Monday Abi Update & Tragedy At My Vet’s Office


I took Abi to the vet’s office for her fluids this morning. I don’t think I made it clear that she goes for fluids and to be assessed during the daytime, and I pick her up in the evenings and she stays home overnight. And we start all over the next morning.

She has uremia, and her breath is very bad due to this. I’ve been Googling all this stuff, but I’m no doctor. I so hope they can bring her out of this.

I also asked him about Addison’s disease yesterday, as one of you commented and mentioned this.

He told me her blood test did not show the sodium levels it would show with Addison’s, but that her severe dehydration could be masking that. And once we get her hydrated, he will check again.

I was there before the vet got in this morning and waited to tell him how the night went. She would not eat, but she had eaten a little bit for him yesterday.

This morning she did drink a bit of water. She threw up once. I watch her like a hawk.

Then my next door neighbor called me a bit ago and reminded me that pest control had been here last Wednesday due to the ant problem outside.

I followed the guy when he was here on my patio and reminded him of my small dogs. So he said he’d put this powder where they couldn’t get to it.

But I got to thinking that I water my plants on the patio, so could I have sprayed some of it out? I called the pest control company. They just called me back and email me all the info about what they used, and I emailed it to the vet.

So now we’ll see how she does for the vet today and I’ll go pick her up this evening. It’s hard to be away from my baby knowing she’s so sick.


Speaking of babies, Saturday night a young woman named Ariel who works at my vet’s office was killed by a drunk 25 year old female.

Ariel, who was also in her twenties, was 5 months pregnant with her first child. It was to be the first grandchild in her family. She was getting ready to graduate from some kind of technical vet program. So tragic.

Dr. Poteet had heard this horrible news when I picked Abi up yesterday evening and told me about it.

Now this 25 year old woman has taken two lives, and hers is basically down the drain as well. I imagine she’ll be charged with two fatalities.

Friday I talked on the phone with Ariel about Abi. Everyone at the vet’s office is just heartbroken.

Just goes to show we need to try to live our lives to the fullest every day because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

I’ll keep you updated about Abi.



  1. Brenda, I know how hard all this is for you about Abi. We had a Papillon named Dudley. After 6 weeks and $2000, we found out he had Addison’s disease. Unfortunately, we put him down because the cost of the meds were very expensive and we were told he would have more bad days than good days. Those 6 weeks were terrible for us to go through. I pray that Abi will get well soon for both you and her. That’s such terrible news about his employee, especially when it’s a drunk driver who was at fault. I lost a young cousin who was killed by a drunk driver and her family suffered for over a year until finally the gal was sentenced to prison.

  2. Oh, Brenda…I actually have tears in my eyes after reading this story about Ariel…and of course, I feel so bad for you and what you’re going through with Abi, too. I always worry about Tim when he goes out with his friends, but he is always smart enough to Uber home or else he has a Designated Driver amongst his group of friends. It still worries the heck out of me though. I know that’s both the mama and the worrier in me.

  3. I am so sorry to hear that Abi is not well. Poor baby. I will send positive vibes your way. <3

    As far as Ariel…tragic, absolutely tragic. Heartbreaking. Peace and love to her family.

    I wish people wouldn't drink and drive.

  4. I am so sorry to hear the news about Ariel. That is so sad and so many lives destroyed. Abi spending the night at home must be comforting for everyone – overnight stays are really difficult. Sure hope she starts feeling better.

  5. Hope Abi starts to feel better with the IV fluids. Poor little sweetheart. That is horrible about that young girl that worked in your Vet’s office. Wow that is a life lesson that we should not take even one day in life for granted. Keep us posted on Abi.

  6. So sorry to hear Abi is so ill.? I do hope your Vet can help her. I’m also praying for Ariel’s family and friends. I’m ow the horror their going through as we lost our parents when they were in their 50’s by a drunk driver. Left 6 children, my brother only 10 years old then. Keep us posted Brenda.(((?)))

  7. Such a tragic story and those kind of horrible accidents just keep happening. My continued prayers for Abi are sent with love. The bug spray stuff is so dangerous….I hope they find answers soon

  8. i’m late coming here this evening. there are just no words for Ariel and the baby. it’s unbearable. and now a young father too has had his wife and child snatched from him. i have read every comment and agree about drunken drivers with their huge and powerful weapon. it should be looked upon as a weapon.
    the pain and loss we all must endure on this planet is just unbelievable.
    i’m so glad you told us Abi gets to come home to you and Charlie at night. that love and support will help her so much. she will want to get well.
    your vet sounds simply wonderful. a physician in every sense of the word. xoxo

  9. Thank you for the update! I hate to hear Abi is still not herself. Don’t we just love our furry children. Sending well wishes. How tragic the loss of life by drinking.

