New & Notable Mentions 3/4/23

This week in New & Notable Mentions 3/4/23…

In New & Notable Mentions 3/4/23, this is the week's graphic for New & Notable Mentions 3/4/23

Blushing Beauty Spring Mantel

Courtney at French Country Cottage created a Blushing Beauty Spring Mantel in her home.

The #1 Thing To Do To Start A Self-Care Routine After 60

How To Create A Vintage Inspired Springtime Mantel

Jamie from Anderson + Grant created a vintage-inspired springtime mantel in her home.

Turn Your Home Into a Cozy Cottage With These 10 Items

Simple Spring Decorating

Sheila from Maison de Cinq shows how she decorated her home for springtime.

12 Unique Planters That Are So Pretty, They Double as Decor

DIY Photo Transfer On Wood (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Laura at The Turquoise Home shows how to make DIY photo transfers on wood.

How To DIY 20+ Dried Flower Crafts for Decor or Gifts

Pressed Flower Lanterns

Debbie at One Little Project shows how to make DIY pressed flower lanterns.

20+ Elegant DIY Spring Decor Crafts From The Dollar Store

DIY Candle Making

Patti from Hearth & Vine shows how to make lavender candles in mason jars.

21 Easy And Lovely Spring Centerpieces

Ground Beef Stroganoff

Tiffany from Creme de la Crumb made ground beef stroganoff, an old-fashioned comfort meal

13+ Popular Irish Food Recipes

Big ‘Ol Italian Salad

Susie at Mom’s Dinner made what she calls Big ‘Ol Italian salad. She says it makes a great entrée when you’re craving a veggie heavy dinner.

Seven sensational recipes to inspire seasonal eating

Banana Pudding

Sabrina of Dinner, Then Dessert, made banana pudding. She says it’s a perfect dessert for a weeknight treat.

Joanna Goddard of Cup Of Joe writes about her marriage ending. This poignant post to her readers is a must read.

Beyond The Moonlit Sea

From the bestselling author of These Tangled Vines comes a gripping novel about one woman’s search for answers when her husband vanishes in the night.

Olivia Hamilton is married to the love of her life, Dean, a charismatic pilot who flies private jets for the rich and famous. But when he vanishes over the Bermuda Triangle, Olivia’s idyllic existence unravels. After years of waiting, Olivia must eventually let go of the fragile hope that her beloved husband might still be alive.

Melanie Brown is a particle physicist who spends late nights studying the Bermuda Triangle. But her research interests falter when her mother dies in a tragic accident. Struggling to reboot her life and career, Melanie begins a forbidden love affair with her therapist.

When a shocking discovery shows Olivia’s and Melanie’s paths are intertwined, it casts Dean’s disappearance in a new light. The two women’s strange connection threatens to unlock secrets that will change everything Olivia thought she knew about her marriage, her husband, and most importantly, herself.

The Direction Of The Wind

A heartfelt story that spans continents and generations, about a young woman who searches for answers about a mother she barely remembers.

Sophie Shah was six when she learned her mother, Nita, had died. For twenty-two years, she shouldered the burden of that loss. But when her father passes away, Sophie discovers a cache of hidden letters revealing a shattering truth: her mother didn’t die. She left.

Nita Shah had everything most women dreamed of in her hometown of Ahmedabad, India―a loving husband, a doting daughter, financial security―but in her heart, she felt like she was living a lie.

Fueled by her creative ambitions, Nita moved to Paris, the artists’ capital of the world―even though it meant leaving her family behind. But once in Paris, Nita’s decision and its consequences would haunt her in ways she never expected.

Now that Sophie knows the truth, she’s determined to find the mother who abandoned her. Sophie jets off to Paris, even though the impulsive trip may risk her impending arranged marriage.

In New & Notable Mentions 3/4/23, this is a quote I found about not working ourselves into a nervous breakdown

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  1. Being originally from the south, banana pudding is a good idea any time, any day of any week. My #1 favorite!

  2. The pressed flower lanterns are so pretty! They’d pair nicely with the lavender candles, The beef stroganoff, salad, and banana pudding sound like the perfect dinner to go with the candles and lanturns.

  3. I want/need to make the ground beef stroganoff and banana pudding ASAP. Talk about comfort food. Big YUM!!! Must try the Italian Salad someday soon, as well.
    More interesting books to add to my “To Be Read” list.
    I appreciate the work you put into the New and Notable Mentions posts. Always find something that piques my interest. Thank you!
    Have a great Saturday!

  4. Banana pudding is a holiday tradition in my brother’s family. A nice treat when I visit.
    Sure hope this dreary weather ends soon. I loved the Maison de Cinq photo with the lemons.

  5. The beef stroganoff recipe looks right up my alley – easy to make yet delicious. I also enjoyed looking at the pretty and easy to put together spring centerpieces. Live flowers here cost more than I would want to spend, but I think I’ll take a trip to The Dollar Tree and check out their collection of artificial flowers. It still doesn’t feel like spring to me, although today the sun is shining brightly after several days of gloom, there is still snow on the ground here. But I think it’s time to remove the red cozy items including the rug on top of the rug on top of the carpet from the living room and add those splashes of spring green (borrowed from Brenda’s idea some posts back) and some new art/decor above and on the fireplace mantel. The book “Beyond the Moonlit Sea” sounds intriguing, too.

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