1. Yes, you miss your pets that have passed. I especially miss my Miky ( pronounced Mickey) so very much. I have her picture on my bedroom mirror so I can see her every day. She is buried beside the pine tree in our front yard ! For her name, I took the last two letters of my granddaughter’s name (Jami) and the first two letters of my grandson’s name ( Kyle).

  2. No, you never forget your dear fur babies who have passed over to the Happy Hunting Grounds. I remember them often with a smile, but I can’t think of when they passed because it makes me cry. Yesterday and today the bird bath was frozen over, sigh. It is cold out there, with brisk winds out of the north, brrrrrrr. I just checked the temperature and as of 2 p.m. my time it was 37 degrees F. Not unusual, but really disappointing and a shock to the system after the 10 or so days we had of really great warm spring weather where I could work outside comfortably without jacket, hat or gloves. The wind makes it impossible to do any raking, which I still have plenty to do, along with clean-up from the stronger winds we had earlier in the week.

    1. I just came in from cleaning up the patio. My back is killing me and I hope it lets me sleep tonight.

  3. What gorgeous cats and no you never forget and they will always be part of your family! I have pictures of my dogs that have long passed away and I enjoy looking at their sweet faces. It brings me comfort at this point.

  4. Hi Brenda~
    As i’ve said before, i’ve followed you for years..
    I also remember your luscious patio garden in Texas..

  5. Especially the very best pets we never get over missing I think…we have not anyway. Nice you found some photos…for indeed they are our family!! Love your plants…if I had space for such, some of them I would get too.

  6. How well your patio plantings are progressing! Here on Cape Cod, it’s too early to plant our window boxes (they’re actually railing boxes on all the apartment porches) until mid May. I put our house plants out around Memorial Day.
    This morning, I am fortunate to be caring for a neighbors Yorkie mix for a few hours…Olive is a sweetheart. My upstairs neighbor came down to say hello to Olive, and she and I were talking about how much we miss our dogs…her pug was 17 and passed two weeks ago, my Edith was 14 and passed last year. No, we never stop missing our fur companions. Very pleased for you Brenda that you found photos of your dear pets to enjoy again.

  7. Brenda, you Bonnie and Clyde made me cry as well, you are so right, you never stop loving or missing your fur kids. I miss my Munchen every day, she was my first pet and I am blessed beyond words to have had her for 14 years and 10 months.
    As for your garden, your tulip photo on Instagram this morning made me smile with joy, it was so beautiful! Your garden brings me hope! Have a wonderful day my friend.

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