  10. Brenda, I’ll just add my thoughts and prayers to everyone else’s – our furry friends do mean the world to us. And for the tragedy of Ariel – a most beautiful name – and her baby, can’t even begin to find the words. I go out on my balcony with my herbs and flowers for solace too.
    Thinking of you,

  11. Hang in there, Brenda! Animals can be remarkably resilient. Thinking good thoughts for you!

  12. I’m so glad your neighbor reminded you of the pesticide visit. Let’s hope getting that information to the vet will do the trick. I hate to see our babies get ill! I look forward to see photos of Abi feeling much better tomorrow. Carol

  13. I’m glad they are helping keep an eye on Abbi. My Springer got so I’ll a week ago. It was a midnight of corse. I’ve never seen a dog vomit like he did. The next day he was worn out but okay. I wonder if somehow he got some poison. It would have been from the wind or mulch or something like that.
    So sad about the lady. It’s just awful.

    1. I thought of putting mulch in my containers to keep moisture in. But I’m afraid to.


  15. Oh, that’s absolutely heartbreaking about Ariel!! I hope Abi’s condition improves and things get back to normal at home. Isn’t “normal” such a wonderful thing?

    1. I was just thinking that last night. How I wished things were just normal again. But then when it is, we tend to take that normalcy for granted.

  16. Am wishing for the best outcome for Abi, you and Charlie. Drunk drivers – they should be called what they are – murderers, impaired people who deliberately get behind the wheel of a vehicle that can kill and yet they drive anyway. We convict a person who is an accessory to a crime as a murderer where a gun is used and somebody is killed during commission of the crime, even though the accessory did not pull the trigger, but we don’t convict drunk drivers as murderers. I just did a quick search and found this shocking information:

    “Every day, 29 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. This is one death every 50 minutes. The annual cost of alcohol-related crashes totals more than $44 billion.Jun 16, 2017
    Impaired Driving: Get the Facts | Motor Vehicle Safety | CDC Injury …

    How tragic that a young mother to be and her unborn baby are now gone forever because of a drunk driver.

    1. That info is astonishing! I shouldn’t be surprised. Thanks for adding that info. Why can’t people drink at home and not get into a vehicle that becomes a weapon?

  17. I am keeping good thoughts and prayers for Abi. When our pet babies are sick we worry as much as we do our children. That accident is such a tragedy. Expecting a baby is such a precious gift and now two families will never be the same. I cannot understand why people drink and drive because there is always another way to get home.

    1. I feel so bad for Ariel’s family. The loss of daughter and baby. Two lives wiped out due to bad judgment.

  18. Thinking of you and Abi and Charlie! Not much is worse than having a sick fur baby.

    1. Charlie is sleeping next to my leg right now as I type this with his tongue sticking out. I’ll be picking sister up in a few hours.

  19. Oh my. How every sad. Three lives lost or forever changed in the blink of an eye — two fatalities and the young woman who made a terrible mistake. I feel like I need to step outside and feel the sun on my skin and to take a deep breath.

    I am glad that Abi is home with you during the evening hours and I hope that she is back to herself very quickly. Between you, the vet, and his assistants, it does sound like Abi is in the best of hands.

    1. That accident just made me sick. I too like to go out in the sunshine on my patio after hearing news like that. Abi has a wonderful vet taking care of her. He’s older and surely will retire one day. I will hate to see that day.

  20. How tragic about the young woman and her unborn child….just horrible for everyone. I do hope you get some good news about Abi soon. So good that she can come home at night . I’m sure it means a lot to both of you.

    1. It is terribly tragic. How would you live with the guilt after doing something like that? I hope Abi is stronger this evening.

  21. This post is making me cry. I just don’t understand drinking and driving. Last fall in my community a mother of 5 children was killed by a drunk driver. This type of accidents are so preventable. My heart breaks for their families. Get well wishes to Abi.

    1. I left a man who drank and drove, once I figured it out. It is so preventable. But I suppose once you’re drunk, you lose all common sense. I don’t drink a drop. After that experience, I can’t bring myself to taste the stuff.

  22. My heart is in my throat waiting for news on Abi, Brenda – poor little sweet baby at least once they know what’s wrong they can treat it. So awful about Ariel, that’s the second death of a young woman I heard about in the last hour.

    Sending hugs and prayers xoxo

    1. I feel the same. When I see her sway because she isn’t strong enough to walk it just breaks my heart.

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