I keep forgetting to tell you about something that happened a couple of weeks ago.

We have mini washers/dryers here. Apparently, they’re the only kind that will fit through the closet doors, and that’s where the stackables/plumbing is located.

So I decided to take a bedspread and a blanket to a dry cleaning business and have them cleaned. And see if they would deliver them to me once cleaned for whatever their fee is.

I drove to a nearby dry cleaning business and took them in. First, the guy asked for my information.

When Did Apps Rule The World:

Then he said I’d have to have their app installed on my phone.

Well, as most of you know, I rarely think about my phone. Rarely turn it on. I can’t remember to charge it. Because it’s just not that important to me. I have it with me in case of an emergency.

So I told him I wasn’t good with this kind of thing and asked him if he could just add their app to it. I knew it would save time and I had somewhere I needed to be.

So I handed him my phone. Then he asks for my Apple ID and password.

Someone at the beach holding their cell phone

I told him I had no idea what my password is; that I have a notebook of dozens of passwords at home.

Then he asks if I want to go get it. I said no, I have a doctor’s appointment and need to get to that. So he hands my phone back to me.

Everything Done Through An App:

He tells me that they can’t help me, that they do everything through this app and it is the only way they have contact with customers.

I found this beyond rude. More like incomprehensible.

So I looked at this guy like he’d grown three heads, I’m sure. I told him that was a funny way of doing business. And I left with my bedspread and blanket.

In My Experience With The Dry Cleaning Business, a woman taking a selfie.


I’ve never once seen a “selfie” that impressed me.

Why do people want to take photos of themselves doing most anything? Every inane little thing that pops into their head? Like the food on their plate at a restaurant?

Why would I have any interest in what they’re eating?

I just don’t get it. Yes, I do most of my ordering of things online. On my laptop.

At about 5 p.m. I’m totally disconnected from the internet until morning. I’m either watching TV or reading or sleeping or just thinking.

So obviously I will never walk in the door of that business again. Because I found it preposterous that this would be their policy.

And now I’m off to see my ankle doctor.


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  1. Even though I use my phone for everything, and have lots of apps, I would not want to add an app on my phone in order to do my everyday errands. What a pain! I just want to bring in my clothes, and leave with a ticket that says when to pick them up!

  2. Brenda. I think the real issue is lack of respect. I am an old person and not tech savvy. However I appreciate the advantages of technology . My issue is when common sense and manners are forgotten. He apparently was not aware of the adage . A satisfied customer is your best form of advertisement. Had he suggested an alternative way of handling your business . Perhaps by saying’ May I deliver this or do you care to pick it up? “We normally handle our business through an App but I would be glad to assist you by calling you directly. THAT would have shown respect . I wonder if there is an appt for manners because he clearly needs to install it LOL

  3. Hi Brenda,
    You did the right thing by leaving. I am a younger (ish) reader who would find it extremely annoying to put yet another app on my phone let alone for dry cleaning.
    While I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he was trying to be helpful it should always go without saying to NEVER give anyone your password and simply hand someone your phone. The readers who commented that he could save your information for later are correct along with the app getting hacked. Not a good idea simply to wash and dry a comforter. You did the right thing! As a woman in her 30’s, I would have taken one look at him pulled out my iPhone and googled the nearest dry cleaner from his place. It would be interesting to see the reviews from his business. On another note selfies are very annoying – except I have been known to take the occasional one with my Border collie rescue Samantha 🙂 I enjoy keeping up with your day to day adventures and wish that your ankle would get better.
    with kind regards,

  4. I guess we are all in that group that we used to tease my mom about, not keeping up with the “times.” I agree with Brenda about that dry cleaning business, tho. Def not one I would use! I have a regular size washer and dryer but still too tight a fit for my comforters for a king sized bed. We have a laundromat in my town that has the commercial large washers and dryers for comforters and such. I take mine there, put it in the washer, then sit in my car until it’s done (read a book) then dry. I use my own detergent and softener and thank God that it doesn’t have to be done too often. I live at the beach and would NEVER go during the summer when it’s crazy busy here!! Everyone learns the new social electronic devices to the level of their personal need. Once I retired from nursing, I found that I only picked up what I needed to stay in contact with those I want to and I see nothing wrong with that. If it makes my world a little smaller, I’m fine with that. We all need to do our own thing!

