1. I agree with Cindy’s observation. We Readers can become attached to our favorite Blogs and are concerned like a good neighbor when it abruptly stops or is made ‘private only’. When we see them commenting on other blogs, we wonder what happened. I wish they’d say good-bye and then leave their last post up for awhile to inform their readers that they have only retired and not expired.
    P.S. I too like to support women bloggers who earn income. If I read the latest post then go back and read several older posts, do you get credit for only the one entry I clicked on?

  2. I thought the tip about wrapping presents as you buy is a great idea. Do I do it? NO! And it’s a little late to start this year!

    I enjoyed all of those blogs and the look into their homes. Thank you for showing them.

    I keep thinking about your move. You must be getting so anxious, but in a good way.

  3. Brenda I have been thinking about your post from a few days ago about making money on your blog. I am all for helping you as much as I can and I’m sure others who enjoy visiting you every day would also. Please explain if subscribing helps. If we click on the ads that pop up helps. I am unfamiliar with the specifics. Another thing I’ve wondered about is when a blogger doesn’t post but I go to their blog to read a blog for that day that they read. Sometimes when I read one of these the original blogger will comment but not have posted in a long time. I wonder how these ladies are doing. Thanks and everyone stay safe and enjoy your week.

    1. You don’t need to do a thing. When you go to my blog, the ads automatically load, and I get paid when they load. You’re very sweet, and I appreciate your caring. But I’m good! I didn’t understand that last question…

      1. So I will read Mary’s blog (name made up). The last time she had a post was 9 months ago. I can still see where the blogs she reads are coming in and I can click on to them. Sometimes on those blogs “Mary” will make a comment so I know she is still around. When “Mary” doesn’t post for months and I don’t see her comment on another blog, I wonder if she is okay. Thanks for clearing up my questions Brenda.

      2. I really don’t know. Many bloggers have stopped blogging. And many of the ones who still blog don’t put dates on their post so you won’t know when they last posted. Many I think just do Instagram now.

  4. Brenda, happy week before Christmas! I love all of these links, so many talented ladies out there. The flocked trees look fabulous. I always wanted a flocked tree, this though was not the year with all of the shortages.

    I hope that you have a wonderful week. Thank you for sharing all of these fabulous finds.

    1. I bought a flocked tree a few years ago. It was stunning!! However, it was the messiest tree I’ve ever had, and I decided I’d never buy another one.

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