1. I have a Tassimo. I thought these types of coffee makers didn't advise using vinegar to clean them, but obviously that's not the case. I know Tassimo says to definitely not use vinegar, which makes it less convenient to clean because you need a 'special' cleaner. I'm sure there's an alternate way to clean them..just have to figure it out.

    (I haven't been getting your updates, so I just resubscribed )

  2. I have the same Mini Keurig; I love it! Did you know that the bottom piece (where you set your cup) can slide out so you can use a bigger (taller) cup? I find that water collects there sometimes. Now I'm off to clean mine! Have a nice Sunday! Lisa xo

  3. I have had my Keurig for about 3 years. My first one simply stopped working after about 10 months. We called their Customer Service line and the person who helped us was amazing. By the end of the conversation they had determined it had a flaw and they sent us a brand new machine and we had it at our door in 2 days. With our 2nd one, about 4 months ago we were having problems w/ the amount of water it was dispensing. We cleaned it per the owner manual but nothing helped, and at one point it just wouldn't dispense water at all. Hubs called CS again, and the lady gave him a few tips that weren't in the manual. By the end of the conversation it was working good as new. We have been amazed by their Customer Service. We have the larger one that dispenses about 4-6 cups w/ one fill. I only use our filtered water from the fridge and I use the Green Mountain Half-Caf.
    I do love my Keurig!!

  4. My mini Keurig is fairly new and I haven't cleaned it yet, but love your advice about the little parts. I love my cup a day coffee maker!


  5. I had to 'de-scale' mine already by running the vinegar through it because it stopped running the water through. I had only used it for about 3 months. I didn't know all those parts came out though! Good idea for getting it really clean! Twyla

    1. I didn't know they came out either. Like to never have figured out how to take them apart because I tend to overdo and was afraid I'd break something. This was the first time in about two plus years of owning that I did this. I read the instructions.

  6. Thanks so much Brenda..I have the same little red Keurig as you do and it is due..over due..for a cleaning..I will try your method..

    1. It says in the Keurig material that came with it to use their brand of cleaner. But then it also says you can use vinegar. At least I know what's going into it, and hey, vinegar is a lot cheaper that buying something they'll sell.

  7. I have the bigger Keruig, one of the first ones. I think I have had for maybe 4 years. It was a gift. It was probably 90 dollars, I just saw one at Costco, on sale, I think 140 dollars!I have what is is called a water tap, on my kitchen sink, which is not on my water softener. I always use the softened water in the Keurig, or any water appliance, my stainless electric kettle etc. The hard water mineral deposits will kill a coffee maker of any kind! Some may claim that the coffee will taste different, but with well water, not the case for me. I also use vinegar to clean any mineral deposits. I have bought other chemicals, which are probably citric acid, but thrifty vinegar works for me. My machine has a light to go on to descale it. It has never come on. I also do not have the little filter to slide in the water reservoir, that I believe is extra $.
    I am fairly new here, and I loved that you like me, limit a K Cup to one a day, save money. I smiled when I read that, and though, my kind of gal. I have a couple of self fill reusable K cups. Have you ever considered using one of those dear Brenda?Maybe as I am new, you covered that? I am a plain coffee with half and half, no flavored for me. I save money that way, fill my own. I had the Keruig brand fill it yourself, but you have to pull the holder. to use it. I now have two refill cups that you do not have to do anything but pop in. I also make tea, by not using a K cup. Drop tea bag in cup, and push start! Or put loose tea in refill cup. I do buy K cups at Costco/ Sams at a huge discount. I try and keep my price to about 48 cents a cup. If times got tight, I would not buy the K cups.

    1. I alternate the mini Keurig with my old Cuisinart I've had for years. That way I don't use very many cups. I order my K-cups online, usually from Walmart. At $50 you get free shipping to your door. I probably use 3, maybe 4 K-cups a week. I mix decaf with regular coffee I buy on sale and drink that about every other day in the Cuisinart. Yes, I have the holder to make my own coffee too.

  8. We had one that kicked the bucket after about 2 months. I was able to get my money back. I have been using a percolator from the 60's that still works great and I clean it with a product called "dip it". I love the convenience of the Keurig.

  9. Brenda, I just cleaned my coffee pot today.LOL. I wish I had one of those pots…mine is a Mr. Coffee. It's a stainless steel carafe, which I love. Hope your coffee was great. xoxo,Susie

    1. I had a Cuisinart with a stainless steel carafe once, but gave it away. The steel was too hard on my arthritic-from-multiple-surgeries hands.

    1. Recently, I a blogger told me that her husband brought the one from work home because it had stopped working. She cleaned it and it was good to go! So she kept it.

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