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More Fall Decor In The Living Room

I created another fall vignette in the living room over against the wall by my TV. Lots of browns and neutrals on this wall.

Ivy appears in this photo of one wall of my living room. A chair, my TV on a portable fireplace, and two tables with vignettes.

Ivy inserts herself into the scene. She loves the softness of that rug.

I spy one of her toys underneath the chair against the wall. Oops, missed that.

I like the way the painting over the TV looks with the fall arrangement on that wall.

I just tucked my vignette into a small space between my TV/fireplace and front door. If you don’t have a lot of room to decorate for a season or holiday, just create a little vignette on a surface somewhere.

Autumn is coming. And I've already decorated in anticipation.

When you live in a small space home with no garage or extra storage space, you can’t keep a lot of seasonal decor. So make what you do get count.

Where I Found The Tables:

The tables are both from Tuesday Morning. One of them I purchased almost 2 years ago, and the other a few months ago.

I’m currently not going into stores. So Tuesday Morning will have to carry on without me.

Fall on two tables in a small setting in my apartment

I like the varied textures of the pumpkins. The sort of straw ones I ordered from Target.com last year. The others I ordered from Etsy this year.

I brought the brown shutters out of my closet for a background to set the vignettes against.

When you come across shutters or vintage doors or windows at a garage sale or antique mall (which is where I got mine years ago), think about using them for a background in your home decorating.

Adding Decor In Fall Colors:

For fall decorating you just have to find decor in fall colors and arrange it to please you. I like to have owls with my fall decor. The one above is a little bug-eyed, isn’t it?

Shop Owl Decor

A bit of fall on a small table with vintage and neutral decor

Add a fall scented candle in the mix. In this case the candle I chose is Pecan Caramel. And maybe add a faux house plant to bring in some green. The color of nature of course.

This & That Vintage Decor:

I added a bit of faux foliage, as well as bottles I’ve collected over the years. I have a thing for old vintage bottles.

Small Space Decorating With Vignettes:

The brown and white plate (I think it’s transfer ware, but I’m not sure. Might just be a cheap plate) I found last year at the antique mall. I haven’t been there since then I don’t think.

All it takes are a few places in a small home to add seasonal decor. I have one in my kitchen, one by the couch and now this one.

Fall decor in my living room with a vignette on two surfaces.

Fall Decor In The Living Room:

Enjoy fall decorating if that’s something you like doing. If not, enjoy what you see around you, on the blogs, and on Pinterest and Instagram.

Here is my Fall Pinterest Board. I have nearly 200 photos on that board now.

I’m pretty picky about my boards. They have to be just so and not something I just toss a photo into and forget. I tend to work on my Pinterest boards a lot.

Happy soon-to-be (and can’t come a minute too early with this heat) fall!

Shop Fall Pumpkin Decor

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  1. Would you mind sharing where you got your wood and white fabric chair at please? The one to the left of the TV. Thanks!

  2. Looks just right for that spot, Brenda! I noticed the folding ruler – I have one just like it that was my dad’s.

  3. Very pretty, I like the way you used the shutters. Many years ago when I lived in RI I had interior shutters on my den windows. I had forgotten all about them, until the other day, I decided I wanted to change my bathroom curtains and thought about the shutters. Well, trying to find them is very difficult. I don’t want to purchase them from a home goods store because they are so expensive. I did find some on ebay but they were either too big or they weren’t in very good condition! I had a measuring tape just like the one you have. I gave it to my brother-in-law just the other day for his new home. His bathroom is decorated as a tool shed!

  4. Love this post, Brenda. Decorating posts are my favorite, as you know. I have two closets in my bedroom. One is for winter clothes and the other is for summer. Of course, the shelves in each closet is packed to the hilt in seasonal decorations. I can’t resist ordering fall decor. Like you, I don’t venture out much.

  5. Looks so pretty, Brenda! I love how you layered the two tables. Fall weather is here already…we’ve had a few cool days, including today, where the windows are open and a cool breeze is blowing. It’s in the low 70’s. It feels wonderful, but it makes me quite melancholy. We’ll still have warm days in the 80’s, but these in-between cooler days and dry leaves all over the ground reminds me that fall is around the corner.

  6. The plate is the Rustic pattern by Hull Pottery. It is ironstone transferware, and the registration number on the back tells us the pattern was registered in 1886.

  7. You must have a large closet. You are always saying that you have things stored in it. I like what you have done.

    1. I don’t have a pantry or a linen closet or a coat closet, but in my bedroom I have 2 walk-in closets. One is for my clothes and boxes of decor. And the other one is Ivy’s with her enclosed litter box up on a trunk. Dust still comes out the door when she’s scratching the litter, so I don’t want much of my stuff in there.

  8. Hi Brenda,
    I love your vignettes. I wish I had a magical closer like yours to store my things in! You fit so much in there!
    Our Tuesday Morning closed and I miss it so much. I’m glad you still have one to enjoy when you are ready.
    Thank you for your blog! It always inspires me!

  9. Happy Fall Brenda. Your decorations are lovely, as usual. I can’t wait for it to cool down just a bit too. I like when I can open the windows and feel a cool breeze blow through the house. It feels refreshing! Enjoy your day.

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