Longmire Netflix Series Q&A

This is a Longmire Netflix Series Q&A (question and answer) post about the Netflix show, and actor Robert Taylor, who played the main character.

After six seasons, the Longmire Netflix series was canceled. The show portrayed Sheriff Walt Longmire in the fictional county of Absaroka, Wyoming.

In Longmire Netflix Series Q&A, this is an image of Sheriff Walt Longmire, played by Robert Taylor

Sheriff Walt Longmire, in the storyline, is a grieving husband having a difficult time dealing with his wife’s death.

Longmire is an admirable character due to his steadfast honesty and law-abiding nature.

Walt Longmire always did the right thing and protected those he loved.

Where did the series originate?

It originated on A&E.

On its premiere in June 2012, the series became A&E TV’s most watched original series launch of all time with 4.1 million total viewers. It was then picked up by Netflix.

Was another actor asked to play Walt Longmire?

The part almost went to Kyle Chandler, who starred in Friday Night Lights. He turned it down for unknown reasons.

When did Netflix pick up Longmire?

A&E canceled the show after the third season. A few months later Netflix picked the show up for its fourth season. Netflix continued to carry the show going forward, through its sixth and final season.

Sheriff Walt Longmire on Netflix

What town is Longmire filmed in?

The series takes place in a fictional Wyoming county but is filmed in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, and Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Where is Longmire’s cabin filmed?

The scenes for Longmire’s cabin are filmed in the Valles Caldera in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico. The caldera is a 14-mile-wide volcanic crater. It is now a national preserve.

Which TV characters did Robert Taylor base his performance of Walt Longmire on?

Robert Taylor bases his performance of Walt Longmire largely on Indiana Jones and many of Clint Eastwood‘s western characters.

What kind of gun did Walt Longmire carry?

Sheriff Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) carried a 1911 .45ACP Colt Government Model with custom stag grips for his duty sidearm.

What kind of hat did Walt Longmire wear?

Walt Longmire wears an “RCA #30” hat made by the O’Farrell Hat Co. of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. You can see the O’Farrell logo on the inside lining during Episode 1 of Season 4.

Where is the fictional Red Pony bar located?

The show’s fictional Red Pony Bar is in Madrid, New Mexico, and is actually called the Mine Shaft Tavern.

Where can I watch all 6 seasons of Longmire?

Peacock currently has 6 seasons of Longmire available for streaming.

Personal Info: When was Robert Taylor born?

Taylor was born on July 7, 1963 in Melbourne, Australia

How tall is Robert Taylor?

He is 6 foot and 2 inches tall

Is Robert Taylor married?

Robert is married to famous Australian producer Ayisha Davies. After 15 years of dating each other, Robert finally married Ayisha in a small ceremony.

Does Robert Taylor have children?

Robert and Ayisha have a daughter named Scarlett who was born in 2011.



  1. Good information.. things I didn’t know. I’ve stalked Robert Taylor since he did Longmire! He was SO GREAT in that role. Also love Lou Diamond Phillips and try to watch everything he makes. I agree.. Bosch was awesome and the spin-off, Bosch: Legacy is now on Freevee streaming TV. Was previoulsy IMBD tv. I’ve binge watched that one and there will be another season, but not sure when. I sure wish they’d do more series like Longmire…. they are so loved and watched by millions, so why don’t they make more? I loved the CJ Box books (Joe Pickett) is the character.. and I note there are 3 movies out now entitled Joe Pickett, but that character is nothing like the one in the books, though it looks like it’s loosely made from those books written by Box. One of CJ Box’s books has been made into a series called Big Sky. That is so good but only seen on TV for now I think. There have been 3 seasons and not sure if another one is coming. The best series always seem to be based on good books! Marilyn

    1. From what I could find out, I think they canceled Longmire because it attracted an older audience, not the younger group.

  2. I’ve never watched the show, but it sounds really interesting. I usually prefer single movies over series, because I hate getting to the end and having to wait a year for the next season. If it’s a series that has finished, then I love to binge watch a show. I finally broke down and watched Virginia River, and binge watched it. Now I have to wait a whole year to see the last season! Arg!! I watched a movie on Netflix recently called The House of Gucci. It was good. It’s based on a true story. What are some good series that are finished and all their seasons are on Netflix or Amazon Prime?

    1. Yes.. Bosch was awesome.. and when those seasons ended, a new spin-off has come out of him and his life. It’s called Bosch: Legacy I think and can be seen on Freevee streaming. The first 3 or 4? seasons of Bosch can be seen on Amazon Prime. Another good one is Luther.. seasons are all done but not sure where to watch it. Another great one if The Fall… has 5 episodes and then it’s done and so good! Marilyn

    2. Hi, guess I’m fortunate in that I just discovered Longmire and have only watched a few episodes. To me, it was reminiscent of many of the shows of the 50’s and 60’s, and being a western fan from the days when Hollywood was all about westerns , I am looking forward to watching the entire 6 seasons. I grew up in Hollywood when you couldn’t go up to Hollywood Boulevard and not find a parcel of westerns showing. When I was about 10 (I’m 84 now), on Saturday mornings everyone would get up early and stand in line at the Hitching Post Theater on Hollywood and Vine, across from the Pantages, to get in to see 2 full length features, and a cartoon for the 25 cent admission price. It was a raucous group , with everyone rooting for the hero to win. There was Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, the Lone Ranger, Tom Mix, Lash Larue, Hopalong Cassidy and a parcel of others. but the real similarities to Longmire were to be found in the TV series. There were Rawhide, The Rifleman, Bonanza, Laramie, The Big Valley, Maverick, Have Gun, Will Travel, only to mention a few.
      But the really great ones were the ,movies. Only to mention a few, Rio Bravo, Stagecoach, Shane, Giant, Hondo, Gunfight at the OK corral, True Grit, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I think almost every major male star was in a western. It was their time and I loved it and still do. That’s why I was happy to find Longmire, and look forward to watching the entire 6 seasons. Thanks for shedding light on the politics of it’s demise.

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