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  1. Love the tree in the copper pan! I have a small fake evergreen tree that sits on my corner fireplace and think this tree that you shared would be a great one for my farmhouse style that I love.

  2. Very nice trees..all of them..We had a four foot tree last year..I'm sure we will be using it again this year..That doesn't mean I can't make a pretty little tree does it…

  3. Brenda,
    The four boxes tied with the ribbon on the square platter really spoke to me because I've been wondering what I could do with my vintage Christmas boxes. Well…you gave me the answer!

  4. My favorites are the third and the fifth — so elegant and sparkling! I'm not ready to give up my 6.5" tree yet, maybe in a few years. While it's a pain in the neck to have to haul the tree out of storage (it's heavy even in 3 parts, and then I have to put it together), I can still do it although it's a workout. When it's more trouble than it's worth the joy of decorating it over Thanksgiving weekend (the place I work gives us the Friday after T-day off too, so it's a lovely 4-day weekend), I have a friend who is thinking about doing a table top tree this year rather than a more regular size. She is tired of hauling her tree out of her basement and hauling the boxes of ornaments and lights, too. Well, I'll see how I do this year. Relocating to this house, I don't have the main house storage I used to have, so the tree is not in the attached garage because I no longer have an attached garage, and the boxes and boxes of ornaments and decorations are not stashed in a spare closet! Things are in the garage several yards away from the back door and in the basement. Not looking forward to doing my own hauling of tree and boxes!

  5. So many fun ideas here, Brenda! I'm totally on board with this idea. I've downsized to a tabletop tree and I no longer dread hauling out my Christmas decorations.

  6. I also have a small apartment with no room for a full-size tree, so I'm seriously considering getting a one-sided tree that hangs on the wall. I saw some interesting ones on Amazon, but I'm going to see what else is out there.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing these wonderful twists on Christmas trees. For at least a decade, ever since my kids hit their late teens and didn't want to help decorate, I have had a very small artificial tree. I'm not crazy about it, because even if it has green needles, it isn't fooling anyone into thinking it's a real tree! Years ago someone gave my grandma a small grapevine "tree." It is like a grapevine wreath that keeps going up and up into a cone shape. I keep meaning to look for one, and then forget until another Christmas rolls around. This article has helped me to think of it a little earlier than usual. Maybe tomorrow I will go look for one.

  8. Very good ideas Brenda! I may have to borrow a couple of these. They don't look like they would break the bank either. Hope you are healing quickly.

  9. I have a little tree probably less than a foot tall. It seems to early to be decorating for Christmas but I guess it isn't. I might skip the decorations this year 🙂 Too many other things to do.

  10. We got rid of our big tree last year and opted for a smaller tree that I place on top of a table. I don't stress out near as much now every year since I can just pick it up and set it down. No more having to put one together. I can't buy a real tree because of the mold that is in them. I'm allergic. I don't know how people deal with multiple large trees throughout there house. I would be so stressed having to decorate and undecorate those every year! Loved the pics you shared.

  11. Love tabletop trees. I am working on a tulle tree after seeing some Vintage ones. Love the button tree, that would be fun to do.

  12. I like the stacked boxes and the felt scalloped trees the best….
    also- sorry you had those 3 falls- glad you didnt get hurt and Quit Dat lol…

    I'm still focused on these red ticking wingbacks you posted the other day..

  13. That little tree with the buttons is so cute. A great way to maybe use mom's old buttons! A few years ago daughter and I went to Hearst Castle for their Christmas tour, and she'd had a bad year. I found this little pink tree at Big Lots that even had these wonderful ornaments on it, stuck it in the trunk, and that night when she was in the shower at our room, I put it up, when she came out it was glowing. We even used it as our main tree that year. It goes up every holiday. I have another little tree I put up and string lights on so when we come down the walk at night it's greeting us! I have a friend that was in her new house after a nasty divorce and had gotten a crazy dog, too. Instead of the tree she hung her kids ornaments from the windows on garlands! It made it very magical and the dog couldn't destroy anything.

  14. Hi Brenda! Oh, I love these ideas and my favorites are the little button tree and the Christmas packages stacked on the cake stand! I may have to copy that one! Hope you're doing well and that ankle/foot is feeling good too.
    Be a sweetie
    Shelia 😉

  15. Brenda, I liked many of those small trees. Very clever and cute. Hope you are doing well.Healing up and getting around. xoxo,Susie

  16. I have tabletops in various sizes…with the radiators here there was really no where to put a big room. I miss a big tree but have gotten used to it.

    Meanwhile how cute is that stack of green boxes! 🙂

  17. Lots of great ideas to choose from! The older I get, the simpler I like my holiday decorating to be. Not just because of the work factor either. I look back at how I used to decorate the tree and every little nook and cranny, and now it just seems too busy and perhaps even gaudy. I am favoring a simpler, crisp, "clean" look this year (if that makes any sense!). Thanks for all the inspiration!

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