Let me tell you about a crazy thing that happened yesterday afternoon. Something I know I will laugh about down the line.

I was boiling four eggs. I like to eat two boiled eggs sometimes for lunch and so I cook four and then refrigerate the other two. I ended up on the phone, and as you’ve probably already surmised, I forgot about the eggs boiling on the stove. 

I had put the lid on and turned the stove burner on high. I don’t know how long I left it, but it was quite awhile.

Suddenly I hear this explosion. My first fear was that it was something to do with my new washer, as it was only the second time I was using it.

I race to the kitchen to find that the lid blew off the pan and hit the ceiling. I had an explosion of charred brown stinky eggs everywhere. 

And the bottom of my Cuisinart pan, which I’ve had forever, was black. 

Then the smoke alarm goes off. The dogs freak out. I freak out. I grab them and head outside, thinking I could find the maintenance man. (One good thing about having the maintenance man’s shed in front of my window is for times like this!) He wasn’t there, but I found him shortly thereafter. 

By the time I got back to my apartment, dogs in tow, thankfully the beeping had stopped.

So then I have to face smoke and stinky egg smell everywhere. I open the patio door. I think most of you already know that Charlie Ross is terrified of flies. Of course one chose to come right on in uninvited. 

I knew he had seen it because he went high-tailing it to the bedroom looking for a closet door that might be open so he could hide in it. He was running low to the ground like he feared gun fire was imminent. 

I can’t cajole him out. He is trembling.

Abi was upset over the smoke alarm going off and sat and cried for hours. I was by then a nervous wreck.

I gave Abi one of her Composure pills. I tried to give Charlie one, but he wouldn’t take it so Ms. Abi grabbed it and thus swallowed two. Not that it really helped any.

Well folks, it doesn’t get much easier than boiling eggs. And in my 57 years, I have never forgotten I had the stove on and blown up anything. 

I am thankful I’m not still at the little blue house because that stove was gas. And I’ve shared that as a pregnant teen I blew up one of those stoves and it threw me against the wall and singed my eyebrows off.

So maybe I’d better stick to raw fruits and veggies and nuts or something. It’s been 24 hours and I’m still finding pieces of egg. 

Also, another fly has evidently made its way inside because Charlie Ross is a trembling mess.

What I’d give for a dull moment around here.

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  1. I hope I hear a little hint of humor in your foibles. . . . I am trying to imagine all this going on in my mind. I am glad you and the pupsters are OK.

  2. Oh dear you had a terrible time. I have to use a timer or I would do the same. Hope the pups are better today! If you try Meyer's eco geranium cleanser it gets all bad smells out. And it's pet safe. Where do you find the galvanized tubs ? Have a better day today. Happy memorial day.

    1. I have one galvanized tub that is old. I can't recall where I got that. One I bought about a year or so ago at, of all places, the local grocery store!

  3. Reminds me of the recent episode of "Chopped." One of the basket items was a hundred-year-old egg. They said it wasn't 100 years old, more like a month. It looked like a black hard boiled egg. For years I've been hard boiling my eggs in an electric food steamer….33 minutes, the bell rings and the machine shuts off…foolproof! Walmart and Amazon have them cheap.

  4. I thought I was the only one who forgot the eggs cooking on the stove. Mine didn't get a chance to blow up, but the water was gone in the pan, and the eggs weren't fit to eat. Glad my husband was at work, other wise I would have never heard the end of that one. (grin) Never heard of using a steamer. Think I will look into that..
    Sorry to hear about the smoke alarm scaring your sweethearts. Mine went off two days ago, long story about that, and my cat flew around as if she sprouted wings. Sounds funny, but she was terrified, like your pups. Hang in there..life is so exciting sometimes, isn't it?

  5. Next time you are at the grocery store, get a kitchen timer and a pair of kitchen tongs. Use the tongs for handling the raw meats, especially portion size for one person. I use a timer EVERY time I cook anything and pretty much use the tongs every time too. Can't live without either. You need to be eating more protein my friend.

  6. Oh My Gosh Brenda..I have forgotten about boiling eggs a couple of times but not as badly as yours..Poor pupsters..and cute little Charlie afraid of flies..and Abie gobbling down two Composure pills..I think by that point I would have gobbled down a couple of them myself..LOL..I wish a quiet and calm weekend for the three of you..

  7. Oh no, what a horrible mess. You will know if you didn't find all of the egg, because it will really start to stink. I'm going to see if I can reserve that book at the library so I can join in this month. Hope you have a better day today. 🙂


  8. A little electric egg cooker will solve your problems. When they are done a loud buzzer sound. Saved me…I once left the cooking while we went to visit the kids….came back to what you just described. I bought the cooker the next day.

  9. Wow, that had to be pretty frightening! I've recently discovered that my electrical vegetable steamer does wonderful "boiled" eggs. Pop them in the steamer basket, set the timer for 23 minutes, and you have perfect eggs. I transfer them to a bowl of cold water to stop the cooking when the timer goes off.

  10. So sorry you and the pups had such an ordeal but your story made me chuckle. It reminded me of the time my mom put a dozen eggs on to boil and then went outside to do a quick chore. She and the neighbor lady got to talking and after about an hour, they both commented on the horrid smell in the neighborhood. They continued to gab and complain about the odor. When the neighbor finally said it smelled like rotten eggs, my mom took off running for the house. Not only had the pot boiled dry, the eggs exploded and the heat from the stove caved in the side of my mom's favorite yellow, plastic breadbox. My dad never let her forget her egg adventure. Hope your house is smelling better and that you and the pups have a calm, quiet, fly free weekend!

