. Every time it is moved more falls off the frame. It is pretty rotted through.

  17. The quilt over the bed looks so pretty ( with the diva : ) Slivers of glass scattered among computer wiring, ugh. I did come over to see if you'd blown away….please DO get into the tub with pillows over you and the dogs head and whatever else you are supposed to do! : )

  18. LORDY!!! You had me so worried! Just not like you to post! I was imagining you falling off something while hanging a quilt or picture on the wall! You gave me 50 more grey hairs! I even checked Judy's blog. I was praying I wouldn't find out on Judy's blog that she had taken you to the hospital with something broken! So happy to know you are ok!
    Abi… the diva. She cracks me up. Those ears are too funny! The quilt is gorgeous!
    Bathtubs… take all of your important papers in with you! I had to do this multiple times last summer. Me… the cat… my phone… my important papers. Always make sure you have good walking shoes. If a tornado hits, you want good foot coverage. I get rather frantic in tornado warnings. I experienced a big tornado at my parents cottage back in the 80's. Very frightening. I have a list I keep and a backpack somewhat packed up with necessities. I am pretty anal about being prepared for bad storms. Please listen to Judy. Be ready. You have a lot of people who truly care. No time to be stubborn with mother nature.
    Please rest up! You deserve it dear friend!!!


    1. I always have one good walking shoe on, and of course one boot. I would have posted something Saturday but at 9 p.m. I am heavy-lidded and wanting to sleep.

  19. Hi Brenda,
    Just popping in to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Hope you and your puppies are all safe & dry! Your new place looks beautiful and I just love the pansies; they are one of my favorite flowers. Your blog is one of the highlights of my day, but please slow down and get some rest!!! xo

    1. I have proclaimed today "rest day" except for walking the trash down to the corner. We did not even get a drop of a rain or a thunder clap.

  20. Hi Brenda,
    I wanted to stop over and say hi since you subscribed to Design Your Own (lovely) Blog a while back. I love the idea of your blog, I too live in a small space so this is very practical for me. It was rainy and overcast here in Denver today too so I guess it's goin around. I love your idea of slowing down. I too am guilty of going 100 miles a minute at all times. Nice to remember to take things slow and enjoy the journey.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  21. Raining here now…and from the looks of the weather forecast, will be doing so the entire week. BLAH. Your place is looking really good, though I agree you need to slow down. There's no rush to finish anything! Love the quilt over your bed – looks so pretty.

  22. OMG-You sucked the wires up out of your computer? lol You are a riot-even without meaning to be. lol
    Everyone needs a JUDY in their life. You are lucky to have her and,actually, she is lucky to have you, too. You are a rock underneath all you have been through. Wish I lived closer to you two gals- we might all be in trouble.

    Yes-slow down, will you? If YOU will- I will. Oh-wait- I don't see that happening for either of us. We are just busy bodies. NOT busybodies….Busy Bodies! Have a good night, my friend. xo Diana

  23. "Judy stubbornly insists that she has far too much invested in me to have me blow away in a tornado." Hahaha!….I'm sorry, that struck me so funny.You tell her, Judy 🙂 You are blessed with such a friend, Brenda!
    You MUST give yourself some rest. We all will love following along with the progress of your new home, even if at a slower pace. I know it's easier said than done, but try to cut yourself some slack and recharge for a day or two- you need it and you deserve it!


  24. Tell me if I am wrong but I can sense behind the words that you are not only tired and achey, but your patience is running low and you seem a bit frustrated. These are all signs of fatigue. Please relax and perhaps hit the sack early tonight, everyone needs to replenish. Heck, take a day off from blogging, too if you have to. Have a peaceful evening.

    1. I took yesterday off. I'm usually in bed around 9 p.m. I'm not a late night person. Thank you, yes you are correct.

  25. It's ok to slow down and take your time unpacking, settling in and decorating. Sometimes one has to live in a new space for awhile before arranging furniture and stuff. We've moved a few times over the years. I do the kitchen first, then the bedroom and bathroom. The living room and dining room are last. I remember being overwhelmed with the last move and had to call the movers back to unpack the stuff. Of course I was working full time then. It took quite some time to get it all done. I'm amazed with what you have managed so far. Rest those sore hands and tired body. Snuggle on that couch with your babies and read, listen to music or watch those favorite shows of yours.