  5. Hey, Group, let’s hear it for old and crotchety! I can identify with most of what folks have shared in their replies. I guess it’s inevitable that things change and as you get older you are faced with adapting to new ways of doing things but the changes involving electronic communication have happened SO rapidly over a relatively short period of time that it is doubly hard for those of us who grew up and spent most of our lives functioning quite well in our world to adjust to the changes. I, for one, am not very motivated to learn all the new ways of communicating, Which I know can be problematic not only for me, but others, too. That’s not to say it’s okay to be rude and unhelpful like the guy at the cleaners. He would probably be rude and unhelpful no matter what decade he grew up in!

    Anyway, all that to say, yeah, it’s a drag to adjust to all the new technology or to choose not to. I try to choose which things I must learn and adapt to and which ones I can pretty much ignore. Not a perfect system, but so far the best I can come up with for myself. (Does any of that make any sense??)

  6. Yesterday I received a weird email from a company that we buy our blood testing sticks from via Amazon. So I called Amazon to ask about that. We had used that very item for a long time and no issues…then they wanted to know WHY I was trying to send them to a different address (same last name too…our son’s cause we are moving soon to that state). But it was REALLY NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS right? But I went through 3 people answering the phones for Amazon…probably all in the Phillipines, and none spoke English very well. One man even said something to the effect my English was not good…REALLY??? I let him know that actually I understood English perfectly and even have learned a few things in 2 other languages. The men and 1 woman both hung up on me. Finally the 4th time I got a good helpful lady. I told her what happened and that I came from a business family and that if Amazon keeps employing such rude unhelpful people, they will loose their business. So I guess if on the phone, folks, and they are rude…feel free to just hang up…they hung up on me because I would not accept no answer to my question and kept asking. So keep calling…till you get someone nice to speak with!! The 4th lady solved the issue for me. And while I try not to be nasty to these folks who cannot speak English very well…it is ok you know to request someone who does speak English better…after all, aren’t we living in USA yet??

  7. It simply defies belief these days. OBVIOUSLY, they do not want older folks for customers cause many of us CHOOSE to use our cell phones as phones…or maybe for a bit of texting…but imagine that!! I am so amazed at how much efforts the current workforce goes to in order to AVOID work even…it would be quicker and easier to just do the work, over this constant huge effort to AVOID all work!! SAD!!! There seems to be no joy in a job well done…not often anyway.

  8. My father and my son each live in apartment complexes in which the on-site laundromats require you to use an app to work the washers & dryers. My dad is not a fan, which I completely understand. Not everyone wants to tote their phone with them everywhere. My dad and I went last week to check out a seniors apt complex and were thrilled to see the in-building laundry room equipment uses :::wait for it::: COINS!!

  9. These kind of the are becoming more and more aggravating. I have a cell phone that I rarely use and I don’t want to in the grimy stores and restaurants. It tickles me off now that the grocery stores are doing online coupon specials and freebies. The local Safeway had a cleaner drop off inside the store. When the cashier saw her customer holding a pick up ticket she went and got the lady her dry cleaning. Nice for her but I think if you use that service you should pick up your own dry cleaning. My neighbor has a 10 “ or 12” hanging plant outside. She said it was $35.00! Oh my goodness! I don’t have good luck with seeds but I know how to divide perennials! I was surprised how high the prices were for plants the last few years. I think I am going to organize a plant, seed, bulb swap in my neighborhood of 35 houses. Neighbors have been let all know when they have extra produce to share. Reduce, reuse, recycle, share. Great!

  10. I’m more concerned that he asked for your Apple ID and password! He could’ve remembered that info and then used it to access who knows what other personal information. Unreal.

    I have never heard of a business like a dry cleaners asking customers to use an app. But then again, I haven’t used a dry cleaners in over 10 years. I don’t clean anything with chemicals anymore.

    You can take your comforters and large blankets to a laundromat and wash them in one of their big washers. If that’s too much for you to handle, a lot of them will do this for customers and then you pick up later. Or maybe they even deliver. You can always call around and check and see what’s available in your area.

  11. I love technology and have no problem with apps … I use them for all my curbside grocery and restaurant orders, etc … but I do have a real problem with any business that totally restricts service to via app only. And honestly, how does a dry cleaning business even do that? I’m guessing you would have to place your items in a bag that has a barcode on it, you open the app and scan the barcode and leave? That the business turned you away is ridiculous and sad. Hoping you found a more accommodating business that appreciated your service!

  12. I will totally agree that his customer service was lacking (although he did offer to help you add the APP which is the way they run their business) but I guess having a son in IT and being the web admin for a couple HOA’s I’m just used to doing things on the computer. You know basically your phone is a mini computer. During Covid a lot of restaurants had to eliminate their paper menus and go to using QR codes. It’s never felt like that big of deal to me and most places still have paper if that is what you prefer.
    I like to learn and grow and that is not limited to the tech world but includes learning new things in all realms of the world as it changes and evolves.
    I love staying in contact with my adult children and grands through texting and Instagram and enjoy seeing their sweet faces in selfies. It all keeps us connected.

