1. whew…so hot here this morning already that the margarita looks the best of all…..

  2. We did a roast in the crock pot a couple of days ago, then shredded it and wrapped in tortillas, along with refried beans and cheese. They freeze well and are handy when you want something quick for lunch. We lived in Arizona for many years and had our pick of wonderful Mexican food restaurants, but nothing beats homemade. Oh, and we also did margaritas. It was a feast!

  3. You are killing me! All of those look so delicious!! My favorite Mexican food is beef and bean nachos from a little restaurant called Tio Tony's in Midlothian, TX. I could eat them all day long they are so good! And now, after looking at all of these wonderful dishes, I want some nachos from TX. LOL

  4. Yumeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I want it all. I tell Cowboy all the time we were born in the wrong place
    I think Mexican food should be added to the food groups!
    Last week I actually got to taste (I'm on a diet) Tres Leches Cake made by a real hispanic mom of one of my students. Oh my! I could do w/o the black beans though. But they are really good for you.
    Thanks for sharing this and making me sooooooooooooooooo hungry. XXOO

  5. I sure would enjoy a big plate filled with ice cream, chocolate sauce and whatever those crispy tid bits are..
    I'm making chili today…….it's hot and I'm making chili…….Easiest way to cook in the crock pot.
    I love FOOD period……….I just wish I had a good cook to fix it for me..
    I hope you're having an enjoyable Sunday.

  6. I just found your blog and am really enjoying it! Looking forward to your next post!

    ciao xoxo

  7. I just found your blog and am really enjoying it! Looking forward to your next post!

    ciao xoxo

  8. I love Mexican food…and wish I had every single one of these sitting on my table right now! I'm ever so hungry. Have a good day..it's so freaking hot I've been staying inside!

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