1. If I had seen that plant stand for sale, I would have bought it in a second! It looks beautiful, subtly decked out for July 4. You have inspired me yet again, Brenda! I’m going to add some decorative items to a plant stand I have, and think about changing it up seasonally, or, whenever the spirit moves me!

  2. I have been in love with that plant stand forever! I remember asking you were you got it, but since it was from a local nursery, I was unable to buy one for myself. I, too, have been searching for one like it. I found something similar, but when I tried to order it, the manufacturer canceled the order and removed it from their website. I guess it wasn’t in stock. It was pretty, but not as pretty as yours! I love how you’ve decorated your’s for the 4th of July!

  3. Love how you made this vignette in a plant stand.

    Do you have any good thrift or resale shops nearby? I see Spode dishes in these shops quite often. In fact, most of my dishes have come from thrift shops, especially Goodwill – and they are all made in England and/or Germany.

  4. I don’t have an imagination at all when it comes to decorating. You have made it possible for me to do some pretty good decorating around my house. Thank you for that!

  5. U can decorate with your heart content with your cute hearts plant stand Brenda!

    I bought some blue and white dishes yrs ago and left them in my parents barn when I moved away for a short period of time. When I went to get them they were gone, a sister had a yard sale over there house and put my few boxes in there too I was told! Funny thing I saw some identical dishes in her cabinet like mine over her house. I was wiping dishes and putting them away. Lol It would of been nice though if she asked first, but the guilty look on her face was priceless! Lol

  6. Looks really nice…and your curtains make it pop…that is a beautiful plant stand💕

  7. Love the plant stand and the decor in it. I could also see a pretty
    little lamp in it. How wide is the top space?

  8. I love what you’ve done with the plant stand and I think a small American flag added to the plant stand would finish it off perfectly.

      1. Do you have a Dollar Tree store by you? They carry them, and they’re inexpensive.

  9. I also love the plant stand with the plant and the decorations….here at my house, we call them Mimi’s decorations. Take care and be kind to yourself.

  10. Ok so glad you bought that intricate plant stand with all of its detail. I understand how you thought about it for awhile. One time I pondered over a skirt but decided no. Went home and regretted it. Went back the next day and it was gone. Fortunately for me I found it again about a year later and I snatched it up. I can’t wait to see the seasons roll around and what you do!

    1. I’ve done the exact same thing! I tend to go ahead and buy it now or I’ll end up coming back, and yep, it’s gone.

  11. I understand how you sat and stared at it for a long while trying to decide if the price was OK. I know you’re glad you spent the money. It’s given you so much joy. I’ve been in love with your plant stand for a long while! When you started creating vignettes, I loved it even more. Be still my plant stand loving heart. I’ve searched high and low for something similar. I can find lots of plant stands but one that has the enclosure at the top is not easy to find.
    Ironically I’ve been lamenting about a table for my entry. I did put it in my cart and did some faux shopping; I need to make the decision.
    Thank you for sharing your ideas, Brenda.
    I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday.
    P.S. I love the idea of using old plates around a flower bed. I bet it was adorable.

    1. I love this: “Be still my plant stand loving heart.” If you want to do the plate border, just pick up a plate here and there and then line a flower bed border with them side by side.

  12. Very nice,your comment about cups and saucers touched my heart.
    My Mom had a China tea set from England,when she died I was 12 so I never knew what became of it,Dad died 2 years later and the house and contents were disposed of,anyway,I found the exact cup and saucer set on Etsy and you better believe I snatched that up.
    It’s got a home now in my little curio cabinet and I think of my Mom a lot!
    You enjoy your 4th Brenda, there’s definitely a spark there that is new and good and nice to see coming through.💓

    1. Memories are so important. But when we’re younger, we don’t think that far ahead. How mementos will be missed. Regretting that we let things go. We all do it. But I’m so glad you found one like it and now can enjoy it.

  13. So happy you purchased that plant stand. It brings me joy too just to admire it and your cleaver decorations. Thank you so much for all the smiles you bring to others.

    1. I sat outside, where that plant stand was for sale, and stared at it for quite a while, trying to justify the expense to myself.

    1. It did come together nicely. Except just now I traded out the small faux plant with one slightly bigger. Fit better.

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