    1. I’m not computer illiterate or I wouldn’t have a blog. I have to figure things out for it all the time, because everything changes so fast. Google changes strategies and bloggers have to keep up with them. I’m doing tech stuff all the time, so when I go out, I don’t want anything to do with it. I want to look at things and try to enjoy my outing. I don’t like things rammed down my throat, I guess you could say.

  13. Hi Brenda….

    Very tech savvy user here and I still absolutely refuse to download apps like that. If I downloaded every app from everyone I did business with, my phone would crash. So I don’t blame you at all. Horrible customer service!

  14. I completely agree with you! And I don’t give my cell number to retailers who ask for it at checkout either. My personal device is not for their convenience or marketing/advertising.

  15. They can only contact you with an APP? I’m still not sure what the heck an APP is, for pete’s sake! I have a basic cell phone and I hate lugging the thing around with me, and forget it half the time anyway, but it is for an emergency, like if I fall on the ice and can’t get up I can call 911 for myself – if I remember how to make a call. I NEVER have used a cell phone to make a call, and hopefully never will. So this person couldn’t just say to you okay, your blanket and quilt will be ready for pick-up in 4 days or 3 days or whatever? Geez. I’m glad I’m an old lady. At the rate we’re going, soon whatever is left of the human population on this planet will have implants on them and be controllable like the Borg from the Star Trek series!

  16. Well all, I am an absolute dinosaur when it comes to this technology crap. It is sad that our society has turned this way. My son stopped speaking to me 5 years ago. His only communication would be by text when he wanted something such as cash, a new vehicle or money for a house. I texted back once and let him know I did not raise him by text and if he could not call me on the phone to talk or speak with me in person not to bother texting either. What is with this younger generation and nothing but texts or social media? Recently bought a laptop to replace an ipad that died and the sales person zipped through explaining everything in verbage like I am some kind of computer geek. And I refuse to pay for a doctors visit by zoom. Health care is scary enough these days without being diagnosed via computer without an exam. Kudos to Brenda for walking out of that place of business!

  17. I’m afraid dh and I, are pretty much out of touch with the New way. We don’t own cell phones, nor do we care to. Our land line is all we need, (so far). I dislike that everybody “assumes” we have a phone, and when they find we don’t, they seem to look at us, like we’re stupid. Maybe…I am in their eyes, I don’t care.
    Speaking of rude/sassy people, we have found this to be so true, even more so lately. Being old (80+), I was brought up the old way, guess it’s called the old way. I was taught to say thank you and please, and to be kind/nice/decent to others.
    What is becoming of this world? It makes me so very sad…

  18. I don’t blame you for walking out. I don’t like being strong armed into doing something a certain way. If you’re not on the technology bandwagon, then you get left behind. Which is unfortunate for seniors, as they tend to have the most difficulty with change. For instance, I hate when I’m forced to update my computer to a new operating system. It takes a while for me to learn and get comfortable with how to do things on it. Then they come along with a new Windows, and I have to learn how to do things completely different from how I’d always done it. Same thing with cell phones. It becomes outdated, and the newer ones work differently and are very expensive. It’s crazy. I hate being forced to change my comfortable routines. It’s not fair.

  19. “He tells me that they can’t help me, that they do everything through this app and it is the only way they have contact with customers.”
    i fail to see the rudeness here. he was just stating the facts about the business. what is wrong with that? aren’t people allowed to run their businesses in the way they want? basically, like most businesses these days, they use a computer or other electronic system for everything. that is not unusual.

  20. Brenda I ran into something last summer that really shocked me. My daughter and I were out to eat at a restaurant in Texas and there was this “image” thing in the middle of the table and she told me to put my phone over it, but that I didn’t “have” to. So I didn’t. But you take a picture of the image and their menu comes up on your phone! Many of your readers are probably familiar with this but I couldn’t believe it. I’m in Arkansas and had never seen this. Technology advances will never stop.

  21. That is ridiculous! Remember when laundry mats used to have those dry cleaning machines? I’m
    Glad I’m retired and don’t have to pay the dry cleaning bills any more. We use our phones for ordering groceries all the time. Just go and pick them up and saves so much time.

    I thought of you the other day, Brenda. We went to Lowes and I had sticker shock at the price of plants! I did buy a dwarf Eureka lemon tree for $35 compared to a nursery that quoted me $90!

    Hope all goes well at the doctor.

