Today I have 10 tips for a cozier kitchen if you’re looking to ramp up that cozy factor, whether your kitchen is large or small.

As you know I live in a generic 1970s apartment. There are no granite or marble countertops. No stainless steel appliances.

But what is important to me is that my kitchen is cozy.

1. Put Dish Cleaning Products In Nicer Containers:

I buy cheap empty bottles like the clear one above. I picked mine up at World Market. Pour your dish soap in it and it looks infinitely nicer.

As for the lotion, you just need to buy the vessel it’s in one time. Then when you run out of lotion, pour more lotion in the pretty bottle you’ve kept.

And of course you can use bottles you bought something else in and recycle them.

2. Elevate Those Kitchen Products:

If you have a pedestal plate or even just something to use to elevate a plate, you can make a pretty display of your kitchen cleaning supplies.

I found my little white pedestal plate at Tuesday Morning.

3. Consider Taking Off Cabinet Doors:

Taking off cabinet doors instantly opens things up and makes the space appear larger.

Then you can display your favorite kitchen pretties. If everything behind your cabinet doors is a jumble, then it’s time to declutter.

I store my unused cabinet doors in the hall closet.

Take off kitchen cabinet doors

4. Display Spices:

Get a reasonably priced spice rack if you don’t currently have one. Trader Joe’s carries cheap spices and I think the glass bottles they come in are nicer than most.

I found the spice rack on eBay a few years ago for under $20.

In 10 Tips For A Cozier Kitchen, consider displaying your spices.

5. Use Special Plates Around Your Kitchen:

If you have dishes that are special to you, don’t hide them away.

I put a red and white transferware salad plate on top of the stove to corral things I use there.

Use pretty plates to corral things on your stove

6. Use A Pretty Vessel To Store Utensils In:

A ceramic pitcher is perfectly fine to store kitchen utensils in. There are all kinds of things you can use to store them. Baskets, vases, or any type of container that will do the job.

But I wanted something red. I ordered it from Amazon.

In 10 Tips For A Cozier Kitchen, put your kitchen utensils in a pretty container.

7. Put Cutting Boards On Display:

Don’t hide your nicest cutting boards in a drawer. I like to hang mine. Or arrange them in the background.

I like adding the wood texture to my kitchen decorating. But this also utilizes vertical space if you hang them up instead of using precious horizontal kitchen space.

Hang up your wood cutting boards or arrange them in the background

8. Hang Favorite Paintings Or Wall Decor In Your Kitchen:

You may have a few favorite paintings you need to put up somewhere. Consider your kitchen.

When I walk into my kitchen each morning, this produce sign above my coffee bar nook makes me smile.

In 10 Tips For A Cozier Kitchen, add pretty wall decor to kitchen walls

9. Add A Coffee Bar:

If you have any space at all, even on the countertop, you could arrange a small coffee bar. One would look nice and tidy in a pretty platter or rectangular basket if the only space you have is your countertop.

Add a coffee bar

10. Add Small Lamps In Your Kitchen For Ambiance:

Lamplight quickly ramps up the cozy factor. I have two small lamps in my kitchen and rarely use overhead lighting.

Arrange things on your cabinet countertops in a vignette

You can also add a few kitchen items like a sugar bowl and mortar and pestle you crush herbs with, etc. near your lamp to create more of a vignette.


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  1. Ten great tips, Brenda! Thank you. Your kitchen definitely cozy and appealing. I believe I told you that you’ve inspired me to work on my home. Thank you for your inspiration, as well.

  2. Real nice 😊 Brenda!! You are sooo neat and organized!!!! I can’t ever seem to be.
    Need a complete clean out in this house. The only way.
    We should probably hire someone to get things going.
    I never buy “things” any longer. Too much responsibility caring for them all.
    Nice you were able to move, and quickly had everything looking so wonderful!!!

  3. These are good tips. Shows us how you make your spaces so warm and inviting. Also shows what you can do with a simple kitchen. You don’t need all the bells and whistles. I’m daft I dare say it’s BETTER without them .

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