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  1. Brenda, I tried gabapentin after knee replacement and it made my pain worse. I am now on Cymbalta after hip replacement surgery (3 weeks post op) and will under go C4,5,& 6 fusions in 2 weeks. Bone pain is the worse, I use hot packs and cold packs, alternately. I even bought a hot wax machine so that the warmth would go deeper. This is the only thing that helps, along with arthritis strength tylenol. I hope you find some relief soon! Are you still doing your stretches? I fight stiffness and the stretches really help me too. ~jackie~

  2. Hello Brenda,
    Thank you for recommending The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart. I just finished watching the series. It was excellent and now I want to read the book.
    And I too and happy that it’s September.

  3. I love the fall colours. I have noticed in our local decor shops and online that a very dark avocado green, some just leaning to forest green is being used for vases, throws, etc. for this autumn. Works for me as that colour goes so well with the golds, rusts, browns, etc.

  4. I love fall decor…the colours. I noticed that a very dark avocado green is as well being used in our decor stores in vases, throws etc. and it goes so well with the browns, golden oranges etc.

  5. It’s been in the 90’s here in northeast IL, too. Heat wave will finally break by Thurs and we’ll be in the 70’s. I haven’t yet begun to think about fall – summer is my favorite season and I’m embracing every moment of it while I can. I know what’s around the corner! 🙁

    I am so sorry to hear that your ankle is bothering you again. That really stinks. Chronic pain is awful. I know it affects literally everything in your life.

  6. I hope it cools off soon there. Here in Austin, we’re expecting 100s until mid-September.

    Those donuts sure sound good!

    I read an article from a nerve specialist who recommends seeing a nerve extremity surgeon. Two are located near you in Broken Arrow.

    (The article recommending them is:

    Might be worth a consultation.

    Hugs to you & Miss Ivy Lou!

  7. Good Evening Brenda,
    I’m sending hugs and prayers for your ankle issues! We are in the Pacific Northwest and our weather Sat. was 86 degrees and sunny. Took turns riding the mower to get the grass cut. Cleaned off the front porch and removed all Spring and put up my Fall wreath and pillows.
    Sunday is cool and misty. Tonight is corn chowder, with a fall salad and cornbread with jalapenos. As I write this, it’s 56 at 9PM.

  8. Which caregiver/ doctor tell you to go on and off gabapentin ? That’s not good for you.We are sick of the mosquitoes and wasps and 90 degrees and smoke here in Wyoming.No need to prolong Summer any longer. Bring on the sweatshirt weather and 50’s during the day!.

  9. Sp sorry about your ankle. Hopefully Greg will be back soon and can offer some help. Poor Steve! I sure hope he gets well soon, so he can go on his trip! Sending you both well wishes! He’s so thoughtful to bring you the donuts. What a nice guy! I’m looking forward to checking out your Pinterest page, as I too love Fall pictures!

  10. So sorry that you’re having more pain now, sending hugs to you…and I hope Steve gets over his illness and will get to go on his trip..
    I just finished watching The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart on Amazon Prime Video…it was so good that I binged watched it in 2 days…

    It sorta reminded me of the book series by Mary Higgins Clark about Flowers in the Attic..gosh that was many years ago & I think they did make movies about the series…
    I’m getting ready to start watching new season of Unforgotten on PBS app…
    Take care!

  11. Sending healing wishes to you and Steve. We all have something that makes us take it day by day. As I get older and slow down I try to take it all with a grain of salt. In a few years our son in law will have his 20 years finished with the Navy and we will have to relocate to where they will settle with our 2 grandsons. We have no family within 60 miles of us and the older we get the more that it weighs on my mind. We have lived here for 30 years and I love it. We moved here for my husband’s job and wish our daughter and her family would end up here. We had 3 days where we could open the windows now we’re are in for a 5 day heat wave. Can’t wait for fall! Hope you have a good week Brenda.

  12. Brenda,
    You are writing to friends so please never apologize for sharing your health journey. The comments are a great resource for all of us. I hope that your therapist can help when he returns from MN.

    I hope that Steve feels better in time for his trip! I have been to Scotland many times and I LOVE it. I cannot wait to go back.
    AS for Fall, I cannot wait. It is in the 90s again here and I am so so so tired of being hot.
    Your decorations look beautiful. Subtle and perfect for the next few months.
    Have a wonderful week and enjoy your donuts!

  13. When I fractured my ankle in March, I assumed the plate and screws were titanium. Turns out, my surgeon used stainless steel. From my readings, titanium could have been a better choice. Two pieces of advice — find out what metal you have in your ankle, and ask if you’d be better off having the implants removed. I’ve personally known two other women who had their hardware removed due to “stress shielding,” and it made a huge improvement in their pain level and healing. Good luck to you, Brenda.

  14. Sorry to hear about your ankle Brenda I do wish it would stabilize for you.
    Lovely picture of Ivy, she looks so comfortable and content.
    I am not looking forward to fall here in Canada, I want just a little bit more of summer yet. It hasn’t been great this year.
    My morning glory plant has climbed to the top of the post and it gets sun most days but not a sign of a flower, so disappointing.

  15. Sorry you have pain.
    My sister has had lots of pain as she gets older. She says she is thankful that wrinkles do not hurt.

  16. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling that great. And a get-well-soon to Steve too.

    Actually, I think a smattering of fall is just enough. It keeps up with the changing seasons without overdoing it. I’m glad you mentioned your Pinterest account. I will check that out.

  17. I’m always interested in your health, so please keep us updated. I hope Steve recovers soon so he can take his trip to Scotland. He is such a thoughtful person. My husband went to Scotland when he was in the Navy and he said it was beautiful.

  18. Sorry to hear about your ankle again. Hope it feels better soon. Looking back at some of your posts. I saw your bedroom. What a beautiful room. I love the colors you used in there so relaxing. Sorry to hear about Steve he seems to be such a wonderful person. Hope he feels better soon too.

    1. I’m getting ready to work on the kitchen. My daughter came and hung new curtains in there for me today. I want a more muted feeling in there with shades of green.

  19. Getting company from Jenks next week so have cleaning and downsizing things so there is not so much to clean…I have been reading Kristan Higgins books…on the 3rd one…each one so good…the Lost Flowers book sounds good.. will look at the library for it…put out only a few fall things this year.. hope you feel better soon…💕

  20. Geez, I can’t think of autumn arriving yet. We had some blessed relief from the heat dome that had enveloped Wisconsin but a new heat wave is here, for at least the next 6 days, giving up temps in the 90s although for today (Day 1 of the heat wave) the dew point is not yet 60 and there is a good strong breeze out of the southwest, so it doesn’t feel horrid out there (yet). For a few wonderful evenings while our more normal temps stopped in for a quick visit, I was able to sit outside in my Shezebo in the late afternoon/early evening without sweating and was able to turn off the AC and open the windows to let fresh cool air in overnight. And actually slept with a sheet to cover up! Still have my spring/summer decor around the house. I can’t get into autumn and cozying up the house until the weather actually changes to BE autumn. Who knows – at the rate the climate is heating up, we may not get autumn until Christmas time.

    1. I’m just so tired of the heat when I’m moving so slow and sometimes have a walking boot on up to my ankle.

  21. I’m sorry Steve is ill again and hope that he’ll recover soon enough to take his trip to Scotland.
    Continuing to struggle with your ankle is definitely not a good thing. Sending healing thoughts.
    Enjoy what you can when you can – that’s all any of us can do.

    1. I always find ways to enjoy life, no matter the state my health is in. I’m fairly used to this ankle thing after so many years.

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