1. Sweet post and sweet pictures. You have an amazing ability to write about seemingly mundane stuff and make it such a nice read. Very glad you are back to daily posting.

  2. The colors in the yellow & white quilt are so spring like. How did you hang it? It is a simple pattern but the color & quilting is very attractive. I look forward to reading your posts each day. Thank you

  3. I have several furniture items from Wayfair and I’ve been pleased with everything. I’m in the Wayfair Homemakers program so I do the blog posts for them and then get gift cards, which makes it extra nice. 😉

    Hope you’re enjoying your quiet day. I’ve had a non-stop action weekend (all fun stuff) but today is spent at home. It was clear this morning, so I got three more containers of flowers planted, Brian got peppers planted and the yard mowed – then it started pouring. We’re in for rain the rest of today and all day tomorrow. It has been like that here in IL the entire month of May. Anyway, I then got caught up on housework and laundry and am just now relaxing with reading blogs.

  4. My clematis just came into bloom. I really like it so it is nice that it has more flowers this year. Also since you have talked about Wayfair, I have ordered a run from them. Hasn’t arrived yet. Hope it turns out good because I might need more to protect my carpet from my handicapped daughter drools food stuff all over the carpet til it looks like I never clean.

  5. Happy Memorial Day! ??
    I love your chair. Betting your fur babies will too!

  6. Love the chair, it look very roomy and comfortable. My clematis has not shown any flowers yet, there are plenty of buds so I think I will be in for a show when they do materialize!

    The weather here in Southern Ontario is okay but certainly not up to the temperature it should be for this time of year. After our horrible winter I was hoping for a good spring and summer.
    Love all the pictures of Charlie and Ivy, they are so sweet both of them.

  7. Quiet day for me and mine today in Tennessee but very hot and humid .Glad to be feeling better the last few weeks .
    Hoping soon to take a motorhome tour .
    Glad you are feeling better Brenda glad the PT is helping .
    Enjoy your pets today !
    Love the new chair !!!

  8. What a nice chair and what a great price. I need to replace a couple of chairs and will take a look at this chair. I have purchased quite a few chairs from Wayfair/Joss & Main and have been pleased with the chairs, the pricing, and the prompt delivery. Charlie will be delighted with your daughter’s new chair!

    Beautiful hot day here with no rain in the forecast. We just returned from the Memorial Day service at the National Cemetery; what a lovely service. It was so nice to see young children stand at attention and recite the Pledge of Allegiance and sing the National Anthem. I reminded myself to be more appreciative of the many freedoms I have as a direct result of the sacrifice of these soldiers.

    Hope you have a relaxing, peaceful Memorial Day. Take care.

  9. Andrew making memories as he digs for treasures in the flower pots. I am sure this special day, will be something he will always remember, as young children tend to do. It really is the little things that count. Love that you posted this.
    Charlie may not be looking into the camera, but his big black eyes show up with such expression. He is so cute, and Ivy with the mouse in the tub. Cute, cute, cute!!!! Got my flowers planted yesterday, but I have to buy a few more, I forgot several pots that were still in the shed. Rain today, but good to go flower shopping again anyway..Hugs from

  10. So glad you didn’t get any flooding in your parts of Tulsa when they had to open the dam to let some of the water out so it wouldn’t break the dam! I was worried about you when I saw that news on TV!

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