    1. It's just so easy to get out of control once you start unpacking and putting things away. One thing leads to another…

  26. a lady named Kendra above mentioned fairy gardens…….do you have those and if so, where may I see the photos, I am a new follower. I made a fairy garden…… was fun!! They are charming and whimsical.

    1. Well, once I would have had quite a few to show you. But I lost 1500 posts last July in a technological mess. So I had to start my blog over. I will be making fairy gardens along with my container gardens and plan to make one soon. I'll go back in the Archives I have and see if there are any to show you.

  27. MERCY GIRLFRIEND!!! you need to sit down, prop up those feet, get you a big glass of iced tea (no wait a minute–you're a coffee drinker, right??) and immerse yourself into a big stack of decor magazines that you love, perhaps a new library book?,or maybe just surf your favorite blogs and sites……not for work related, but just to surf and read for pleasure. Hope you can do this………because you deserve it. Moving in so hard, so taxing physically if you have any health issues at all, and its mentally and emotionally draining as well. Your new HOME is shaping up very nicely….and extremely quickly!! You are much faster than me! I know,,,,,I know… want everything IN ITS PLACE and looking proper and organized and PRETTY. You will get there!!!! Just rest up as you go along! I know your plants are acclimating themselves to their new patio home, and I know you're going to make it look fantastic! Keep us posted okay? Oh, and how do I follow you??? cant find the 'follow' button? thanks

    1. Feedburner is acting up right now. You could follow via Bloglovin or Feedly, which is on my sidebar toward the top.

  28. Please tell how you (one person) was able to hang that beautiful quilt over your bed? I would like to hang a quilt, but I am finding it is impossible for one person – it seems one person has to hold it up against the wall while the other one fastens it to the wall…

    1. These size quilts are very lightweight. The way I do it is to find the middle at the top and put a thumb tack in that first. Then work outward. I stand on the bed. Then I step back and see how it looks and keep going around. Bigger quilts take much more preparation. Which is why I made the smaller ones too.

  29. Hi Brenda,
    It's no wonder you are winding down. You've been going like a whirling dervish for days. As you said….it's a small space…take your time and enjoy the process. I love that you are keeping us up with your decorating….just take care and let things come together. Hugs….Balisha

  30. Brenda, can you take those blinds down and put up an inexpensive drapery rod with some long curtain panels instead? Since it is a rental they might not want you to take them down though…. If not, long curtain panels would look great with the blinds pushed all the way back. I have problems with the patio door blinds we have here and the only way to slide them all the way back is to turn the wand to open them up first – maybe your blinds are the same? You might want to try that.
    The quilt over your bed is just beautiful! And I love the cute little diva on the bed also! :-). Time for you to slow down and rest for awhile. You've done so much already! Take care, Brenda and do get in the bathtub for protection please if a really bad storm comes your way. Shut the pupsters in the bathroom with you, so they will be safe too. Judy is definitely right on this!! 🙂

  31. Everything looks great Brenda. The world won't come to an end if it isn't done asap. Take your time to be sure you have everything where you want it. You don't have to work so fast that you will be redoing it because you aren't satisfied.
    Whatever happened to that beautiful headboard you and Judy made? I noticed before that it wasn't in your other bedroom. pam

    1. That was replaced with the white one. The quilted headboard was beautiful, but did nothing to help my back pain. I needed a bed with a footboard and slats under the mattress, which I now have. Got to choose comfort over beauty…

  32. It is just beginning to storm here in GA. Looks like it will continue into next week too. It's no surprise that you're feeling tired. You've been through so much both physically and mentally. I like the colorful quilt you hung above your bed. Hope you get some rest and remember that tomorrow is another day!

