1. I had no idea that tape technology had come so far. I'll be trying the frog tape. Your paint project was a great success; your table looks great!

  2. Cute table! Love it in your little kitchen too.
    I think you'll be able to use that table just about anywhere in you home.
    I've never used frog tape but keep meaning to pick some up; you know, just to have on hand for a quick project.
    …love how your table turned out, Pat

  3. What a cute little table. We used Frog tape to cover trim in the house while painting, but we still waited to remove it. I love seeing that it really works so well!

  4. While at Haven, they gave us Frog Tape in a chevron pattern. Not sure if/when I will use it but I've got my eyes open for a potential project.

    I used Frog Tape for an Ikea rug I painted. It works really well and does what it says it will do…but you already know that ;).

    The table is adorable, and maybe this will give you a nudge to continue painting some more.

  5. Brenda, I am so proud of you. Not only is it darling, you had no paint accident. Good for you girl.

  6. I like what you have done to it, super cute…reminds me of a french linen towel..very crisp.


  7. Brenda,
    That turned out great. I've been wanting to paint the cement floor in my basement. It looks like the Fog Tape is exactly what I need. I just used painters tape on the walls in my daughters room and the paint bled through :(.
    Thanks for being brave and trying it.
    Clara from Redeemed Junk and Stuff

  8. Love this project you made! I want to paint my desk in a similar way. Glad it worked out!

  9. So cute. I want to do something similar with my little kitchen table. What a cute little shelf.

  10. Brenda, it looks from your 'after' photos that the Frogtape painter's tape did bleed where you pulled it over the sides. Was the tape pulled over too tightly so it didn't have enough give to go down in all the 'steps' of the edge of the table or are the pictures misleading? I will try the tape at my next painting project.

  11. The table is a fun size and shape. I just recently learned about Frog Tape and I guess I need to buy some.

    I love the design and I am surprised you went with black- I like it.

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