1. Thank you for sharing this helpful decorating tip for wall decor. As someone who has struggled with getting the right height for wall art will find your advice helpful to hanging artwork at eye level beneficial. I will definitely keep these tips in mind for next time I decorate my walls!

  2. Brenda,
    your closets must be full of charming things! I love your ideas on wall decor.
    I have a two story wall behind my couch and trying to figure out what to hang took me forever! Thank goodness for magazines, blogs and Pinterest.

    1. Yeah, I know. Sometimes I’m just stuck and I go to Pinterest or thumb through an old magazine and inspiration strikes!

  3. Good idea – it looks great and also intentional:-)Love your quilts!

  4. Great idea. Looks wonderful. I have so many holes in my wall and if I recently painted then I have the paint. Old paint has a different sheen. I’ve been trying to decorate my kitchen for 2 years to no avail. And the answers I get is “replace or repaint everything – cabinets, table, etc. I have wood, god forbid.” Drives me nuts. And now we’re into year 3. Sigh

  5. I love your solution – it looks just right now!
    I would have to ponder painting the shutter as that kind of decision always takes me forever. Haha! I am going to paint a small shelf with cup pegs/hangers after taking ages to make the decision! I bought some fine grade sandpaper and the paint – a nice blue, love blue -today at Lowe’s. They were kind enough to suggest buying one of their sampler size paints as it’s such a small job. Here’s hoping!

    1. They’re candles. I’ve had them for ages. Ever since I lived in the little blue house.

  6. My comment disappeared …said it was being reviewed. I had said that the grouping looked like you had planned it that way…love the shutter…I use jewelry sometimes also…put my wedding necklace on our wedding picture…put pearl necklaces around pics or antiques etc..we are having a cold spring here.. in Wi…have a great day💕

  7. Perfect solution for you!
    I just cringe when I see my daughter’s pictures floating high in the sky, unrelated to anything that might visually anchor them. I don’t say a word, but my art teacher eyes suffer painfully at the sight!

    1. That drives me crazy too! Or their pictures/paintings are crooked. I feel this need to go straighten them. How can they not see that the spatial arrangement is completely off?

  8. It looks like you planned it this way…looks so good…I use jewelry sometimes…I will wrap pearls around pictures or other things..a pretty added touch…hung the necklace from my wedding on the wedding picture…love that reminder of the day.. love the shutters…have good. day.. Spring is slow coming here in Wi.💕

    1. Love seeing all your decorating ideas. I have to laugh, when I saw the photo I immediately thought that sign isn’t hung too high ! Then I read what you said about using the shutters. You have a good eye , Brenda !

  9. I think the frame would look good painted white because it would bring out the white flowers that are in the picture.
    I always love checking out your posts to see what changes you have made to your home and, of course, all the other things you have going on.

    1. I ordered little styrofoam bowls that haven’t come yet to put paint in. I’m a terribly messy painter! I like to put a little paint in them to paint from.

  10. Great tip and I love the layered look you achieved with the jewelry, shutter, and painting. I can see you yanking the quilt off the wall. I’m glad it survived intact!

  11. Nice, helpful ideas Brenda.
    My walls have been the same for years.
    No changing anything at all.
    Most artwork are very huge pieces.
    I inherited an amazing print that belonged to my grandmother & aunt.
    As a child It was a favorite of mine.
    My siblings couldn’t care less.
    There’s also a Jim Dine drawing I have on my dining room wall.
    A favorite for many decades.
    Never looses it’s charm.
    The same JD artwork was also displayed in the older daughter’s apartment.
    The weekly TV show “Family”
    Love collecting good feeling drawings, pictures etc., past tense. No longer a need to.
    Enough is plenty.
    My favorite decor items will always be handed down or inherited from family.

    1. We didn’t have anything, so there was nothing to inherit. Otherwise, I’d love to showcase artwork that was handed down.

  12. That’s a terrific idea! I find hanging pictures, needlepoints, etc very time consuming and difficult to place. Laying it out on brown paper on the floor first helps.

    1. I ordered brown paper before I hung the paintings in my office/craft room, then realized how hard it was going to be to get up from the floor with my ankle. So I didn’t use it.

  13. That’s really a good idea, Brenda. Your quilt ladder looks beautiful. I love when you give us a sneak peek.
    May I ask, please what you use to fill in the nail holes?
    Have a great day.

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