    1. The maintenance man was listening to me bemoaning that I'd be smelling rotten eggs for weeks. And he brought me this can of stuff they use for after fires occur. It was like magic! You push down on it once and the smell was GONE!

  11. Brenda I have to set a timer or I also forget stuff I'm cooking. I have an egg cooker for the microwave and it works great and is better then me burning and exploding eggs. So scary and poor pups and YOU! Hoping the weekend is quiet and calm.
    hugs, Linda

    1. I'm hoping to just loll around and stroll around the patio and have a nice relaxing weekend. And I have four eggs left in the refrigerator. But I think the pan I use is a goner.

  12. OH my goodness….and I thought this post was about doing those fancy eggs at Easter where you blow out the yolk ( or something like that ) and then decorate them.

    I always thought that sounded hard to do but now in comparison your blowing is much more complicated! 🙂 UGH, poor Brenda.


  13. I love every post, Brenda, and your style of writing, but this one in particular was written so vividly that I felt like I was there! Hope the rest of your holiday weekend is a little smoother!

  14. Hope the pupsters are feeling better! Im sure it wasnt funny ,but the way you telll it sure made me smile! Enjoy your week end and hope it stays quite!

  15. Brenda, I always have to use a timer for whatever I'm cooking or I burn it. I just get distracted too easily.
    I'm so sorry you and the pupsters had such a traumatic day. I've had similar things happen. It's sure not funny at the time, but in the retelling it sounds pretty comical. I wish for you all a very peaceful weekend. And your new place is looking wonderful with all of your quilts, and I love your new coffee table. 🙂 Take care.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one prone to distraction. I can get up from the couch and walk five feet and forget where it is I'm going.

  16. I have yet to really find a way to boil eggs that I'm OK with. Think I'll try the muffin pan idea though! At least I can set the timer for that! I loved the Composure Pill for Abbi. So funny. These little ones can certainly be high strung, can't they?

    1. I've always boiled eggs, per the way my great-aunt told me many years ago, and they came out fine. I'll probably be finding pieces of them for weeks.

  17. That was just too much excitement for your pups and you. I did chuckle, though. The composure pill part of the story especially cracked me up. Fuzzy is terrified of flies, too. We had a fly get in the door just day before yesterday. Fuzzy acted so silly. He was worried about the fly getting near me. He spent the whole day alternating hiding with guarding me against the fly. He acts like he thinks flies are very dangerous. Makes me wonder if our pups might have been bee stung at some point in their lives, and they think flies are bees.

    I hope you (and your pupsters) will have a nice, calm, relaxing weekend.

    1. I don't know if Charlie has ever been stung by something or not. But he simply cannot take flies. I really don't know about other buzzing things. Outside he seems fine. It's in here that the drama begins. That's funny. Your poor dog just didn't know quite WHERE he was supposed to be! Thank goodness I'm not the only one with a dog scared of flies.

    1. Every time I'm in that kitchen, I am reminded that I simply cannot come up with a way I really want to decorate it. And it's so very plain. So I get into "thought decorating mode" every time I go in there.

  18. Recently I have used this method..works great!
    Put eggs in muffin pan in oven at 325 for 30 min. Take out and plunge into ice water. No watching, and they peel easily!

  19. I'm sorry, hon, but I can't help but chuckle. I've had my fair share of kitchen mishaps, too. Poor Charlie! My LuLuBelle is like that with bees. She hears one and freaks out. I guess she has been stung one too many times.

    Grace & Peace.

  20. I'm sorry to admit that I had a little chuckle over that (only because of the witty way you tell the story), but, I'm sure it was anything but funny. I feel badly for your little pups, and how they reacted. I thought you were going to say that you gave yourself a composure pill, too (I might have!). Hope you are no longer finding egg, and that you apartment now smells like the beautiful rose in your first photo. That photo is exquisite.

    1. I think all three of us were in danger mode with our hearts beating for a bit. And those danged flies just won't stay outside!

  21. Ok, Brenda, you've given me the courage to share my own boiled egg fiasco (and let you know how lazy I am!). I took an egg carton out of the fridge and noticed that it was past its expiration date. Rather than throw it away, I sat the carton on the stove and got a second carton out. I put a pan of water on the front burner, added the eggs and turned it on high heat. I left the kitchen for a moment, and then the fun began. I heard a noise and ran back to the kitchen where I found the old egg carton ablaze – because I had turned on the wrong burner. The flames were scary, but I managed to toss the mess into the sink and drown the fire without burning myself.

  22. You certainly don't have a dull moment at your house! Poor puppies – I know they were terrified! And of course, a stupid fly chose that moment to fly in. Poor Charlie! I thought for a minute you were going to say you were decorating your cabinets with eggs! LOL

    By the way – at Wal Mart, you can buy six boiled eggs in a package really cheap. They keep for quite a while. I keep them for egg salad sandwiches.


  23. The poor pupsters were terrified by the smoke alarm. I set it off a lot when I cook. Have to fan it with a kitchen towel to get it to stop. Stupid thing must be very sensitive. It's not that smokey in the kitchen! At my house, that's how we know dinner is done! Time to eat!

    I really hope you have nice weather this weekend to enjoy your garden.

  24. Brenda, That almost sounded like an episode of 'I Love Lucy" I know at the time it was probably pretty scary. I am going to wish a calm and peaceful weekend. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  25. Hi Brenda, I have to use a timer for cooking because I forget to check things when I am talking, writing, etc. I have one that has very annoying loud beeps that keeps me from burning things. If I don't use it, burnt food happens, especially rice and eggs. Poor babies, they don't like loud stuff (as well as the darn flies). Hugs.

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