1. You’ve picked out a lot if cute and tempting fall decor – I like those four black and white pillow covers. I peeked at your dining chairs – great choice! Looking forward to seeing them in your home.

  2. How I love that plate with the swift or swallow on the border! It looks antique?
    And what pretty new chairs!
    I hope you’re doing ok with your therapy and continue to feel stronger and be more mobile.

  3. Wowee jowee, that is a bit of change for those chairs…so I hope you will love them!! Glad you are having a bit of fun, online anyway.

  4. Nice chairs Brenda!
    I’ll be looking for some pumpkins this yr to decorate with on my long rectangular trays! I have one tray in my kitchen and the other one on my dining room table.
    I’ll be glad for cooler weather bc I can’t stand the humidity lately! Yuck!
    My internet went off for over 3 hrs bc there was an outage around here! Finally came back on!

    1. I hate when that happens. Even if I don’t want to go online right then, it’s just so weird when things shut down. And we didn’t even have internet for years!

  5. I can’t wait to see your new chairs and how you will style your dining table with them! I love decorating for Fall! I’m so looking forward to the cooler, Fall weather, opening up the windows and just enjoying my decorations!

    1. I forgot to mention… last night I watched The Secret movie. It was great! I really enjoyed it! Thanks so much for the recommendation.

  6. Beautiful chairs, Brenda! Can’t wait to see them in your new home. You definitely have a knack for assembling beautiful vignettes. If I were to walk into your home, I’d just sit and look around in awe.

        1. Oh, you’d see Ivy’s toys all over the place and KNOW it wasn’t a model home. Just a regular home.

  7. I have been in the process of thinning my collections of decorations for a couple of years. The extras are in my garage waiting until it is cool enough to work there. This year went from cool to hot and has stayed there with sixty two day of over one hundred degrees. Usually we have no more than twelve. It sure made the days after Christmas easier than when I had so many decorations. Change a few pillow cases and throws and go.

  8. The new chairs are what I have wanted. Going to more neutral colors will be good for you. It will be more like your new home. I cannot wait to see how you decorate with that.

    1. When I create a tablescape, the yellow-gold chairs always put a crimp in things. Because I mostly decorate there with red and white.

  9. The French style chairs are beautiful, a timeless classic look. You truly have the knack for putting vignettes together Brenda, no matter what season it is. It is always a joy to read your posts and savor your photographs. You have so much talent! I’ve found since I moved here to my “retirement” home that after the first few years I cut back on seasonal decorating. I probably became somewhat obsessed with “trying to keep up with the Joneses” who are all over the internet and Youtube (I’m otherwise off social media) who seemed to “decorate” their house every month with new “hauls” and otherwise installed new extremely expensive furniture a couple times a year, remodelling, etc. etc. It got to the point where it was just nutso, all those rich rich people calling themselves “middle class.” HA! I turned them off, tuned them out, but not you, because you are one of the few actual REAL people out here on the internet. Okay, end of my rant. I switch out slipcovers for my basic tuxedo style dining chairs and will swap out curtains, rugs and different covers for my throw pillows, put out a few seasonal decor pieces but I’ve found myself over the past five or so years emptying out 40 years’ worth of items collected over time; but emptying out more lately, I guess as part of the “Great Clean” that was triggered by the pandemic in households all across our country. About mid-September I will take down the summer wreath on the front door and put up the autumnal wreath that will stay up until Christmas season and do the other things I mentioned regarding changing out curtains, throw pillow covers, etc. I don’t know if that’s considered “styling,” but it doesn’t take a whole lot of time and suits my lifestyle, which has become much more relaxed the deeper I sink into and relish my retirement years. I was so intense and just HAD to be “Miss Perfect” in everything I did from my career to decorating for so many years, quite exhausting. Sure the heck glad I got over that, geez!

      1. Some of those young bloggers homes are just beyond belief. I always think to myself: How do they afford that giant home with kids and only the husband working outside the home? Because I sure didn’t have that kind of money when I was in my thirties/forties.

  10. Oh, I love those chairs! I have been going thru my stash of Fall goodies just this past week to see what I might need for a few projects. I would love some felted pumpkins and animals. I am anxious to get to the Dollar Tree and Walmart to pick up a few Fall things. I was lucky to pick up a thrifted rectangular tray last week that I added a candle, berries and sunflowers in. I am looking for some Fall placemats to make pillow covers. I am anal about texture. I only like cotton and although the pillow covers I got from Amazon are cute, the rough texture drives me crazy and I won’t use them. The Dollar Tree used to have nice cotton kitchen towels and dish cloths, now they have that micro fiber feel and I won’t buy them. I am the same way with clothes especially socks. I found 2 Fall wreathes because I always love to have one on the front door. Especially September 1st, Meteorological Fall, I pop the Fall decorations right up! Have a good day and hope you are feeling better each day.

    1. I told Steve next door that even if I never got out of the walking boot, if I could just walk without pain, that would satisfy me.

  11. Love, love, love your decorating posts. Beautiful chairs you have chosen. A fun post!!!

    1. When I bought the yellow-gold chairs, I was in the other apartment and my table was always against the wall. Thus I only used three chairs. But the legs go outward and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit those legs in this walking boot in this new apartment. The style was kind of secondary to that. Here I can use four chairs, but the legs are easier to run into with my knee scooter. So chairs with legs that go straight down were a requirement.

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