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  1. First, the cinnamon rolls and sugar cookies… OMG! Yes please! And Second, I love the picture frame that was turned into a shelf. Some people are so creative!

  2. Good evening Brenda!
    So many great finds! I cannot wait to make the sugar cookies! And the cinnamon rolls.
    I too read the joy snacking article and found it fascinating. In fact I have a post in my drafts about it.
    Love the 2 books and have them in my cart, thank you for the suggestions.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Some nice things to look into here, Brenda…thank you!

  4. Loved the article about decluttering and the links to the UK Instagram accounts to follow.

  5. Brenda, I am in the process of baking the Amish Sugar Cookies. They are delectable!!! Thank you so much for your work in finding recipes, books, TV shows and decorating suggestions for all of us. Bless you and Ivy.

  6. So much incredible information today – like other Saturdays. Thank you for working so hard for ‘us’, Brenda.
    The taco board makes me smile – great idea!
    “Joy Snacking” is perfect.
    Happy Saturday, Brenda

  7. Thank you, Brenda!!
    Great deal of helpful information herein—again. 🙂

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