1. Reading takes me away from all the anxiety in the news shows. Lately, I bought Rick Bragg's Ava's Man as a gift for my dear friend, but I started reading it and can't put it down!

  2. It's been a long time since I've lost myself in a good book. Blogging seems to have taken over my free time in that regard. These days, it's imperative to have a way to tune out what's going on in the world – at least for a while.

  3. I've reached my saturation point with the news. I check it once in the morning to see what fresh, new ugly situation is upon us, then I have it off until much later in the day, when I check briefly to see how many more new ugly situations have arisen. The pile up never stops, and I am starting to feel inundated by it all.

    I have started reading more books once again, too. Re-reading some old favorites, and some new ones, and recording and watching old movies. I will be getting back to my folk art style painting as soon as I replace most of my paints that have gone dry. Evenings seem too long now that it gets dark so early. I find it easier to keep busy and accomplish things during the daylight hours.

    I liked reading your cozy description of your pups on either side of you snoozing away. That is what was going on here as I read your post…only here it is just one pup who snores a little, the clock ticking away, and me.

    Stay cozy.

  4. I used to like Criminal Minds. But then the cast changed and I stopped watching it. I have a Kindle, and I use that in the summer when it gets so hot here because these apartments don't have any insulation. But in the winter, I like to read the actual book too.

  5. I love all the CSI & SVU reruns!
    For some reason, I find them soothing, even though they are about murder! Miss Meloni too!
    Criminal Minds is too creepy to me.
    The others I enjoy.
    I will begin my dead of winter reading soon. Some are on my Kindle app, but some are garage sale finds.
    I appreciate the ease & portability of online reading, but really prefer the feel of a book in my hand!

  6. I love that series too.. it's like visiting with an old friend when I tune in – love Mariska and company – a great cast over the years. Ice-T never really had a personality but some how it works.

  7. Love you post….esp about your sweet pups sleeping beside you. We have Izzy now and then….she is our middle daughters furbaby….a precious little chihuahua with very good manners and such a sweet disposition….we just love having her stay with us when our daughter has to work late. We live in the same apartment building down the hall from each other.
    I haven't read a novel in a while….have been busy cleaning and organizing my email and files on the laptop. Yesterday I happened on a list I had found of books that Beatrix Potter considered her favorite girlhood books. A very interesting list. Made me want to make my own….
    I love reading biographies and I thought Beatrix Potter's story was an interesting one.
    Hope you are doing well! Happy Christmas to you and your sweet pups! ?

    1. I have a sweet spot in my heart for chihuahuas. I think because my favorite aunt, long dead, had them.

  8. Brenda, I'm glad you are enjoying reading and allowing yourself to relax. I think it's good for the soul and good for the body.

    I never have the TV on anymore. Sometimes there is something in the evening that I might be interested in but when the boys are here during the week we don't let them watch anything plus it would interfere with my "story time" with them. A very important and special time for the three of us. They are enjoying some chapter books now. The last one we read that kind of freaked us all out was Roald Dahl's Witches. They wanted their mom nearby or on the couch with us when we read the scariest parts! I didn't think they were going to let me finish it but they did and it was a happy ending–I think! You'd have to have read it to know what I mean. Anyway, I love reading to them. It's the only time I can get them to snuggle which I really love.

    I just finished reading Crossing Over by John Edward, the medium. I'm not sure I can say I believe in what he does, but I can't say I don't either. They book was interesting nevertheless. Now I'm reading The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe as I'd never read it and tho't it might be a good one to read to the twins. Not sure, though, because there' a Witch in it! We may not be quite ready for more witch stories!

  9. On a recent evening my husband was finishing a Netflix show in the living room and I went on to bed to read. A half hour later, he found me asleep in bed with a book on my lap, and I had on the big earmuff-style hearing protectors I wear when cutting grass. Our house is so small that I had to do something to block the TV noise. They worked well but looked pretty funny.

  10. I love losing myself in a good book but my life is so busy right now, that often doesn't happen til late at night. I can't have any background noise while I'm reading, especially TV. That is the worst for me.

    1. Lately I've been carving some time out in the late afternoon some days. But usually I read at night too. I don't like the TV on either.

  11. Hi Brenda.
    I’ve been reading your blog for sometime now. I have a long time blog too. Hannah’s creek farm. Although I am not near as talented as you, I am technologically challenged. But I know because you have been around for a while I thought I may ask you about 2 blogs I can no longer find. Dana from house tweaking? And this old barn?
    Thank you.
    Funny blogging is like family and I’ve missed these 2

    1. Not sure about House Tweaking. I thought I'd seen that one not too long ago. And This Old Barn I think I saw too. Let me go see if I can find them.

    2. Well it seems House Tweaking hasn't posted for a year. I found This Old Barn on FB, but when I go to her blog, it seems to have a security problem or something.

  12. 800 pages? Wow, that must have been a great book. I know what you mean about turning off the news in favor of getting lost in a book. I've been doing the same thing here.

  13. I have Pandora radio on much these days. It's peaceful to hear as I go about the day. Reading, crocheting also helps.

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