    1. You're right, Kelly. I embroidered around the posies on that quilt. Wish I could still do that. I loved embroidery.

  33. My fingers aren't working too good today, either! I'll try again….
    I agree with the others that you should pace yourself on the putaway and decorating. Everything you've done so far looks fantastic! I think one of the comments above had a great idea about shoving the blinds over to the side and hanging a panel over them and then having other panels to close off the rest when you need to. Just a thought!
    Your little photo bomber is a cutie! Take care and get some rest. ~Cheryl

  34. Dear Brenda, Slow down…you'll have every thing in it's place before too long. No sense wearing yourself out. I love everything you have done so far. Blessings for a great new week ahead. xoxo,Susie

  35. Brenda, I know it's hard to slow down, but you must. Great advice from someone who is worn out too. I've been going nonstop in my garden for days now–I'm exhausted! I had to take a nap this afternoon I was so tired. I understand going at break neck speeds, but it does catch up with you. Also, if a tornado is in your area, get into the bathtub—I wouldn't want anything to happen to you! ♥

  36. Do slow down and enjoy the process! It seems like that is very hard for you. OH just get in the tub already or Judy will be very upset! LOL 🙂 She loves you as we all do. I'm so tired from working in Mom's house today. Not sure my old body can keep this up! It's getting cloudy here in Houston so I guess we will have some rain. Stay safe.
    hugs, Linda

  37. I love the photo bombs of your Diva – especially with the one ear down look – so adorable! Your home looks so incredibly cozy – you have given me many ideas of how to display some old photos. Thank you for sharing!

  38. Yes you need to slow down. But Brenda it is all looking so good. Those vertical blinds would drive me crazy. Any I have been around have been a tug of war! I have tornado watch till 9 here. So far so good. I missed you yesterday. So sorry for the mishaps. I had a full length mirrow break in a gazillion slivers about mess!! Take care and Judy have fun! Kendra

  39. I have the same "ugly" blinds in my house that I own. First of all spray the track with some Pam cooking spray all the way across, it helps to slide them easier. I put a valance across half of one side of them and the other side is a floor length curtain gathered in the middle and it looks quite good. I don't think yours are ugly, just need dressing up. Besides, it's a rental, can't tear them down can you?

  40. Do slow down and watch some movies and do some reading. We can wait to see your rooms. Your quilt over the bed is gorgeous! I am assuming you made it. You might want to start sewing again if your foot is up to it. A quilt like that could fetch hundreds of dollars on Etsy. Anyway, I hate verticals too. What you could do is push them open and leave them open, then hang a long black curtain rod a few inches higher with the brackets that make it stand away from the wall a few inches. Then get some pretty drape panels from Target or Walmart and you won't have to bother with the verticals anymore, just leave them pushed to one side behind the drapery panel. I like to get the drapes with the grommet holes on top, they open and close very easily, and don't require you to buy rings. 3 panels would be enough to cover the door completely for privacy at night.

    1. Yes, I made that quilt about ten years ago. Even if my foot could handle the sewing machine, my hands have too much arthritis. I sold every bit of my fabric at the sale.

  41. I agree with Judy and everyone else, take the pupsters and lock yourself in the bathroom, it's better to be safe than sorry. We are getting severe storms here in NC by Tuesday night/Wednesday they say so I only have a couple of days to finish what I want to do before it starts. Take care of yourself, rest, just look at your beautiful patio and rooms and we will all wait for you to get better.

  42. I am so glad your plants are with you and ok! Please take care of yourself…..many of us depend on you! ;)♥

    1. Oh, and severe weather headed for me in MissouI……but I prayed, so all will be well!!!!!! Except for Miss Bella, she will be hiding in the bathroom soon…..

    2. Brenda, you have been working at an amazing speed, please take time to slow down, rest your body. While resting, this will be a good time to browse pinterest . You will find many new decorating and space saving ideas to help you with other rooms. So glad you have a good friend like Judy, she sound like an amazing women, so glad you two found each other. We are anxious to see all the other decorating, but do not want you to overwork. Love everything you have done with decorating and patio, love the glass door at back of home, this opens it up to look like another room. Patio is so inviting, good place to invite a friend (Judy) over to enjoy this space with you, maybe have lunch together or just a cup of coffee. Hope you will soon find a solution to coverings for glass doors, there are many reasonably priced curtains to purchase, also like one of readers idea for using a pretty sheet, this would be a good fix until you decide on curtains. Take care, get some rest so you can recharge and keep the ideas flowing. Thanks again for sharing your home, love your blog.

