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  1. Wow ,,,,,,, a really great looking catty tower Brenda! Ivy will love it. Especially by the doors. So nice.
    Your patio is on the way to being so beautiful. Can’t wait to see everything. Especially the water fountain. Such a lovely blue.
    Does your daughter do all the yard work by herself? That’s a lot. Obviously used to doing it now.
    All prepped meals/sides you’ve told us about sound delicious! Very fortunate to get them.
    I enjoy reading all comments from your fans ❤ Brenda!!
    Good night ? folks.

  2. I’m sure Ivy will love the cat tree ! I was going to mention that maybe you could have your neighbor’s grandson clean your gutters, but I see that he is staying with other relatives ! I had seen on tv once a gadget that you attached to a hose that would reach the gutters, but I’m not sure you have access to a outdoor faucet !

  3. Brenda,
    I hope that you will post photos of Ivy on the cat condo. She must be very athletic. I’m afraid that my older cats would fall down just trying to climb the strange configuration. It’s certainly a bargain.

  4. I remembered that you already had a cat tower for Ivy. So I wondered why you bought another one. So I read in a comment above why you bought Ivy another one. I hope this one works out for her.

    1. The other one was just a h,glorified ouse really. She never wanted to climb up on the top of it.

  5. Hi Brenda
    I saw there were tornadoes In Oklahoma last might. Trust you are fine.

  6. That cat tree looks really nice. I think Ivy will like it. I have a 3-tiered cat tree in front of our living room windows that both my cats love. Monkey claimed the “top bunk” first thing and still sleeps up there all the time. Clementine sits in the “middle bunk” to look out the windows but never sleeps there. Monkey weighs 14-1/2 lbs and we’ve had no problems with the durability of this cat tree.

    Those vegetable dishes sound good. I could eat stuff like that for most meals. I get tired of meat, too. I’d much rather have veggies, potatoes and beans (though I have to limit myself on those because I don’t digest them too well – I have IBS).

    Yes, it is a lot of work being a homeowner. Every spring we have to re-mulch all our garden beds and around pathways. This year we have to build up the south side of our house with more dirt and mulch, especially around the row of bushes. There’s trim outside we have to paint etc etc…the list gets to be a mile long in the warm weather. However, we’re both physically capable of doing it all and still don’t mind. We both love being outdoors and having something to do out there. It’s good exercise and good for the soul. Now if I lived here alone, that’d be a different story. My husband gets up on the ladder 3x in the fall to clean the gutters out. If I were alone here and had to hire someone to do it, it’d cost a fortune. And speaking of trees, our neighbor on the north side doesn’t take care of her property and doesn’t give a darn about her trees hanging over our property which almost go to our roof and gutters. Not to mention, her mulberry tree which drops thousands of berries all over our patio and property and is a huge mess every summer. And they rot and attract flies. It’s our nemesis! We’ve had to have her trees trimmed back to her property line every few years and it costs a fortune.

  7. Oh boy is Ivy going to love that tower. I can see her amused and making that her fun space to exercise and watch the world outside. We are getting tons of rain here too. At least it is not snow. So sweet that Kendra’s boyfriend is sending you all that cooked fresh food. Yum. Have a good day.

  8. Your patio garden is a delight to watch via your photos. I think my two dogs would enjoy that cat tree, if only they could get theirselves on/in it!! What a great bird-watching spot that will be for Miss Ivy.

    1. I hope she takes to it. I bought her a house tower well over a year ago from the same company and she won’t use it except to jump on to get to her food on the table in the bedroom. However, I’ve ordered catnip and hoping I can put some in there and she’ll take to it.

  9. We have trees in our own yard and neighbours on both sides also. Our rain gutters get clogged up and have to be cleaned out about three times a year. If our son is visiting he will do them, otherwise we have to pay our neighbour.

    Do you ever let Ivy out on the patio on a leash?

    1. No. I promised the rescue organization that she would never go outside. In fact I had to sign an agreement about it before I could adopt her.

  10. Did your fountain arrive yet? I can’t wait to see everything all set up with the new planters, more annuals, and that pretty fountain. You should try to take a video of it and post with the sound of the fountain…..and hopefully NOT with the sound of your noisy neighbor’s music!

  11. Brenda, you’ve mentioned the neighbor with the son (or grandson) who you’ve paid to do some odd jobs. If you could borrow a ladder, is he old enough to clean out the gutters? Are you still in contact with Nathan? Or does your daughter the realtor know of someone you could contact? It’s something that should be taken care of. And, sadly, yet again it’ll be your responsibility.

    1. Because of the virus, her grandson has gone to another town to live out in the country with his grandmother. I don’t know where Nathan is. Haven’t been in contact. But I’m kind of afraid to have anyone come in here anyway.

      1. Without a doubt, now is not a good time to have it done. However, it might take some time to find someone, so maybe now is a good time to research it!

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