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  1. Thank you Brenda for the interesting article. Had no idea there were so many uses for Epsom salt.

  2. Great post, Brenda! I knew that Epsom salts were good for aches and pains in the bath but didn’t realize that it had so many uses in the plants and garden realm. I am especially glad to know that it’s good for roses. I have been trying to grow healthy rose bushes for ages and have not been so successful. I am definitely going to try the Epsom salts on them. That is, as soon as we get some actual Spring weather! We had snow this morning in S. Central Michigan, too! Aargh!

  3. I had not idea about these uses for Epsom Salt, or it’s origin! Thanks for sharing…

  4. A cup of Epsom salt can also be added to bath water to ease aches and pains. Husband does this nightly.

      1. I already picked up Epsom salt at the grocery store last week. I do believe they had a lavender scent maybe…

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