    3. Well, you say such kind things! Yes, Judy is the best friend I've ever had. I think she's even more stubborn than I am though, so she usually does win, whatever it is.

  43. Dear Miss Abi does like to be in the picture, doesn't she? Such a cutie! I love the gorgeous quilt above your bed. So very beautiful! Love all your photos.

    I'm very compulsive about finishing a job once I start. Even to the point of exhaustion. We both need to remember to slow down and enjoy the whole process.

    We have had an all day rain here. The next few days will be the same. Will definitely make things wonderfully green!

    Take care of yourself, Brenda, and please do what Judy says!

  44. You've had your "pedal to the metal" for quite some time now my friend.. You have the remainder of this year and years to come to get everything just like you want it.. I know,. if you're anything like I am, that you like immediate gratification. LOL.
    Please listen to Judy about protecting your self and your babies in case of a storm that's worse then usual.. You can lock Charlie and Abi in the bathroom with you and then you'll be together—-weather or not..
    We're expecting stormy weather next week with lots of rain.. I'll have to pay special attention to my plants.. Don't want them to drown.
    The quilt over your bed looks cozy, warm and welcoming.
    I'm hoping that you'll have a fun, restful, happy week ahead.

  45. You have accomplished so much already. Everything looks great. Your pup looks so cute there with that pretty quilt in the background. She matched her toy to the quilt!

    I have to get outside and make sure my plants and everything else is weighted down so it doesn't blow away. The winds are starting to blow the storms in, I suppose. It is looking stormier by the minute. Take care if the storms come your way today and tonight.

    1. The good thing about a small fenced patio is that the wind just can't come rolling across and get to it like it does with a big span of space. I know in TX I had a gazebo in a small courtyard space and nothing ever bothered it, and it wasn't bolted down or anything.

  46. We hd rain again the other night, which is great for So Cal. Trees I thought were dead have come back. We still need more but I'll take what we get! It doesn't need to all be done at once or this week. Just enjoy this process. Maybe somebody who has had those vertical blinds can shed some light on how to make them move easier. If you get them back in the corner, can you just leave them? Maybe take them down completely and hang something else up there? Can't wait to see this lamp you and Judy are working on. And love the photo bombs! I'm sure you made that beautiful quilt, it looks great up there on the wall!

    1. Yes, I made that quilt about 10 years ago. Back when arthritis had not hit my hands so much. I loved to embroider.

  47. I so enjoy reading your Blog and look forward to it each day. Have a good day and do some laughing with your friend as you work on your lamp project, it's good for the heart and soul!

    1. Judy and I always laugh. I guess that's one reason we're such good friends. Similar sense of humor. Laughter is food for the soul.

  48. You definitely deserve to slow down, Brenda! It'll be good for you … and it will lengthen the thrill of anticipation for your readers! But I can see why you're exhausted … what you have accomplished is nothing short of amazing and so incredibly lovely and cozy. You truly have a gift for decorating, gardening, styling, etc. And you are an inspiration to me for the brave way you have adjusted to the changes life has brought you. No rain here; we could use some! I enjoy your wonderful posts. Blessings! Bess

  49. time to slow down and give your body a day or two to recover. yes storms heading here – we have a storm shelter but I have to go outside to get to it and I always go to it. turns out I really have never needed to do that as it always passes us by but you never know! I would rather be safe than sorry – some people do not want to think about it though and that is up to them.
    Your patio garden is looking so pretty – I am envious. stay safe.

    1. I am looking out now and the sun is streaming over the patio. I have some morning glory seeds I soaked overnight. Need to get them in the ground. I still have galvanized tubs to plant too.

  50. Ditto for what Judy said. Our bodies just give us no choice but to slow down at times. I don't envy storms bad enough to get in the bathtub, but certainly envy your rain. We don't have much in the way of grass here now from the drought that has lasted several years now. The up side is little mowing, but I remember growing up we had such lush thick green lawns and never had to run a sprinkler. We are on serious water restrictions, so even if I could afford the water bill, which I can't, we can't water much anyway. Send some of your rain our way, please. Hug to the little diva and her cat patrolling brother.

    1. I wonder why you don't get rain there? If I was at the other house I'd be having to call someone to mow every week by now.

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