1. Being originally from the south, banana pudding is a good idea any time, any day of any week. My #1 favorite!

  2. The pressed flower lanterns are so pretty! They’d pair nicely with the lavender candles, The beef stroganoff, salad, and banana pudding sound like the perfect dinner to go with the candles and lanturns.

  3. Thanks for the links. I like the Sixty and Me blog – I get their email posts every day.

  4. Oh those spring decor photos are lovely. Courtney is one of my favorites, she has an amazing eye.

  5. I want/need to make the ground beef stroganoff and banana pudding ASAP. Talk about comfort food. Big YUM!!! Must try the Italian Salad someday soon, as well.
    More interesting books to add to my “To Be Read” list.
    I appreciate the work you put into the New and Notable Mentions posts. Always find something that piques my interest. Thank you!
    Have a great Saturday!

  6. Banana pudding is a holiday tradition in my brother’s family. A nice treat when I visit.
    Sure hope this dreary weather ends soon. I loved the Maison de Cinq photo with the lemons.

  7. The beef stroganoff recipe looks right up my alley – easy to make yet delicious. I also enjoyed looking at the pretty and easy to put together spring centerpieces. Live flowers here cost more than I would want to spend, but I think I’ll take a trip to The Dollar Tree and check out their collection of artificial flowers. It still doesn’t feel like spring to me, although today the sun is shining brightly after several days of gloom, there is still snow on the ground here. But I think it’s time to remove the red cozy items including the rug on top of the rug on top of the carpet from the living room and add those splashes of spring green (borrowed from Brenda’s idea some posts back) and some new art/decor above and on the fireplace mantel. The book “Beyond the Moonlit Sea” sounds intriguing, too.

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