Mixing Vintage & Faux Vintage Decor

I’ve been mixing vintage and faux vintage decor lately. That’s mainly because I can’t get my knee scooter into the closet to retrieve some of my home decor.

But I’ve found that I really like mixing the two styles.

In Mixing Vintage & Faux Vintage Decor, I've used various items from my home

I think you’d be amazed at what you can find on Amazon if you put the right words in its search engine.

Brown Shutters:

I already had the brown shutters that I used as a backdrop, found some years ago at an antique mall. There were three sets, I recall. And I should have bought them all because they were about $8 each.

I have no idea how old the shutters are, but I don’t think they’re very old. However, they work for me for decorative backdrops, etc.

I also bought the little wooden stool at the antique mall, and have no idea what era it came from.

Mixing faux and real vintage decor

A reader found the small washboard in Mexico and sent it to me. She said it reminded her of me when she saw it.

New Twine & Scissors Set:

However, the twine and scissors set and the table clock are new and purchased from Amazon.com.

The women’s gloves are old. They’re probably from the forties, and they were purchased from eBay. You can find a lot of decor on eBay that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg if you spend a lot of time looking.

When, like me, you can’t currently go out or drive, you are fortunate to be able to shop from home. I shop at places like Etsy shops, eBay, and Amazon.com. And everything is shipped right to my front door.

Faux plants, wood house, twine and scissors set, vintage clock and women's gloves in a vignette.

There is also Decor Steals. This online store has $5 flat-rate shipping.

Shopping Online For Home Delivery:

I can’t even reach most of the packages that are outside my door, and neighbors bring them in for me. So I’m also fortunate to live where I now live because people are so generous and kind.

The lap quilt on the wall isn’t old either. I bought it on clearance from a quilt shop online years ago.

The shade of yellow appealed to me, and you have probably noticed that I use that color a lot in decorating my apartment.

Two of the faux house plants are new. I found them on clearance at Target.com and snapped them up.

This MARTHA&IVAN Faux Plant and the GTIDEA Faux Plant are two of my favorite faux plants that I’ve ordered online.

In Mixing Vintage & Faux Vintage Decor, I decorated this area in my apartment

Home Goods Online:

As you know from my recent post, Home Goods is now also online. I know some of you don’t have these stores in your area. You can find lots of wonderful items sitting in your favorite chair and shopping at Home Goods.

It’s really kind of fun to put all kinds of products in your imaginary store cart, and then choose the best prices for your favorite items.

Examples Of Vintage-style Decor On Amazon:

  1. Table Clocks
  2. Twine & Scissors Sets
  3. Women’s Gloves
  4. Wood bowls
  5. Wood trays
  6. Embroidery Scissors
  7. Glass bottles
  8. Wood Boxes
  9. Glass Mason Jars
  10. Feed Sack Pillows

You can literally buy most anything you want online at some store or another. I’d say Amazon is the most varied in terms of shopping.

But there are plenty of other types of stores where you can shop the afternoon away trying to get the best price.

Often you can see what consignment shops have by googling the ones in your area. And of course there’s always Facebook Marketplace where you can shop online locally.

I know many of you have wonderful thrift stores in your area. But I haven’t yet found any I like here in Tulsa. And right now I couldn’t go there anyway.

Put The Word “Vintage” In Search Engines:

When you’re looking for something of vintage origin on Amazon, type the word “vintage” in the search engine. For instance, vintage clocks. Just put vintage before the item you’re searching for.

You can create a vignette or decorate your home with a mix of things that go well together. No matter when they were produced or created.

You will also save on gas for your car by shopping online.

If you want to view how I’ve decorated my current apartment, you can find that here on Pinterest.


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  1. Thank you so much for providing a link to your Pinterest account! I have been reading your blog for years but never looked at what you had put on Pinterest as I had thought it would be all spread out over the many subjects they have (gardening, decorating, cooking, etc.), but everything that you put on their site is right there….together! I love it! And all those beautiful quilts of yours….Wow!! Thank you again!

  2. I really enjoy when you chat about decorating and show pictures of all your beauties.
    Recently I mentioned your blue scrappy quilt and asked if you had a red scrappy quilt. So, do you have a red scrappy quilt? I know red is your favorite color so I’m just curious.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

    1. I don’t have any red scrappy quilts that I’ve personally made. But I have a lap-size quilt that’s really old that’s red and beige. Found it at a consignment shop in Texas.

  3. Hello Brenda, I hope you are feeling better and better each day. Your faux are so life like, I had to do a double take. Friday for the first time in 2 1/2 years we went to a huge senior complex for their quarterly sale. Not many shoppers or treasures since Covid. Masks were required. For the first time I wore a N95. I was inside with A.C. and I could breath fine. I used to come home with FTD ceramic flower pots, and lots of small s to add into wreaths or to just scatter about. I only got a metal tin plated heart and a ceramic real sized white egg with a squiggly cut out to stick a little bird in. I am grateful for those and the 2 long dresses, an apron and a canvas bag. I am always looking for nice canvas bags for grocery shopping. I fool around making wreaths for our daughter and our home. They are nothing fancy but I always have to have a wreath on the front door. The plain grapevine wreaths are $9.00 at Walmart, thank goodness I have some in my stash to take apart and fool with. They are too
    thick for the space in between the door and storm doors. In fact I have 2 sitting next to me that I am going to redo for Fall. We will see our grandsons today so the weathers will have to wait. its a good sign to see you puttering around the house! Enjoy!

  4. I picked up a pair of old shutters and my husband built me a plant stand using them as the back. I love it.

    Any idea when you can drive again?

  5. I always love your decorating posts. I can’t wait for the holidays. They are always my favorite! Its hard to believe those plants aren’t real. They look so real in your pictures. I remember seeing some orchids at Home Depot, and I thought they were real! Faux plants have come a long way, haven’t they?

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