    1. Wow, sticker shock! I didn’t pay over I think $14.99 for any of the plants I got. If they’d been over that I wouldn’t have bought them at all. But mine were all house plants.

  22. Customer service is very lacking these days and if you are of retirement age as I am, feels like open season. Phone customer service has gone horribly wrong and mostly due to working from home. Issues now take a minimum of 3-4 calls or more and lying seems to be perfectly acceptable. Approx. 24 hours after potus said in sotu that it was time for people to go back to their work locations, enough of working from home, the complaints and whines started. Many said it was unfair to have their boss looking over their shoulders-too much pressure and no privacy. Seriously????? With the increase in cost of gas, pretty sure you won’t see the “work-from-home” problem go away anytime soon. Insert “sigh”.

  23. Rude – ridiculously rude! Customer service and good communication has all but disappeared. I much prefer to stay home in little haven than go out and be treated badly. Almost everything I purchase involves curbside pick up or Amazon.
    Just as an aside; I didn’t understand why people were posting pictures of the food they were eating and now I don’t understand the whole selfie thing.

    1. I don’t get it either. I guess it’s so they can post to Instagram and FB. I don’t do Instagram and just use FB to keep up with blogging groups. I don’t post on either one. And I sure as heck will not take a “selfie.” To me it’s something you’d expect a child to do, but I know some will disagree.

  24. Good for you Brenda to make a stand and walk away from a business so unkind. I hate using Apps. I too use my phone frequently but not for ordering or purchasing things on it. The pre-order for pick up or menu only on their app is another way for them to disconnect from us! It seems to be the only way that some communicate sadly.

    1. I told him he was going to lose a lot of business with seniors doing business this way. He didn’t appear to care. Said it was company policy.

  25. Lately we decided to pay cash for most things instead of our debit card. Well! No one has change and they say “we don’t really do cash”. Weird.

    1. I stopped using cash because, well, I tend to lose things. I use my debit card for most things and a credit card for gas. I just went through McDonalds to get my iced coffee and it irritates me every time that before they’ll take my order, they ask if I’m using their app. Guess I’m old and crotchety.

  26. A new Chipotle restaurant opened in my neighborhood that is pickup only, something I had never experienced before. You use their app to place an order then drive thru to pick it up. Period. Since I didn’t know this, I went to the drive thru. I was treated very rudely like I was stupid 8nstead of being told in a friendly way they would be happy to serve me but an app order is required. Hey – I’m only 59 but felt ancient (and stupid) for a moment. Not a big fan of their food and not being treated in a kind, friendly way was absurd. I can go next door to Chick-fil-a and get royal treatment!

    Everything seems to be turning impersonal, which is unfortunate. Young people may not be learning the communication skills needed for interpersonal communication, which means part of their humanity is undeveloped. I would not want that kind of person as a caregiver in my old age.

    I hate to seem crochety but getting older shouldn’t mean being excluded from paying for services by not opting into technology. It just shouldn’t. The “generation gap” has me feeling left out sometimes.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought, what you wrote at the end. We’re basically being discriminated against. Never been to Chipotle but there’s one right down the road. Now I won’t ever go there just because of what you experienced. We gotta stick together.

  27. I hate it also and I’m a big phone user. One of the things I really hate is going to a restaurant and they tell me I have to look at the menu on my phone. I always ask for a paper copy I can hold in my hand anyway, and tell them that I didn’t come to the restaurant to sit and look at my phone.

    1. Good for you! WTH? You have to look at a menu on your phone? That is not service. My daughters’ dad won’t even own a cell phone. What’s he supposed to do? That’s great what you told them. That you didn’t go to a restaurant to look at your phone!

      1. Restaurants started doing this during Covid to keep germ-filled hands off their menus. Most places offered a paper throw away menu if requested. It’s not the end of the world. It was a safety feature that many appreciated.

        1. yes, it’s not the end of the world. The end of the world would be if you were living in the Ukraine right now. However, when I’m ending up paying $20 for a burger, I’d like to have an experience that suits me. And that doesn’t include reading my phone at the table

  28. Any business that would require me to install their app on my cellphone would NOT get my business. That’s ridiculous.

    1. Forgot to add ~ I must echo others who have said the same thing…
      NEVER give out your passwords to ANYONE!!!
      I hope things go well at the doctors.

    1. I gasped when I read they wanted your Id and password Brenda! It’s like giving your ss# you just don’t ever do it! I don’t even give my cell # when someone asks me on the phone!
      They could raise havoc with anything that’s on your phone like bank account, credit card…
      I don’t like putting more apps on my phone bc it sucks up my storage space for more important things that I want on my phone! Lol

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